Blue Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo 31 July

Have two fantastic days of really good power

Happy Blue Full Moon 31 July

Happy Lammas  Lughnasadh 1 August

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The Energy of Now:  Holding the Blue Full Moon

clip_image001[477] Friday 31 July 2015clip_image001[478] Full Moon in Aquarius – Sun in Leoclip_image001[479] BLUE MOON – 11:45 BST London

clip_image001[480] Element – Air/Fire clip_image001[481] Book HERE

Matrix of LoveRare Blue Moon  A Blue Moon is a rare occurrence.  It occurs when two Full Moons appear in one month (July 1 and July 31).  It is the only Blue Moon this year 2015.  What rare thing are you going to experience with this Blue Full Moon?

NASA BLUE MOON  Did you know that Red Moons are more common than Blue Moons? Blue moons happen when volcano’s erupt and fires break out.

I have used 3 quotes from a  Mystical Poet, Hafez; who like Rumi, wrote about his mystic altered states of consciousness.  I feel these quotes are very relevant with the Energy of Now.

The Mystic Poet, Hafez, wrote:

An Awake Heart is like a Sky that Pours Light.

Light This Full Moon pours light on Earth and brings a lot of information in the message of dreams, signs, symbols and omens.  It brings lots of different downloads – can you handle them?  Take in only what you can manage or you may go mad with this Full Moon.  Be cautious with what you choose to do with your life around this time.  Be mindful what you say, do, think and act.  The luminous light of this Full Moon will reveal it and any darkness in your pathway.  The Light asks you: “What are you seeking this Full Moon?” and “What do you see this Full Blue Moon?”

turn your back onCruelty  and Cameras  We see so many beatings and deaths and bullying on social media.  Cameras are recording what happens so we can shed light on the dark side of nature.  Are we human?  What are we when we watch these horrors?  Are we accepting, allowing and/or tolerating it by watching it?  Are we part of all this cruelty? Where is this cruelty coming from?  Remember we can rationalise all we want with the energy of Aquarius, the Air sign; and speak about things objectively; because it is not happening to us.  You are not the one being attacked or beaten or killed.  Put yourself in that person’s shoes and see how you would think and feel.  Let us say a prayer for humanity to call forth more kindness and love.  There is so much upheaval, and unsettling energy around.  So many oppositions around. All Full Moons bring opposition.  Will you turn your back or will you face the truth?  When we turn our back to speaking the truth out we put ourselves in a prison. We may even go into denial and pretend and forget and move on with our lives.

face truthHidden Truths   What is hidden that will be revealed by the powerful light and radiance of the Moon.  Any thing hidden will be revealed by the Light of this Full Moon. The rational mind will want to take over and reason everything with the energy of this Aquarius Full Moon.   What is a hidden truth?  How do we tackle the horrors on Earth?  When I see what is happening on Earth I know that Heaven and Hell are on Earth.  We really need to have a bigger vortex matrix to tackle the problems here on Earth.  We need the expansion energy of Aquarius to help us collectively come to a conscious way to stop all this atrocity. I do not know how that will happen but I will play my part with prayer and holding the light and stepping forth in the battle revealing the hidden truths.  We need to collectively band together to make this happen.

Lies  If truths are hidden it means we are living with lies. Do you know that our world values lies over truth? We see this in all our systems. Lies have authority over truth.  Lies bind us in a continual trail of more lies.  People find it difficult to answer a question truthfully.  They have to ‘spin’ the truth or the lie.  They have to add something to make them sound and look better.  What lie are you telling yourself with this Full Moon that will be revealed.  Lies are poison for you.

truth maskWhen you wear your Mask of Truth what is it saying about you?  What are you hiding?  Are you afraid to speak your truth and hold back your voice.  Are your lips tied up in barb wire?  Is one eye open and the other closed so you are never at ease because in reality you are being bullied and not listened to.  This Full Moon is really a time to bring out your warrior energy and explode with the energy of Leo and allow your light to shine through.  Allow yourself your liberation.

Did you know that if you lie it affects your Chakra system and physical body.  You may have a headache, a soar throat, an upset stomach or a twitch on your face?   Speaking the truth liberates us.

