12:12:12 & New Moon in Sagittarius 13:12:12

3 Dates = 3 Workshops with Hands of Light

12:12:12        13:12:12        21:12:12

HAPPY 12:12:12

HAPPY New Moon in Sagittarius 13:12:12

12 12 12 with Toks Coker

light shifts with Hands of Light

Your Alignment to Now

Your Soul’s Evolution

Your Awakening & Rising

Your Life Shift

Life Transforming Meditation Workshops

There is so much happening globally, collectively and individually. Light Shifts awaken your inner light and help you with all these transitions. Experience these multiple portals as a journey that is awaiting you in this Now – without fear.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell.

Time to address what is missing and honour the shifts that are showing up in your life right now. You cannot escape these various revolutionary portals of life.

Read about the workshops below and see yourself attending this wonderful energy portal of life shift with light. Hands of Light gifts you discounts below. Thank you. xxxxx

12 12 12 with Toks Coker

light shifts with Hands of Light

12:12:12 Energy of Now

What is this day about? 12/12/12

  • tranquilityThis is a day of Acceleration and private intense personal realisations for yourself taking you to your next spiritual level of inner deep tranquillity. There is so much building up to this day in your personal life. We will be identifying the Light Shifts that you are going through as well as Anchoring your Matrix. We will create a 12:12:12 Sacred Altar and walk through the portal of symbols. It is going to BE a momentous Awaking for you. This will be your Journey to Freedom highlighting the wonderful things about yourself you have forgotten. It will involve your Soul Contracts and your Soul Destiny as well as intense Karmic Relationships and Karmic Bonds. We will look at your underworld and shadow side; and call in the Legions of Light for balance and tranquillity. We will be moving through Higher Creation, Ascension Portals & Masters, Gateways & Doorways. You will be making Choices for your Highest Good, your Alignment to the Now. This 12:12:12 workshop will prepare your for the next 9 days of Transition, as together, we move into a New Paradigm of Existence and Unity for 21:12:12.

  • We will be working on the Numerology for this day: 12, 9, 6, 3.

Welcome to the PORTAL of 12:12:12

Aims & Objectives


To introduce students to

1. the practical workings of the energy of 12:12:12

2. the healing energy of 12:12:12

3. understand the workings of their dark or shadow side

4. some principles of aligning one’s life energetically

5. modify, in a positive way, their attitudes, beliefs and standards – their life shifts

6. understanding the healing properties of crystals, symbols, dreams, visions

7. their own private intense personal realisations

8. practical empowering ways to move to their own individual next level

9. anchor in new celebration and freedom in the contradictions of the time

10. some knowledge on sacred contracts and karmic relationships.

11. knowing how to avoid a karmic pattern

12. making some life changing choices

13. identify their own portal light shifts

14. anchoring their matrix


At the end of the day the student will be able to

1. list 12 sacred symbols for themselves

2. list 12 nurturing acts for themselves

3. list 12 wonderful things about him/herself

4. give a sacred gift with intention

5. accelerate their thinking or feeling

6. heal one sacred wound they identify

7. make a choice about an area of their life

8. perform a healing meditation exercise

9. set up and create a sacred altar

10. walk the labyrinth of 12:12:12

11. meditate while moving

12. Demonstrate a tranquil face from within

13. ELF: Earth, Link & Flow their energy field

14. Choose a crystal


Times & Spiritual Investment 12/12/12

10am–5pm = £140. Venue: Violet Hill Studios, 6 Violet Hill, St Johns Wood, London NW80DY

7pm-1am = £120. Venue: Marriot Hotel, London Regents Park, 128 King Henry’s Road, London NW3 3ST tube: Swiss Cottage

All Day: 10am-1am = £234 (10% discount applied)

Please pay here:) http://121212lightshifts.eventbrite.com/

Food 12/12/12

Prices do not include food so please bring your own food (Do not bring anything with pork or ham). Thank you.


