A New Beginning: Healing After Loss of Loved Ones

Hello Legions of Light, I GREET YOU.

Today I write about Healing After Loss of Loved Ones.

My last blog post was 15 July 2019.  My Patric died that year and I have been grieving and healing. My mother died November 2021 and we cremated her 3 days before Christmas in 2021. Caring for loved ones is not an easy task, as anyone who has been a carer will tell you. Healing after loss is a journey that gives you no warning or guidelines.

Today I post my first blog in 3 years.  Forgive me.  I am sorry. Thank you for your understanding and patience.  Love you very much. LOVE YOU ALL.



PROCESS OF LIFE AND DEATHPatric and Toks, happy memories, couple goals, loss, grief, missing you

Caring for a loved one is a very intense and personal experience. Watching them die is another whole process.  Making prayers after their death, (for 100 days and more), gives space for reality to set in. You realise that their Soul journey to the LIGHT is all part of the process of caring for a loved one.

My mother died of a stoke induced by the corona virus injection. My Patric died from Cancer. I cared for both of them and it was really heart-wrenching.

Life and Death are two sides of a coin. They are similar and different. They are extreme and emotional in learning lessons, as we continue taking actions to manifest what we want. Every individual process is a process of SAYING YES/NO TO LIFE. Which do you choose?

enjoying green grass, Patric, relaxing, precious memories, remembering a love lostWe all know that saying Yes to Life can be a very traumatic process, as you break free from your No to Life (heart break and devastation). Like a butterfly breaking free from the cocoon, you transform your fundamental darkness (sadness, suffering and grief) into greatness and happiness. You transform your poison into medicine. You learn to live your life and to love your live. You shine your light outwards and inwards like a sun illuminating the darkness. You are living your living life.

For me I am learning to live without my Patric and my mother.



Today, I celebrate my Saying Yes to Life, acknowledging all my pain over the death of my mother and the death of my Patric.

Thank you Patric and IYA (my mother) for all the love you showered on to me before you died. Thank you for all the healing and lessons you taught me.

I am here today stronger because I felt both of you believing in me, even when I did not believe I could make it through. Thank you.

I am looking for pictures of my mother that this blog will enable me to load on. Very disappointing…..


How do you cope with the loss of a loved one?  I really do not know.

You take each day at a time.

You take each second at a time.

You take each moment at a time.

You re-live the memory …. the various memories before death….

You go through various extreme emotions when healing after loss: grief, more loss, anger, rage, blame, suicide, denial, shock, truama, depression, lonliness, isolation, abandanment, and more….

You slowly face the truth and the reality of living without your loved one. The loss of a loved one (whether lover, partner, wife, husband, child, parent, grandmother, grandfather, etc) is truly a  painful time.


Memories of laughter and joy. Memories of happiness and pure exuberance. Watching Patric engage was truly joyful. He was such a sincere and reserved man, I knew when he engaged he liked the person.


Thank you everyone who engaged with him with an open heart and a smile. Thank you everyone who visited him in the hospice before he left his Body. Thank you everyone who joined me in the 100 days praying rituals (prayers, chanting, praying, dancing, invoking, etc.).


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