Mystic Poet, Hafez, writing about the Full Moon:

Why not become the One

Who Lives with a Full Moon in Each Eye

That is Always Saying

with that Sweet Moon Language

What Every Other Eye in this World

Is Dying to Hear.

krishna Radha - the secret rendezvous

What is the Full Moon saying to you? What would you like it to say to you?  What ‘Sweet Moon Language’ are you listening to?  What are you ‘Dying to Hear’?  Imagine a ‘Full Moon in Each Eye’.  What is each of your eyes ‘dying to hear’ – ‘What Every Other Eye in this World is Dying to Hear’.  What questions do you want answered? What would you like to hear?

Love  The astrologers tell us that Venus moves into Leo on the Full Moon.  We have the Full Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo.  Leo asks us, this Full Moon, to shine our light boldly through the energy of Love.  Use this Full Moon to proclaim your love, your feelings, and your enthusiasm about your life and the world.  We all want love. We all want to be loved.  We all want to be told we are loved.  We all want to be included.  We all want to be part of something special.  We all want to feel loved, special, appreciated, approved of, respected and heard.  Do something amazingly loving that touches 13 people’s lives in the next month.

Mystic Poet, Hafez, writing about God:

Every Child has Known God

Not the God of Names

Not the God of Don’t

Not the God who ever does Anything Weird

But the God who Knows Only 4 Words

And Keeps Repeating them, Saying:

Come Dance with Me, Come Dance.

Turkish Toks

Dance  God wants us to dance with him and dance with life.  This Full Moon is about LOVE.  It is a romantic Full Moon for lovers and single people feeding the Soul and nourishing the Spirit. What will you find this Full Moon that will lift your Spirit and drive your Soul to new heights?  How will you relate to God in you and God around you? What is God to you?  Who is God to you?  How is God to you?  Why is God to you?  Where is God to you?  Which is God to you?  For me God is the Divine in everything.  For me God sits with the Inner Me, guiding me to do good things for humanity; and refine my behaviour, skills, abilities and attitudes.  What is God to you?  How will you be dancing with God? I will be dancing with scarves.

Mother Earth FertilisesMaking the Wrong Choices  Sometimes we make the wrong choices.  Sometimes we argue when we do not want to.  Sometimes we hurt each other? Sometimes the pain lingers for days or weeks or months or years or a lifetime!  We say the wrong thing.  We react.  We press someone’s button.  We misunderstand words spoken and written.  We have conflict and chaos.  We pretend to be happy when we are not.  We pretend we are OK when we are not.  We step away from the pain to heal ourselves.

Sometimes making the wrong choice may be the right choice!  Sometimes we do need to part from someone.  Sometimes we do need a break from someone.  Sometimes we need space to grow and to be.  The friendship may not be like it used to be – it could be better or not as good as it was or it could be worse.

Whatever life throws at you accept it graciously and if you want a better resolution ask for God’s Grace and help. Sometimes the choices we make get us killed and sometimes they land us in prison.  Sometimes they bring us to a place of reflection to improve our ways and refine our lives. Sometimes we need to do wrong to know what right is.  Sometimes we need to disagree before we can agree to agree; or agree to disagree!  Sometimes…… What are your ‘sometimes’ experiences?

Vision Quest

Egyptian HeritageA few days ago I had a strong feeling to connect with my shamanic side and go back to my African roots, my Egyptian roots, my Native American roots and my Mayan roots. I felt suddenly at home. I called forth some of the places I have visited around the world that took me on Vision Quests and I got Mexico, Turkey, Egypt, Bali, Nigeria, and Atlanta.

A Vision Quest is a journey you take with your Mind, with your Body, and with your Spirit to meet your Soul.  A Vision Quest is a quest for a vision for one’s life.  It is a quest – a journey – to heal the self and make whole.  It is the journey to the Inner Sacred You and the journey to Great Spirit and back home to the Inner Sacred You.  A Vision Quest is a journey to find your Inner You and to reconnect to Spirit. One fasts and prays in a sacred space on a mountain top for four days and nights.  One prays for a vision, for an opening to the spirit world, for a knowing, for a reconnection with the Creator and with Creation.  One cries out to Creation and bare ones soul, inner pain to the Great Spirit – to the Universe.

