Toks Cooker profile

Toks is a Master Healer, Teacher, Intuitive Coach, Practitioner, and Alchemist.

She cares for a diverse clientele from all over the world such as royalty, celebrities, entrepreneurs, mothers, property
developers, and artists.

She helps women heal their relationships and find their direction and purpose.

People are needlessly suffering from anxiety, depression, loneliness, and a variety of ailments that deplete them physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They feel lost inside them while putting up a mask of bravery, courage, and confidence…….. sometimes they do not even realise they are lost.

After many years of caring for and seeing her clients she has come to the great realisation that saying Yes to Life is a choice each person has to make. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Toks has personally had to deal with the death and loss of her unborn children, partner, family members (mother, father, grandparents, uncles, aunts) and friends. Her life lessons have taught her the importance of self-reflection, honesty, and truth.

Toks believes that life is like the vast ocean, looking calm on top, but in turmoil under. Surfing the waves of life is a wonderful challenge of facing your suffering, limiting beliefs, fears, negative emotions, thoughts, behaviour, etc. and transforming them to love, peace, joy, harmony, and happiness. This is what her Yes to Life is all about. When she shares her knowledge and insights she speaks from her vast experience, learnings, and training. Her ability to turn poison to medicine with her insights, wisdom, and mentoring is testimony to who she is at heart. “Toks you are so easy to love.” said a lady after 5 days with her. Happiness is available to everyone – Say Yes to Life.

Say Yes to Life

Let me tell you a little bit about me

When I was about 10 years old, my mother left my father. I was expecting her to come back with my Barbie dolls from London.  She  never did. 

At the school assembly hall in the morning, I heard a voice saying to me, “You will now look after your sister and brothers.”  I looked around me, wondering who said this. There was no one around me. 

“OK,” I said innocently, not knowing what it would entail. I remember immediately making a silent prayer to God, asking for his help and committing to do this.

“I will do this. Please help me.”

I never complained or felt hard done by. I was happy; and simply carried out the instruction, with vigour and commitment.

This attitude has served me very well in all areas of my life. It was like the Divine was preparing me for my work.  So when I got another voice in my ear, another message, that I would NOT have children of my own, and I would look after other peoples children, I said “OK.” This time, I did cry and shout! After the human reaction, I realised the great mission and accepted it.  TO SERVE HUMANITY.

Life happens and no matter what,  we cry.  It is important to cry.  Then after a healthy period of whatever negative emotion comes up; we DECIDE to get up, dust everything off, and then, continue with our life. We say Yes to Life.

One of the most amazing things about Toks, is that she is always, always there for you, no matter what. Just call her. She finds time and helps you release the goodness in you and the best in you.

My family history

Toks is pronounced like the word ‘jokes’ with a ‘T’ instead of the ‘j’.  Pronounced ‘Tokes’.

Toks is an abbreviation of my full Yoruba (Nigerian) name, Adetokunbo. Nigerian names have deep meaning. Adetokunbo means “The Crown has come from across the Waters.” This is a unisex name given to any child (male or female) born abroad, i.e. across the oceans. I was born in London and taken home to Nigeria to live.

I was brought up the traditional Nigerian way, very strict and very disciplined, with a lot of love. I treasure many happy memories.

In terms of numerology, her name ‘Toks’ adds up to 11, a Master Number. I am a water sign, born on the 7th day and the 7th month.  So, no surprise, I love the sea.

I am the daughter of a cricketer, professor, gynaecologist, doctor, teacher of medical students, a Nigerian Chief and Shaman.  A lot of his students are now very successful doctors around the world, in UK, USA and Europe.  He is fondly remembered for his brilliance and his love of cricket. At his funeral, many women approached me to share the miracle my father had created for them. They had better health. They had babies when they were told they would not. May he rest in perfect peace. “RIPP Daddy. RIPP Sir.”

I am the daughter of a midwife, writer, painter, artist, teacher and sculptor who loved listening to classical music, drinking tea and watching old movies on TV. I remember when she was a midwife, she would whisper a prayer into each of the baby’s ears to be happy and safe. Sometimes, I would hear her crying at night from the pain and suffering when the mothers or babies were not getting better.  What a great heart!
“RIPP IYA. RIPP Mother.”

I have three younger siblings:  my sister, Remi, an architect, and my two brothers, Julian, a surgeon and Jeremy, a chartered accountant. All are great teachers and practitioners in their chosen field.

Toks Coker