New Moon Date: 25.2.2009


We will be looking at the vibration of the Year Date:  2009 and the NewMoon Date: 25.2.2009

YEAR 2009 = 2+0+0+9 = 11

Zodiac by Josephine Wall

This is a master number and the most intuitive number.  A number of leadership, personal power and spiritual truths.  A wake up call for humanity.  The time is NOW.  The yes we can call.  The yes we do call.  11 carries many gifts and portals through which the gifts drop / pass through……This year IS a year of action…. Keep making the action.   DO.  Keep your mind, thoughts, feelings on what you are wanting and intending.  This is a creative year of alignment to your Divine Truth and your True Self.  Welcome to 2009.  What is your learning?  What is your growth?  What is your wish?  What is your intension?   What are you vibrating this year?  Be proactive and responsible with the number 11.  

Seriously take responsibility for your thinking, your intention.  Really be strict with yourself as you go through the year.  Your only way to TRUE FREEDOM is to be true to your self, your instincts, your intensions, your inner being, your body, your mind and your spirit.  Welcome to the alignment of your spiritual self and the anchoring of your spiritual self all year long!!  You may find this tiring all year long but you will find it rewarding.  The 11 vibration comes with blessings and benefits.  Welcome to 2009 = 11.  Really work on healing yourself as best as you can and go with your process and your flow and your limitations and your expansions and your breakthroughs.  Welcome to the NewMoon in 2009.


OX energy is frightening, strong and unmistakable.  It is about hard work, commitment, methodology, dedication, diligence; as well as being dependable, patient and inspiring.  There are so many emotions within the dependable OX; yet there is a quite strong inner core and outer core that hypnotises you.  The Ox is firm and committed to the silence within.  Enjoy the noise of the silence of the ox.  Can you hear it?  Bring all your resources together and ground them with hard work and solidify what you have created giving it strong rooting and independence and strength and fullness of being.  The Ox is materialistic and ambitious!!! Prosperity in 2009 through hard work and fortitude.  Ox energy is fearlessness.  It is firm and decidedness! It aims to achieve a task with resolution, commitment and fortitude.  It aims to make good efforts always.  This is what Ox medicine is!!!  It is able.  It is ethical.  It is well-organised.  It can also be angry and blow!!!  Do not anger the Ox unless you really want a fight.   Ox people / energy have strong work ethics, are very very reliable and dependable.  They are also great to work with.  Let us be sound and safe with ox.

When should I call in the energy of the Ox / Buffalo?    If you are not stable and persevering.   If you are not strong in character call in this animal totem to give you strength of character.  If you are lazy, careless, feel inadequate, or complaining.  If you are full of fear.  If you feel a sense of failure.  If you feel you will not achieve your goals and fulfil your design. If you feel like lying or being bad tempered.  If you feel unmotivated and if you feel irresponsible. If you want to be reliable and have people rely on you.  If you want to be motivated to prosper and to be unpretentious.   If you want a sense of responsibility and resonance with your work.

In character OX PEOPLE are similar to Capricorn types –My current favourite person, who is a Leo, is also an Ox.  Yes you guessed it Obama.  So was Princess Diane.  So is George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Margaret Thatcher!   Can you understand them better now that you know about Ox medicine?

This month the NewMoon in Pisces Meditation is on 25th

Wednesday.  25 = 2+5= 7.   Visualise the 7 Rayed Star,

symbolizing the seven heavens, seven musical notes and seven colours in the light spectrum [the prism]. 


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