Aries – COLOURS to Wear 26.03.09

Colours we are calling in are Red, Saffron, Green, Yellow, White, Blue – PERHAPS YOU WILL WEAR ONE OF THESE COLOURS ON THE DAY OF THE NEW MOON or the FULL MOON – tune into the one for you to wear e.g. underwear, hanky, clothes, shoes, socks, etc

Blue – bravery, determination, ability to deal with difficult situations, stable mind, depth of character Blue Krishna / Blue Lord Rama – In Hinduism a blue skinned person has great depth and power to fight evil.

White – 7 different colours make up white so it has all the qualities of all the 7 colours. Purity, cleanliness, peace, knowledge. Goddess of Knowledge SARASWATI wears white.

Yellow knowledge, knowing, leaning, intuition, realisation, happiness, peace, meditation, competence, mental development. This is spring. This is the active mind. LORD VISHNU, LORD KRISHNA and GANESHA wear yellow.

Green – peace, happiness, peaceful mind, stable mind, cool to the eyes and represents growth and nature.

Saffron – represents FIRE which purifies – impurities are burnt in fire. Purity. It is the quest for light. It is the battle colour of the RAJPUTS, the warrior caste!

Red – marriage, child birth, red powder, red flowers, the colour of SHAKTI, the prowess. Charitable, brave, protective, can destroy evil. A woman is wrapped in red when she dies for the cremation! Don’t you just love red

The energy of this NewMoon is very potent as we begin our journey in the astrological cycle. Come one Come all!  Let us gather and bring something to share – Let us create legends in our lives…….  Ho and so it is.

I Remain Always

Splendidly Passionately Dynamically Actively


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