Remembering the Power

at a time of Rapidly Changing Awareness

Activate your Infinite Possibilities with Forgiveness

How 'Healing Through Forgiveness' can help you

Forgiveness to remove block, stuck energy, and clear negative karma.

You're in luck!

You will practice over 8 different Forgiveness Practices, which you will be able to apply in various areas of your life.

As you practice the various forgiveness practices you will experience many
feelings. One forgiveness practice may work for you, and another forgiveness
practice may not. Your experience will reveal it all to you.

No matter how much pain someone has caused you, forgiving them is an essential part to letting go. Forgiveness does not mean you accept or condone their actions or that you agree with that person’s behaviour, but rather that you are no longer allowing that person’s actions to emotionally cause you pain and suffering. Forgiveness can be done while still separating yourself from that person physically as well. There is no stronger action you can provide yourself. To forgive someone for hurting you will allow you to finally let go of the pain and hurt they caused you. You cannot overcome pain and anger with more pain and anger, but only by compassion and goodness. Forgiveness will essentially free you.

T. Young

Ground breaking methods to activate deep forgiveness and free yourself from karmic unforgiveness

A Powerful

Spiritual Practice

A Really

Practical Practice

A Deep

Emotional Practice

A Healing

Physical Practice

A Fabulous

Mental Practice

Forgiveness involves using very Powerful Methods to clear away these obstacles in your life, such as obstacles to your:

Benefits of Forgiveness

Clear Your Path

Ancestral Karma, Blocks.

Overcome Challenges

Stagnation, Obstacles.

Heal Rifts in Relationships

Career, Business.

Manifest with More Flow and Ease
Activate your Infinite Possibilities

Healthier relationships.


Helps to shift karma.

Family Relationships

Your relationship with your father improves, where once you were always quarrelling and pointing fingers, you begin to react in a different way to your father.

Intimate Relationships

You find it easier to relate to an intimate partner. You are more understanding and more patient.


Your health improves, where once you could not breathe properly you begin to breathe with ease.


Your mind is better at prioritising things. You feel more in control of your life. You feel calmer. Your mental health improves.


You believe you can create a new life.


You find alternative ways to do something.


More insights, more ideas, more creativity.


Where once you were angry, you find you are calmer.

Letting Go

You let go of bitterness and anger.

Spiritual Development

You improve your own spiritual development.


You learn to forgive others.


You begin to have an open heart and more compassion and understanding.

Common Sense

You begin to get a new self-respect for yourself and you begin to respect others too.


You demonstrate your amazing personality through forgiveness.


You become happier and feel lucky.


You take action for your own happiness.


You take responsibility for your own life and stop blaming others.

Reduces Stress

Reduces stress and negative emotions such as anxiety, worry, sadness, grief, blame, envy, jealousy etc.

A Bit About Karma

There are so many intricate layers to our karma, that we cannot even begin to fathom them. We can never know what we have done in our previous lives. What offences, pains and sufferings we have caused to others. What chain of events were started.

We can barely recall what happened last week, much less the many varied moments, a year or more ago. We cannot remember all the times we have hurt others, intentionally or unintentionally, in a small way or a big way. We cannot. It is too vast to think off.

Luckily, we do not need to, for Forgiveness to work.

Forgiveness is one of the Highest tools, if not the Highest tool, to cleanse and clear karma. It can transform these negative energies into blessings.

Forgiveness is the solution to clearing both your own personal karma and your ancestral karma.

Why do bad things happen?

This is the part where we talk about HOW ANCESTRAL KARMA AFFECTS US. You may or may not believe this. Keep an open mind. Sometimes a closed or stubborn mind blocks our progress and happiness.

What do my ancestors have to do with it? The actions of your ancestors affect your life right now.

Is it possible that one of your ancestors did something negative to another, and this caused suffering to them and they have been holding a grudge since? So now you and your family are suffering in this lifetime. If you do not do something about it now, it will continue into future generations.

Make it your mission to stop the bad family karma on yourself, your children, your family and the future generations of humanity. Do something good to clear karma for yourself, as well as, for the human race.

If a dress is torn, if you do not fix it, it will rip. Eventually the dress will be destroyed forever, because the dress was never fixed. Do not do this to your life. Do not ignore your own Forgiveness practice. This goes deep.

When you look around you, can you see the generation upon generation of karma repeating itself?

Join the 8 Weeks of Forgiveness

The negative karma may be promoting family patterns of alcoholism, poverty, snobbery, bad health, depression, etc.

Negative Karma may be blocking a lot of things such as:

Makes sense, right?

How does Forgiveness work?

You do not have to have belief, for Forgiveness to work. You do need to have sincerity.

When you say you are sorry, you want to say it from your heart. You want the person to believe the power of your words. You want them to hear what you say and FORGIVE YOU.

The same applies to you when someone is apologising to you. You want to feel they are apologising from their heart and they mean it. You want to be able to FORGIVE THEM.

And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in Heaven may Forgive you your sins.

What will you receive?

The course, 8 Weeks of Forgiveness, was recorded live on Zoom, over an 8 week process. For 8 weeks, you will receive, once a week, an email with the topic of forgiveness, for that week. In each email, there will be an audio and video link. Each week, you will practice a way to activate your forgiveness and help release your suffering, etc. You will write in your journal and do the exercises.



Start your Forgiveness practice now.

Even if you have done a Forgiveness Practice before, this 8 Weeks of Forgiveness will amplify and refine the work you have already done. There will be more karmic cleansing, more release, more freeing and more liberation.

If you are doing this for the first time, you are in safe hands. You will be blown away by the exercises and the insights gained, about yourself and your life.

Forgiveness to enlighten your Soul and Spirit. Forgiveness to invite in more happiness into your life. Forgiveness which clears blockages and stagnations in your life.

Forgiveness that cleans out negativity and brings in positivity.

Forgiveness, which works on a deeper level, than you ever thought possible, as long as you practice. You have to participate to get the results and the goals you want. Forgiveness enables you to have more ease, happiness and consistency in your life.

My prayer for you, with this 8 Weeks of Forgiveness, is for your deep happiness and fulfilment.