  1. One opens up one’s soul and truth to the Universe.  We discover our selves, our inner and outer selves.  We look and reflect on how we relate to the world at large.  You will develop an inner strength.  You open up the inner you, look at your life, joys, sorrows, addictions, skills, etc.  You go more and more into the Inner You.
  2. One leaves the everyday life behind you and enter a state of Sacred Space and Time, where you are one with eternity and silence.
  3. Then you return to yourself.  You have changed a lot.  You see more clearly your life patterns and you are ready to change.

Iwoman workingbelieve the world is on a Vision Quest and has lost its way in the journey to find itself. I do believe that through the chaos will come the vision. I am worried and concerned at the cruelty I am seeing on social media.  I do not know how it will change to something better.  I do know that the power of prayer and meditation and vision quests help.  This Blue Full Moon opens a portal for us to find our way back home to ourselves.  It anchors the need to know the Inner You. The Inner You needs nourishment and freedom and liberation from its inner and outer prison.

Through this FULL MOON GATHERING we will do a shamanic journey to heal our inner and out self. This Full Moon is a Vision Quest Blue Full Moon asking  us to look within and without – to look at ourselves inside and outside – what is happening around you – in the world? How is it affecting you?

It will make us think of certain questions. What are you bringing to an end? What are you ending?  What have you ended? What are you completing?  What have you completed? What are you celebrating? What are you not celebrating? What do you need to look at to move forward in your life?  Do you need to look at your money matters?  Your love life?  Your relationship?  Your education?

We have to make decisions with care and thought. It will make us listen.  It will make us journey deep.  It will empower us to be more than we thought possible.  We will call in your power ANIMAL TOTEM. We will call in the FOUR DIRECTIONS and the CENTRE.   We will call a MEDICINE WHEEL SACRED CRYSTAL MATRIX.  We will call in the four directions – North (turtle- grounding), South (lion – passion), East (owl – change), West (bear – healing power).  I like this link VISION QUEST

Below is one of my early experience with my friend, healer, shaman, medicine man, Inti Cesar Malasquez.

Meditation Evening with Inti Cesar Malasquez Monday 13 June 1994  8pm-11.20pm

Inti and Toks 2007I bought flowers – freesias – for Inti and Vie. I was taking them a gift. When I walked in I recognised the drummer at Roof Gardens. He told me his name is Thunder Cloud. I laughed and said “Then I am, mmm, let me see, I am Rain Forest.” He laughed and laughed and laughed. We both swapped telephone numbers. What a wonderful experience we had.

In my meditation I saw a BEAR trying to get into me through my 7 chakra. I was afraid, and was told to relax – it went into me and sat very well happy with itself!!!!!!!!!!!! Throughout the meditation I had my hands held upwards; like I was held by my hands; and guided to go through the land. I was on a plain green grass land with light rich blue sky and a gentle breeze. I was on top of a mountain.

When Inti said we were on the mountain, the Sahara, the rain forest  during the meditation I froze. I froze when he said “Rain Forest”. “That is me.” I said to myself. “That is me. Thunder Cloud how come you can you hear my name, can you see me?” What a wonderful experience for me.

I cried when Inti said “Respect one who respects you, love one who loves you.” This was my answer – this was the proof. This morning at 4.00am I had woken up with a voice saying to me : “You should stop loving men who do not care for you the same way.”  I knew it was the voice of my Spirit Guide and I knew the voice was correct. I did not understand who the voice was refereeing to. However I got up and started tidying my files.

bearWhen Inti said I should “Call for your Spirit to reveal itself.”  Mine came clad in white walking from the right and then turning to face me and walking to me. I offered flowers to my Spirit. My Spirit told me I was a flower grower – I planted flowers in a field. Beautiful, colourful, sweet smelling flowers were in my field. I saw flowers all around me with my Spirit Guide. I was so pleased. I cried. This definitely was proof to me. I am a flower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Call the animal spirit.” Inti said. This I did not like – “I work with crystals and light; what do I want an animal for?” I asked. A bear appeared and was getting into my head. I was afraid – I really did not like this nor did I understand. “Was this evil, a negative force?” I was told to be calm and to trust.

