8 Days of

Spiritual Practice

8 Days of Intense Spiritual Practice
In the comfort of your own home
In your own Time
To release blockages in your life

This is an Intensive 8-day self-study programme.

It is an hour of Private Spiritual Practices per day for 8 days.

There will be 8 different Spiritual Practices we will cover, one per day.

Transform your life through Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Development.

Choose one thing you want to shift/change in your life…

So What Do You Want to Shift?


It could be you keep meeting the same kind of partners who do not commit.


It could be believing you will never be married.


You could have a terminal illness.

Feeling Stuck

You could be feeling stuck in your life with no creativity in you.

Not Good Enough

It could be that you cannot see anything good for yourself, because everyone has what you want, and you feel you have nothing or you feel left out.

What You Will Practice…

Each day you will practice a Spiritual Practice to shift, release and remove blockages to your happiness.

The idea is to practice each Spiritual Practice for an hour a day.

You can break it up into 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and make up the one hour during the day.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to conquer and vanquish your blockages.

This intensive 8 Days Spiritual Practice will have you connecting with your Soul and the Divine.

You are a Soul on a Spiritual journey. Let us keep the flames of expansion growing. Let us get great results.

Are you ready for another aspect of your Soul calling you?

Who should do the ‘8 Days Spiritual Practice’ ?

Do Any of these Questions Apply to You?

Take the Leap to more happiness in your life.

This is a GREAT GIFT for yourself and others. Share this with your friends and others you feel would benefit from this healing and empowering intensive ‘8 Days of Spiritual Practice’.

What will this ‘8 Days OF Spiritual Practice’ do for me?

What people say about ‘8 Days of Spiritual Practice’.

Spiritual Exchange


Upon payment, you will have IMMEDIATE LIFETIME access to the 8 Days of Spiritual Practice course.

About Toks

Hi, I’m Toks and my strength is dealing with the emotions of a person and transforming that fundamental darkness into medicine. I’m very loving. I’m very strict. Don’t come if you don’t want the truth and don’t come if you don’t want strict guidance. Saying YES to Life is not always an easy thing to do, as we meet our personal (and collective) challenges and difficulties, in any area of our lives: personal, business, relationship, family, etc. My powerful life experiences and training enable me to help people in all sorts of ways. I am truly blessed to be able to do this. As you look through my website, I hope you feel the compassion, healing, commitment I have, to wanting you to be happy and safe.