  1. Happy 12 12 12 with Toks Coker & Hands of Lightsomething white to wear: a simple or fancy lovely all white outfit to wear to express your purity and vibrancy e.g. look like a goddess in white or an angel with white wings. White, for me, is a very sacred colour that has all the colours in it!
  2. soft slippers or socks to wear in the workshop. We will be taking off our shoes in the workshop.
  3. your own food and drink if you are on a special diet. NO pork, pig or bacon please. For refreshment breaks there will be herbal tea, biscuits and chocolates. Please feel free to bring something to share if you want.
  4. pen, paper, crayons to write with and a notebook.
  5. a Gift worth £12 to give away at the 12:12:12 workshop.
  6. 12 Symbols to share (you will not be giving these away). We are going to create a sacred 12:12:12 altar. Symbols can be drawn, photographed, or real such as a crystal ankh, wooden elephant, cross. You could buy crystal symbols, wooden hearts, etc. at the workshop. We only take cash as we do not have a machine.
  7. a crystal / rock / stone you feel drawn to that resonates with 12:12:12 for your life. You can buy one at the workshop amathyst wandson the day.
  8. a list of 12 things you have achieved in 2012 and another list of 12 things you want to achieve before the end of 2012, which are practical and measurable.
  9. Think of 12 wonderful things about yourself and write them down for the 12:12:12 meditation
  10. Please bring with you cash if you want to buy crystals. Cheque & card accepted. We do not have a machine.
  11. Your printed ticket to hand in at the event; once you have paid on line.

12:12:12 GIFTING to Yourself & Others

light shifts and orbsFor me 12:12:12 is a follow on from the 11:11:11 vibration of last year. It brings clarity in the struggles of diversity and chaos. It anchors in new celebration and freedom in the contradictions of the time. It is a time of gifting to yourself and others and truly honouring yourself. You see, if you do not honour yourself how can you honour another? So remember the energy of sacred gifting.

  1. Have 12 gifts to give away to 12 different people. They may be people you know or do not know. But give with the 12:12:12 energy. These are blessing gifts. They travel round you 12 times!!! They are not expensive gifts – today we can get gifts for £1. However you may be able to afford expensive gifts and want to give to someone you revere and appreciate so that is OK too. But remember this is 12:12:12 gifting to others and thereby gifting to yourself. You can give all 12 gifts on the 12:12:12 or any time 3 days before or after 12:12:12.
  2. Buy 12 nurturing things for yourself e.g. perfume, soap, fluffy slippers, candles, accessories, reading cards, etc.

light shifts with Hands of Light

13:12:12 New Moon in Sagittarius Meditation Workshop

What is this about? 13/12/12

The actual time of the NewMoon is 8.42am in London in the morning.  Some of us will be doing a meditation during that time from 8.15am-9.15am.  If you want to join in let me know.  Join us  in the evening when we will be celebrating the vibration of the New Moon Energy; after the powerful vortex of 12:12:12. We will be birthing a Freedom Seed in your development towards higher New Wisdom, Cosmic Consciousness, and Monadism. 

Time and Spiritual Investment 13/12/12

7pm-10pm = £44  

Please pay here 🙂  http://tokscokernewmoon1212.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C

Food 13/12/12

Prices do not include food so please bring food to share after workshop. (Do not bring anything with pork or ham). Thank you.

light shifts with Hands of Light

21:12:12 Energy of Transformation with Winter Solstice

What is this day about? 21/12/12

  • This is a day of Spiritual Growth as we Reflect on Lessons Learnt in the past 9 daysDNA blood light portal. We will be moving through an Individual & Collective Global Reformation of Spirit a.k.a. A MASSIVE Shift in Consciousness. We will be Activating your Divine Original Blue Print through Purification Matrix Crystal Healing on the DNA/Cellular Level. We will also Be Awakening your Essence Voice Vortex and Gracing your Moment whilst looking at and Making the Right Choices for YOU: Pondering and Intuiting your Work, Career, Money, Relationships, Love, and Life. This will be a Pivotal Time, Preparing You for 2013 on a Galactic Level.

  • The Numerology for this day: 21, 12, 13.

  • Bring with you, if you can, a £12 gift to Give Away and 21 Symbols to share (Symbols may be Drawn, Photos, or Objects)

More information to follow.

Time and Spiritual Investment 21/12/12

10am–5pm = £140

7pm-1am = £120.

All Day: 10am-1am = £234 (10% discount applied)

Please pay here:) http://121212lightshifts.eventbrite.com/

Food 21/12/12

Prices do not include food so please bring your own food (Do not bring anything with pork or ham). Thank you.

light shifts with Hands of Light


20% DISCOUNT for 2 Full Days

If you are ATTENDING BOTH DATES, 12th & 21st December (10am-1am) = £421

20% DISCOUNT for Introduction

For every new person you bring you will get 20% discount on what you paid for – this will be reimbursed to you post event. This person must be someone Toks has never worked with before.

Your Alignment to Now

Your Soul’s Evolution

Your Awakening & Rising

Your Life Shift



We will be channelling the Invocation Blessing on 12/12/12


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