8:8 Medicine Meditation TESTIMONIALS

8:8 Meditation on 8 August

We gathered to do an 8:8 Medicine Meditation on 8 August for an hour from 7.30pm. During the gathering we created a crystal 8:8 altar for the world; and each person created their very own individual crystal 8.  After the gathering we had a questions and answers session. We shared some moments of power and drank the blessed sacred 8:8 water that we energised and charged in the crystal singing bowls. It was a wonderful moment for us all.

I would send 8:8 healing for 8 days at 8am and 8pm, as a gift, to them, if they wanted.

I would also send them the audio recording of the mediation

I would send the filming of the candles in the shape of 8.

They had to be aware of what was happening to them in the next 8 days.

Below, I have captured a few of the Feedback Testimonials from the evening, as well as, Text Messages received during the next 8 days after the 8:8 Medicine Meditation. I hope this captures the wonderful energy that was shared.  We were not allowed to share till after the 8 days had gone by. Thank you for reading xxx

number 8


I loved the Invocation as it resonated profoundly with me. I have been moved feeling the truth of this Innovation of the 8:8 connection. Just felt right to be here.  I am taking away the power of the possibilities. I am so hopeful after being here. I do believe in Toks’ power. It comes from love. I feel safe here always. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Toks, Universe.

Working with the 8:8 energy was powerful, grounding, returning back to essence. I was so moved by the power, love and peace.  I am taking away my codes. Loved the 8:8 meditation. I felt inspired and light. It was too short for one hour.

It was a powerful experience. I enjoyed being in the group to share this wonderful vibration. Having the space to connect was wonderful with others.  The emotions of love and compassion were present.  I am taking away a higher vibrational energy.  It was a great experience.

It was an intense experience. I am taking away positive vibrations.

I felt peaceful. I found it comforting. I like the way Toks guided the meditation. I was moved by seeing my departed father.  I felt emotional relief and reassurance.  I saw visions of my desires alongside my beloved. I am taking away certainty in the connection with higher powers and masters. This is my first workshop. I never really knew anything about it before. Toks is a powerful and empowering spark of light. Her workshop is very well set up and easy to follow. The energy of the workshop is liberating and comforting.


It was a wonderful opportunity to tap into this energy on such an auspicious date. I loved just being able to focus my energy on me and nothing else and no one else. I was moved by Toks heart and sincerity.  I experienced a release of blocks. I am taking away a sense of peace and calm.  I have only really started my spiritual journey in the last year which has triggered my interest in esoteric practices.  The channelling, initially, took me by surprise, but then I got used to it. Toks’ energy, love and enthusiasm for what she does is so apparent in her approach to the workshop.  She is truly a gem, in a world filed with so much suffering. She is a source of hope, love, light and healing. Thank you Toks. Even though I live in East London now, you are always in my heart as you were my second mum in UK when I first moved to London and to Swiss Cottage. Lots of Love XXX

This was my first time I have experienced this kind of meditation. It was very rich in different energy. I could feel the transition of different emotions like love and sadness.  I was able to experience a little bi of sickness. It was too warm in the room. I will take away with me all the new experiences and curiosity about all the new energy and Spirit. I would definitely do it again. I really love 8:8 Medicine Meditation with Toks.

This was my first time. I found working with the energy of 8:8 interesting. I was moved by the Love. I am taking away connection and inner peace, Sri Yantra. I might come back. I found it a bit too strict for me but I understand the reason.

I LOVED IT. I wanted to go with them. I find life on this planet very hard. I love connecting with other Beings, I felt activated. During the meditation I felt hurt in my heart and anxious.  I am taking away hope, reassurance, love and connections. Both of the things I’ve attended with Toks have changed my life. After the first workshop I stopped smoking.


I found working with the 8:8 energy nice.

I found working with the 8:8 energy different and calming. I love Toks. I was moved by the instruments and sounds.  I experienced positive vibrations.  I am taking away with me a new experience. This is my first workshop.

Thank you Toks. It’s such an honour to be lead through the sacred portals that you create.  I can really feel the purity of the light that you channelled last night.   Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Toks – I have left the Skype call and wanted to thank you.  It was an incredibly peaceful, healing and exciting experience. Thank you Hands of Light and the other Legions of Light. Blessings.

Testimonials text to Toks

Thank you Toks, such a pleasant surprise to receive the video this morning, great experience, I’m still reeling from excitement!!!  Very positive vibrations all around!!!  Thank you so much Toks, it is very much appreciated, sending love your way too.

Hello 888 Legion of Light, I have been quiet as it has been an interesting week. Shifts are definitely taking place. Thank you ever so much.

Just got in a cab that has 888888 painted on it!

I feel grounded, calm and heart centred. Sri Yantra came though strongly during the meditation last night.  I was shown a beehive with it, the power of the cube, very balancing.  My dress was white Sufi syle with golden edges and I was spinning, then the dress came off through my head and I became light.

I absolutely loved last night.  I could not get to sleep, so much energy was buzzing through my body and I felt wired.  Only just work up now!! Feel like I need the day to myself today and cocoon in my flat.

I do feel more in tune with myself. I have lots of people seeking my assistance which is new to me.

I’m still in a portal of Light, it feels so beautiful and soft. It’s like a bath of Light.

Was really special to connect to everyone and the Beloved Higher Realm. The video was such a lovely surprise to this morning, very calming and settling. Thank you Toks!  I feel like some Light Language was downloaded into my being. I am making sounds I haven’t before, feels like Actuatians/Alien.  Feel blessed.  Just experimenting and singing with it. Also 8 energy all around.



Happy 8:8:8

Happy 8:8

Happy 8


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