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Simon Dodd

Blue Full Moon in Pisces
“I came for the Blue Full Moon and found the workshop very enlightening. I definitely connected with my higher self and was able to feel a great shift in my vibrations. Thank you Toks.”

Collin Clay Chace

Full Moon in Taurus with Sun in Scorpio
“The experience was light and grounding all at once – a sense of worlds shifting / planes shifting in and out as primordial consciousness. The group dynamics were refreshing though verbal and eye contact was scarce – very interesting. So glad I came.”

Emily Burfoot

Full Moon in Taurus with Sun in Scorpio
“The meditation this evening was very powerful; I met some fabulous and light filled people. Thank you Toks for holding such a supportive space.”

Gary Reich

New Moon link in with Brazil
"Dearest Toks, I am in Brazil at the moment and we had planned to do our final session with the sacred plant on the 29th: so once more it is turning out to be a profoundly auspicious event. I shall lead the 14 participants (11 of whom are British) in a New Moon meditation at 5pm over here (which is 8pm your time) so I'm sure once more you and your group will be holding a portal open your side for some powerful new healing energies to become anchored.... As Always, Love and Light - Your Son, Gary xxxx "


“I love coming to the monthly New/ Full Moon Meditations. Listening to Toks channeling the messages, receiving the energies and being held and encouraged to release the old while we welcome the new. Toks is a true master of the Spoken Word. Her words flow naturally, shining with the love and acceptance that she carries within and at the same time with the heart-warming honesty that delivers a clear message of what needs to be said. As Word carries its own energy, she is teaching us (through advising us as well as being a role model herself) of how we can shift our paradigm through the conscious use and appreciation of language.”

Lucia Castano

“The two Moon Meditations I attended made me feel rejuvenated and nourished. I sensed Toks’ power to connect with “spirit” and teach us to connect with it too. She spread her love, light and wisdom and I am forever thankful."

Paul Higgs

New Moon in Libra
“This was my first time at a meditation of this type and I like it a lot. The meditation itself was great and the cards I picked were very, very meaningful – in fact, I can’t think of anything more perfect. I feel I was really meant to be here.”

Kalisha McCaulsky

New Moon in Libra
“My first ever meditation session. Very relevant. Amazing revelations. Glad I could be here. I studied journalism and when you brought in the energy of Thoth I felt a strong yearning to want Thoth’s guidance in my writing. I then received a purpose card which said “Author - You have a book inside you that wishes to be expressed”. How amazing. I learnt about acceptance and found the session a blessing.”

Jelena Radonjic

New Moon in Libra
“I very much enjoyed the New Moon Meditation. It was very deep and peaceful and I especially liked the cards – very truthful and meaningful. I liked the various crystals and how I linked each group with special healing for different parts of my life. Thank you.”

Yanni Konstantinopulos

New Moon in Libra
“Thank you for the blessing of being you, a guiding light of love and a shining beacon for one and all. Thank you. I see You.”

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