Inti said “See the white light.” This was just what I needed to hear. I knew I was OK. The Bear was very happy and got into me and sat happily in me. Like it had come home. It fitted perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looked around the land and smiled. I chanted.

BEARWhen the meditation was over I told Inti everything. He said the BEAR was powerful and good. He said the FLOWERS were very nice – a good meditation he said. He sat beside me and we talked all night with the others who came. What a wonderful evening for me.

I found him to be all man. Everything about him was Earth. Was man. He is Earth and I am Spirit. We balanced each other. I asked if I could hold his hands and when he said I could I held his hands. Big, firm hands. The woman beside me asked if I was taking his energy. “No, I am feeling him.” Inti said to her “I know what she is doing and what she wants.”  He smiled at me and just let me be.  Inti is a great shaman and medicine man.

As I held his hands I felt light go from my hand to his. White light. His hands were firm and strong. I saw on his right hand a serration /////// like this. Like mountains and hills on his right hand by his thumb or mound. I am not sure what it is called.

I could only contribute two pounds – however I prayed that this money I was contributing would be the difference. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. “To give what you can is all that matters. It is your heart and thought that counts.” Inti told me.  He said “You will have money for your life.” That was nice.

As I left I said “My Spirit greets your Spirit” and “My Heart greets your Heart.” and we hugged each other.  My BEAR hugged him!

It is Friday 31 July 2015 and I remember that day very well – Monday 13 June 1994  The dates are 31 and 13, 3+1=4 for balance.

August Celebrations

1st August is  LAMMAS Lughnasadh (Pagan Celtic)

            LAMMAS Lughnasadh lammasgreen manWoodenMan

Lammas, Lughnassadh, Lugnasad is the Celebration of the First Harvest. It is a pagan festival of Celtic origin.  August is a time of celebrating the first festival of the year. In the old days a loaf was baked with the new crop and taken to church to be blessed and used for magic.  We celebrate Earth Mother, Harvest Mother, Grain Mother and the Pregnant Mother. The Pregnant Mother has her unborn child in her, and her unborn child is carrying the seed to use to birth forth another.  So we have ovary or sperm containing all the eggs that will be released to birth forth the future generation.  The Pregnant Mother is Mother, Grand Mother and Great Grand Mother and beyond. She carries pure magic and mystery.  The Grain Mother is ripe and full, heavily pregnant she carries the seed of the Sun God, Lugh, the Green Man.  The Sun God, Lugh, is the living spirit of the corn that dies so she can give birth.  He dies so we can eat the harvest. We have both life and death with Lammas. We celebrate the offering of the Green Man to feed and nourish us.  We give thanks.  We give thanks.

31-8-15 Summer Bank Holiday6-8-15 Transfiguration of ChristAugust Celebrations are:

1st August is  LAMMAS Lughnasadh (Pagan Celtic)

3rd   Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)

6th   Transfiguration of Christ

15th  Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary


nigerian couple

One Quote said by Different Religions

Islam Sunnatt – No one will be a true believer unless he wishes for others what he wishes for himself.

Buddhism Udanavarga 5.18 – Do not offend others as you would not like to be offended.

Maya Popol Vuh – You are myself. We are all one.

Judaism Talmud Shabbat 31.A – What you do not wish for yourself, do not wish for others.

Taoism Tai-shang Kin-ying P’ien – Make as yours the profits of your fellowman as well as his loss.

Brahmanism Mahabharata 5.15 – Never do unto others what would hurt you if done unto you.

Confucianism Analects 15.23 – What we do not wish to be done to us, let us not do it to others.

Christianity St Matthew 7.12 – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Bahia Faith The Bayan – If you seek justice choose for others what you would choose for yourself.

amathys treef

Invocation Blessing for the

Full Blue Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo

clip_image001[477] Friday 31 July 2015clip_image001[478] Full Moon in Aquarius – Sun in Leoclip_image001[479] BLUE MOON – 11:45 BST London

clip_image001[480] Element – Air/Fire clip_image001[481]

© Toks Coker 2015


We Give Thanks

Calling in Our Ancestors

Welcoming their Guidance & Wisdom

Acknowledging their Potency & Power

Breathing in their Grace of Love and Wisdom

We Give Thanks

Ready to change the world

We Give Thanks

Welcoming the Spiritual Light

The Communities of People Gathering

Shifting Vortexes and Portals

Changing the World with Love

We Give Thanks

Ready to Change the World

We Give Thanks

Calling in the Four Directions:

