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"Lovely lady! Thank you Toks for your time, your listening and the enlightenment."

Animal Healing
“Could I ask you to send some healing to my new foal - in particular his legs? He has grown very fast and his tendons have not caught up - so he is unable to fully straighten his legs at this point in time. It is quite a common thing with foals, and nothing serious - but I know how powerful your healing is. I have attached a picture of him - I have named him Flynn - with his show name being Fierro (meaning fire) - and you were exactly right - he is extremely swift!! I can’t tell you how much the new moon meditations have been helping me focus (as I'm normally so 'everywhere' with my thoughts), and the powerful energies which have helped me manifest such good things in my life. Thank you, thank you! ”

Geraldine Sullivan, Astrologer Writer

“You are a great master healer.”

Vesna Stanojevic, Actress

Animal Healing
“Toks sensed my dog over the phone. She asked me to let the dog listen to her voice and she will talk to him. A couple of minutes later, she told me what was wrong with his heart. It was critical. I went back to my vet demanding that this time we do a proper heart scan. The scan showed what she said on the phone. I could not believe my ears but stayed eternally grateful, as thanks to her gift, I got the right therapy for my dog Kolya, and prolonged his life.”

Rita Westlake

Distant Healing
“I just know that you are such a caring person and have such a brilliant connection that you can only enhance one's day-by-day living with your wise words and wisdom. Thanks for all the help over the years.”


Distant Healing
“Thank you for your healing, love and kind words. May God bless you. I felt the healing energies enter my body though my forehead all the way to my feet three times – each time lasting 3 minutes. Then I fell into a deep sleep. When I got up to pick up my daughter from the nursery, I felt my energy was restoring back into my body. The next morning I skipped for half an hour and then I danced eastern dance for an hour and felt very much healthier than I had felt in over two months.”


Crystal Healing
“This woman is pure magic. She is gracious, she is kind, she is generous. She helped me through many difficult and tight moments in my life in the appropriate way. She used whatever technique was required for each issue. She has a knowing and I want to thank her many times over.”

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Levy, Rosy Khalastchy (Property Consultant)

Spiritual Counselling Healing
“Thank you would not be enough to express how grateful I am for all your help and support. The past couple of months have been devastating for me and knowing you were there giving us all comfort, is very special to me. You know that you will always be part of our family.”

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