Fire Fire Fire Ashes Ashes Ashes Rising Rising Rising Alchemical Resurrection Opportunity to Grow Your Resurrection Your Liberation Your Freedom Your Blooming Your True Self Your Light

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The course is a PRACTICAL experiential course introducing you to the concept of Spiritual Alchemy in your life.

This is a deep, inner, and personal journey: journeying you deep into your psyche. Private time is allocated for you to do the exercises in the workbook.

The course uses simple powerful alchemical esoteric tools to help you redefine, define, and refine your True Self.

The course will clarify who you are, where you are now, who you are becoming and where you are going and what you are becoming and will reveal your True Self to you.

With this clarity you will have more understanding about what you are wanting with confidence and courage in your relationships, career, finding your direction, purpose and your soul.


By the end of the course, you should be able to:

Explain the term ‘Alchemical Resurrection’.
List 2 areas in your life for an Alchemical Resurrection.
List 2 benefits of your Alchemical Resurrection.
Know and identify 2 masks that you wear.
Create and show a clear A3/A4 Vision Board (demonstrating your goals, wishes, desires, wanting).
Perform a simple healing exercise for yourself.
Perform a psychic protection exercise on yourself.
Describe how your alchemical resurrection happened for you.
Identify and Describe Your True Self.
Perform a ‘Ritual of Communication’ (Invoking, Affirming, Declaring, etc.) as you describe your True Self beginning with the sentence ‘I AM .......’


It is a good thing to prepare a few things before you start any deep healing work on yourself. Remember, the choice is yours alone.

Come with an open mind. Prepare to open your mind, body, and spirit, to learn a new way of learning and rising. It is always good to begin like you know nothing, then your Ego does not get in the way of your learning.
Allocate a time when you will not be distractions from social media, telephones, etc. You decide how long it will take you to finish the course. Do you want to take a day or longer? I suggest you finish the course within a week of starting it. Here are some suggestions on time that can help you. (i) Decide to work in batches of 20-30 minutes and then have a 10-minutes break. (ii) Decide to work in batches of an hour, then have a 20-minutes break. (iii) Decide you will allocate 3-hours a day, or half a day (iv) Decide you take out one whole day.
Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. For those who want you can wear a simple lovely all white outfit to express your purity and vibrancy. You can even have white socks and slippers or shoes.
Have your pen and paper or journal to take notes. You will be allocated time to fill in your experiences, thoughts, learning, etc. in your workbook.
Have water beside you to drink and help with the exercises and learning. Water is flow and movement.
Take breaks during the exercises (rest, eat a snack, sleep, go out for fresh air, listen to nice healing music, etc.)
Ideally, no smoking too.
For those who are working from the workbook you can create your very own Vision Board. Have pictures of yourself, cut out words, magazines to cut out pictures that reflect your Vision Board of Your True Self. A3 or A4 paper to use to create your Vision Board of Your True Self. You will have a clearer view after doing the video exercises shared in this portal.
You can have candles, incense, and oils burning, if safe. You can have a crystal to hold during the exercises. You can sit in front of an altar or sit in an altar you created. You can choose an object or picture to represent your True Self you want to create e.g. Quan Yin. You can have soft music playing in the background. You decide what you would want around you as you listen to the teachings and do the exercises and write in your workbook.

The Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self

This is a PRACTICAL experiential workshop, introducing you to the concept of Spiritual Alchemy in your life.

Welcome to the Alchemical Resurrection of your True Self.

What is Alchemy? What is Resurrection? What is the True Self? Are you ready to Rise like a Phoenix?

Have you had enough of being burnt alive and left in your pain, sorrow, isolation and debris?

Are you ready to have an Alchemical Resurrection? What is an Alchemical Resurrection?

Are you ready to have an Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self? Do you know what your True Self is? Would you recognise your True Self, if you found it, or you saw it?

Why would you want to have an Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self? Because you would want to live your True Authentic Self. You would remove your masks, false identity, negative beliefs and lifestyle that does not serve you. You would release pretending, fake smiles and the hollow feeling you feel inside you most times.

Are you living your Truth? What aspect of you has to ‘die’, like a Shaman’s Death, which involves a death and a rebirth? What will you be Rebirthing? A death cycle or ending is in progress.

Are you living your lie or somebody else’s lie about you? Are you living your Truth or somebody else’s Truth of who you are? Whenever you want to change old habits and begin life again in a productive way there is a Shaman’s Death. Like old corn stalks are burnt to make way for new corn to grow.

An Alchemical Resurrection is a Decision you make for yourself, for you to Rise Above where you are right now, to come in and Rise to the True Essence of who you are. You are creating fertile ground when you let your false identities die.

Are you ready? So much information with so many exercises and insights to share.

This workshop is about Anchoring your True Self, Seeing your True Self and Being your True Self.

Once you Align to your True Self, you begin to know True Peace, True Love, True Respect and you begin to say, "I Love me. I Love myself."

This Vortex is for you if you are ready to move beyond where you are right now, to something More Fascinating, More Absorbing, more Centred, and above all, more Joy within you.

