Blue Moon Full Moon for Balance

Greetings Legions Of Light.  This Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra (31/3/18) is also a Blue Moon as well as the First Day of Passover, Hanuman Jayanti, Holy Saturday and Magha Puja.  We will be calling in the Divine Gathering and activating Unity Consciousness as we invite in more Light into your world. So much power gathering just for you.

Remember, You cannot give what you do not have. So be honest with yourself. Be truthful to yourself first and then communicate with others. You cannot give what you do not have. It is wisdom to know this. Look after yourself first and fill up your cup with over flowing abundance of compassion, wisdom, love, joy, happiness, wealth, abundance, quality experiences and quality moments. Then you can give what you do have with joy, appreciation, respect and sacredness instead of with resentment and/or anger.

One of the greatest way I believe you can have, is to have a meeting with yourself. Build yourself up to have more to give. You do this easily when you gather for a session with me or when you gather for an Alchemy Moon Workshop.  Building your Light Quotient is a powerful way to bloom your life and that of others.

I am so looking forward to this powerful portal on Saturday at 7pm.  Will you be there?

For Details click here:  Alchemy Moon Gathering


Happy Celebrations to everyone. Happy Easter to you all. My celebration starts tomorrow with the Blue Full Moon and will go on for 3 days and 3 nights. How auspicious. How long will yours go on for?


What will you be doing to balance the Male and Female in you this Full Moon?

Having the right relationship with yourself is important. Having the right relationship with others is important. How are you having the right relationship with yourself?  How are you having the right relationship with others?

Nectar of the GodsWhat are the rippling effects of your behaviour with others?  If you hug a person you spread a feeling of love. The person who has been hugged smiles and feels loved and feels like wanting to spread love to others.  The ripple effect of bringing a smile on a persons face softens the heart and lightens the emotions of both people – the person hugged and the person who gave the hug.  The exchange of energy is rewarding to both people.

People smile automatically at a child or children because they love the innocence. They seem unspoiled by life.  There is trust and easy smiles from your happy children and babies.  Imagine a world were everyone smiles at you. Very nice.

If you find that you are always calling others to complain, to criticise or to moan you will create a ripple effect of negative energy.  Today we have many with mental problems e.g. dementia.  One minute nice and the next nasty and aggressive. The ripple effect creates sadness and unhappiness to those experiencing the negative banter from the person who is ill or not well. Many families suffer in silence when they have this in their family to deal with.

What is the energy you are stealing? Are you stealing other people’s energy or leaking your energy?  What is the ripple effect of stealing energy?  Balancing your male and female is a complicated matter.

What is the energy you are leaking? Do you leak supportive energy or non-supportive energy.  What is the ripple effect of leaking energy?

If you are calling to accuse someone of something you think they have done- with no evidence – but just your feeling of suspicion, you will create a relationship full of friction, criticism, arguments and blame.  The ripple effect of this type of relationship is very damaging and suffocating, creating a lack of trust.

The choice to have a good positive relationship with your inside male and inside female is yours. The choice to have a good relationship with another person’s inside male and inside female is your choice, as well. How you interact with each other is a choice of freewill.

I share two videos below, on the Blue Full Moon, each saying something different. In one video I do a tarot reading.  Please enjoy the exercises and practice them too.

W A T E R | Drink lots of water before, during and after the healing meditation and workshop.

T E S T I M O N I A L | Please share your benefits of receiving healing from us and attending the Moon Alchemy Gatherings.

S H A R E | Please share these videos if you can. Thank you.


BEING THE BEST OF YOU. So important to make internal and external changes to be happier in your interactions and your relationships. A meeting with Yourself to bring out the best of you. Sit in the stillness and silence of your mind. Balance your life at this meeting with yourself with the Blue Full Moon in Libra on Saturday 31 March

To play this video, click this link: Play Blue Moon


We will be sending Healing for YOU this Full Moon – a Blue Moon. We share Exercises – How can I serve myself better?  A good description of the Full Moon Energy is given and explained. LIVE Reading for this energy as some members asked for a reading during the live broadcast. We talk about Healing relationships and patterns. Everything starts with YOU. Be the Best of You.

H E A L I N G | Sending healing to you for 3 nights in a row from 31 March to 2 April. When you are ready to receive the healing – making sure you are not busy – sit or lie down – call down the healing from the Hands of Light Healing Portal. Healing will be sent to you – for as long as you want it to be – 10 minutes, 15 minutes or one hour. Or while you sleep. Be aware of why healing is being sent to you and really anchor the Distant Healing in yourself.

To play this video below, click this link: Play Blue Moon Tarot


Look at the lovely picture of the rose BELOW, and Breathe deeply into your tummy consciously, and connect Mind Heart Body. This will help create a space of love and peace within.

Then breathe in each word into your tummy consciously and connect Mind Heart Body deeply. This will enable you to clear out any blockages and give you a sense of lightness of being. Feel your body get lighter and your mind get clearer.

Do this for 5 minutes every day for the next 7 days.  Let me know how you feel and the difference it has made in your life.

If you want, you can continue up to 30 days, to help develop a pattern of clear consciousness and deep inner power within you. Let me know the difference it has made in your life, by emailing me OR leaving a comment on my blog below.



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