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to life.

Are you ready to say yes to life and embody a new and improved version of YOU?

Say Yes to Life Programs

A Blessing from Toks Coker

I believe that clarity helps define a person’s decision. I listen to what you are not saying to help you to find the truth in your situation. I will guide you with love to the core of your problem and more, in a very short time.

I am here to guide you, to inspire confidence and to lead you to healing, joy, hope and laughter.

Say "Yes" to life

1-1 Coaching/Healing

Are you ready to commit to making this your year?

Come join me on a journey of healing and profound transformation.

This is a 3-month individual coaching program where we work on the root issue that is keeping you stuck, heal whatever needs to be healed, and introduce sustainable practices to help you live in alignment with your true Self. The work that I do is deeply transformational and can bring long-lasting change into your life.

1-1 Coaching/Healing

Monthly Miraculous Meditations

Three monthly meditations.

These meditations calm, give clarity and increase self-confidence. They gather like-minded people together, welcoming, uplifting and nurturing their mind, body and spirit, bringing out a calm smile of inner peace.

1-1 Coaching/Healing




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Say Yes to Life

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