Practical Exercises – New moon in Taurus 2009


Forgiving others is a gift to yourself.  

1.  Who do you need to forgive?  Who needs to forgive you?   Who are you finding difficult to forgive?  Who is finding it difficult to forgive you?  Who can you not forgive?  Who cannot forgive you?  Forgiving others is a gift to you.  How do you love this statement?  How do you hate this statement?  Welcome to the NewMoon in Taurus with the wonderful bull energy and the lovely Venus energy.

2.    Tell me,  did you say something you should not have said?  Did you do something you should not have done?  Then welcome to the NewMoon in Taurus.  Do you feel you should not have said that?  Do you feel you should not have done that?  Welcome to earthy Taurus.  Solid Strong Earthy Material Loyal and Sensuous.  So what do you do when you say something you should not have said?  Or do something you should not have done?  Correct it, of course.  But with the BULL energy you may feel reluctance or even a stubbornness to do this. 

3.    Do something NEW – something you have never done.  

What New Thing I did moving into the NewMoon

1.   Two days before the NewMoon, I sent out the information about my brother’s marathon on Sunday.  I made a contribution….  If everyone made a £1 contribution – it all adds up.  If you are able to please make a contribution by visiting the following link     I will be going to meet him on Sunday.  If anyone wants to join me please let me know so we can go together and make an outing of it. Cheers xxx

2.    The day before the NewMoon, [Friday 24 April 2009], I had a list of practical NewMoon in Taurus things to do which I did.

1.    I drove to Greg’s house to discuss psychology [in the green grass with the sun shining down on us] as he has a masters and a PhD! 

2.    I gave his mother a big gold pineapple from Ivory Coast. 

3.    I had lunch with him and his mother in the garden. 

4.    Basil came to show us his wonderful tattoo he channelled for his life.  When I looked at it I saw a smiley face from one angle and a labyrinth from another angle and then the letter ‘G’!  What a shape shifting vision. 

5.    All 4 of us, Greg, his mum, Kate, Basil and I talked happily and laughed and shared a lot.  A very NewMoon in Taurus event.  It was a family gathering of honesty and sharing and supporting. 

6.    Greg also gave me a gift of downloads he had on his computer.  He drove me to PC World to buy the little memory gadget to put the big downloads on it for me.  Thank you Greg. 

7.    I drove to Chantal’s to ask her to return some clothes for me.

On the actual day of the NewMoon I am on a Pregnancy Massage Course and I will hold the NewMoon in Taurus Mediation. 

Let me know what NEW thing you do this NewMoon in Taurus.  Cheers xxx 


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