©      What do you believe about your life?  Many beliefs make up your life.  How do you perceive your life?  What can you do and What can you not do? 

©      Do you  need to go back to school?  To study?  Or do you need to do an exercise class or a dance class?  What is right for you to make your life right for you?  What is right for you – not others……..?? 

©      DO NOT get caught up in patterns as you constantly find new ways of thinking and acting to keep you up to date with the changing world.  Remember Columbus discovered the world was round when everyone believed it was flat.  Revise your beliefs.  We know that he was not the first person to believe this. 

©       NewMoon triumphs in Cancer over any form of dis-order and dis-ease in your life.  The water element of Cancer lets you flow with it dis-order and dis-ease in a positive creative positive way rather than resist it.  It forces you to go deeper within your self and within the family on every level. 


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