This is a space for Spiritual Power and Sacred Manifestation. We will call in the Stone People of Mother Earth, the crystals. We will meditate with them and ask for help in our journey to the underworld and back up. Very powerful process. Knowing will be revealed. Memories will return. You will activate your pineal and pituitary glands. You will stimulate your inner knowing and reveal to yourself so much information you will blow your mind!!! New understanding is coming your way.

It is a space where you can Truly Look into the Mirror, and Look into your Eyes, and See the True Value and Version of You. Knowing that, in Seeing YourSelf, you Become Visible. In Being Visible, you See YourSelf. The two are interlinked – they are One and the same.

Are you ready? Are you truly ready? Is this really for you?

I pray that the answer is YES as you say "Yes to My True Life".

This is for you if

you are ready to really find a Dimension that Resonates with you, and Create and Connect always – be Connected and Aligned to that dimension of Your True Self and the True You.

You will begin to understand what it is to be your True Self and the True You.

Some of the Benefits to Anchoring your Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self is you Anchor Protection, you Anchor Insight, you Anchor Knowledge, You Anchor Focus, and a Strong Commitment and Direction of where your Life is and it should be going.

The stagnation is over. Time for cycles and movement. You will know where you are in the cycle of life – the Medicine Wheel. Are you at the beginning, the creation time, the growing time, the middle, the developing time, or the end of a cycle? Do not get caught up in old patterns, old habits, old thoughts, old belief and old way of being that limits you and keeps you stuck in a rot.

Everything depends on you. 

Your Choice Your Decision Your Power

Do not leave until tomorrow what you can do today.

Join the course, knowing you have to do this.

Be of One Mind to overcome any situation.  Have the thought that whatever is yours is already accomplished.  Repeatedly check yourself. Is my promise powerful or is my test powerful?  Do not let the test make you weak in fulfilling your promise of your True Self.


You want to learn how to Communicate with Yourself, how to Listen to Yourself, how to Activate the Magnetic True Self that is Yours, how to Align to your Energetic body, how to Anchor your True Self within each of your Chakras, how to say yes to your life.


With the Alchemical Resurrection of your True Self, we Clear Timelines, we release them, we delete them, we erase them. And we create and rise to a new vibration of Time and No Time.


With the Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self, we go beyond past, present and future, and we Anchor our Power in the Present Now.


We Transcend the planes of existence and we Rise to a Vibration that is Pure, Simple and Blissful.

Do you sit in your weakness or do you expand and go beyond your comfort zone?

You can unravel here. You can unwind here. You can feel safe here. You can be vulnerable here. Your Super Powers are waiting for you.

Join us in this experiential workshop, where you will feel and sense and know for yourself that you, really, have had an Alchemical Resurrection of Your Very Own True Self.

Is this for ME?

Yes, if you want to find your True Self.

Yes, if you want to know your True Self.

Yes, if you tired of your own fake-ness.

Yes, if you want more in your life.

Yes, if you are ready to try something new.

Yes, if you are ready to open to more of you.

Yes, if you are ready for your change.

No, if you are not ready to do deep spiritual development on yourself.

No, if you are not ready to dig deeper into your psyche.

No, if you are not ready for a new way to look at your life.

No, if you do not have time to allocate for your transformation.


What will ‘The Alchemical Resurrection of my True Self’ do for me?

Toks Coker
Finding my Trust
The healing energy that Toks offers in her workshops (and in her presence) are so very powerful and nurturing. The intentions set in the energetic space always draws back some very fruitful results. Thank you, Toks, for your unconditional love and light. My alchemical resurrection was finding my truth again. The exercise that moved me the most was the vision board exercise.

Shahana Yasmin

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Strict Teacher
The exercise that moved me the most was the Blessing Invocation exercise we did. My alchemical resurrection was putting intention into the year ahead. I loved the flow between open flow and compassion, to strict teacher!

Juliet Humphrey

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I just came back from a healing retreat in Brazil, and it was so amazing to experience here in London a very powerful closure to the exercises I did there. The energy in the room was super charged. The Invocation Blessing exercise (pairing and greeting into each other’s eyes) moved me the most: it was super powerful and self-empowering. I liked the sacred space created by the snake energy and the group energy was open and balanced.

Gary Reich

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Letting Go Blocks, Doubts, Worries
Toks creates the perfect loving and creative space for you to go very deep and express your truth, let go of all the unwanted blocks, as well as identify and clarify your life. This workshop cleared all my doubts and worries and allowed me to look forward to the coming New Year with a delicious excitement and dynamism. The space was great, warm and cosy. My alchemical resurrection was my own empowering.

John Sergent

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Writing My Goals
Wearing white was a new thing for me in this inspiring space. I enjoyed most the exercise on writing my goals within a positive group energy. Toks’ energy is greatly inspirational. She is a wonderful teacher.

Mary London

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Focus My Mind
A brilliant workshop at the right time of the year (the beginning) to let go of the past and to set new goals and a vision for the year ahead. Today I looked inwardly, enabling me to focus on my mind. I have never been to anything like this before and I found it easy to participate and get energy and motivation. Everything was done within a nurturing intimate environment with Toks’s love, depth, and wisdom.

Project Manager

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Knowing My True Self
Simply amazing! The group was dynamic, the space was healing, knowing my true self was insightful. Thank you. Completely grateful. I love you, Toks. Xxxx

Genevieve Capovilla

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