West (look within & be with the truth),

South (noon sun warmth, trust, innocence)

East (rising sun, new beginnings, possibilities, visions),

North (calm night, wisdom, knowledge)

We Give Thanks

Lapis Lazuli and Toks

We Give Thanks

Calling in the Spirit of the Land

Mother Earth (look within, introspection, physical healing) West

Water (waters, plant kingdom, trees, flowers, walk thro fear) South

Fire (inspiration, humans, magical child, illumination) West

Air (4 winds,  wisdom, knowledge, animal power) North

We Give Thanks

We Greet You

We Greet You, Yes You

Calling in Our Abundances

With this Rare Blue Moon

Lifting Our Spirits

Dancing Our Magnificent Changes

We Greet You

blessing us

We Give Thanks

Calling In All the Hierarchy

All that is Above & All that is Below

All that Is, Creator, WakanTaka, Great Spirit,

God, Buddha,  Allah, Adonai

Lakshmi, Kali, Durga, Krishna, Vishnu, Brahma

We Give Thanks

Portals of Light

We Greet You

With Your Noble Warrior Energy

Acknowledging Your Positive and Negative Experiences

Working through Your Chaos on the Edge of Greatness

Accessing Extraordinary Opportunities for Blossoming

We Greet You

Mr CoolCosmic Rays of Light

We Greet You

With Mystical Ray of Calmness

Inner Peace Inner Calm Inner Balance

Teaching You More than You Know

Cosmic Mr Cool : Mrs Cool : Miss Cool

We Greet You

blooming red rose

We Give Thanks

For the Flower of Life Connecting Us

The Transfiguration   The Forgiveness

The Feeding by Mother Earth, The Warmth of Fire

The Life Giving Air; The  Nourishing Water

We Give Thanks

at peace

We Greet You

Journeying to the Future to Your Descendants

Teaching You

How to Use Sound and Light for Healing

We Give Thanks for We Are All Connected

We Greet You

Caroline Harper

I Greet You

With Inner Authenticity

Elevating Your Consciousness Immediately

Blessing You with Inner Truth & Understanding

Confidently Speaking Your Authentic Truth

I Greet You

Hands of Light

We Give Thanks

We Give Thanks

We Give Thanks

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker © Toks Coker 2015

for the Blue Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo 31 July 2015

African RootsAfrican Roots


  1. COLOUR HEALING Download Scott Onstott’s book on Crop Circles and colour it. Create a space where you colour the sacred shapes – it could be in the garden, the park, the cafe, etc.  Enjoy the healing you receive from colouring the healing shapes.  What effect did each picture have on you?  What was the message from the picture?
  2. I Greet YouPRAYER  How do you pray? You can pray by reading, dancing, singing, and relaxing.  You can pray as you sleep and as youwake.  You can pray in the shower or the toilet. You can read poetry, and my invocation blessing.  When you do breathe it in.  Pause.  Look out.  Breathe it in again. Pause.  Drink it in.  Pause. Reflect on it.  Breathe it in.  Feel it running through your body.  Pause.  Swallow it.  Taste it. Pause. Smell it.  Let is play with you and soothe you.   Touch it.  Allow it to touch your heart, your soul, your mind, your body.  Pause.  Let the words do the work.  Let the words heal you, cleans you, encourage you, support you, carry you and bring you back to a life of happy success.  Let prayer do its work. Everyday will be different when you work this way.  This is prayer.  This is how you pray.  This is how you communicate with the Divine. This is how you connect with the Divine. Read the Invocation Blessing again.  Read Hafez poems again.  And do the exercise I just described for how to pray. This is how you pray.
  3. Which quote do you like the best in this posting?  Why?
  4. Read the whole above posting for this Blue Full Moon again
    1. Make sure you answer at least 5 questions.  See if you can answer 13 questions.
    2. What parts touched your heart and made sense to you?
    3. What part resonated with you the most?
    4. Go celebrate your life. Make sure you list at least 13 things you are celebrating with this energy.

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