Initial Consultation

Before engaging in any sessions and healing, I would like to have a short telephone conversation with you in order for me to understand what it is you need and we can discuss the best path for us to take together.

However, of course, if you do have a specific request then please see the individual services below.

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£150001 Hour
  • Request a Reading Here
  • Come with your questions, confusion, fears, pain and doubts. Write down all your questions so we make good use of the time. Bring pictures, contracts, names, if you want. Answers will be given and more. This is not fortune telling. This is empowering you, seeing where you are and giving Divine Wisdom and Guidance. The choice, as always, is yours, if you choose to follow the information received. We can have the session via Skype or in person.

Alchemical Life Coaching

£25000Per Hour
  • Request Alchemical Life Coaching
  • Turning ‘poison’ to ‘medicine’ is the way of the Alchemist. Learning to work with your own Alchemy can be a challenge, as you learn to refine your limiting beliefs, resentments, doubts, fears. Sessions are geared and tailed individually for each person to create a refinement in behaviour, attitude, personality and character. A personal journey, a labyrinth that you navigate, as you redefine your new way forward, to your great results. Face the unknown with ease and confidence in any area of your life.

House Clearing

£500002 Hours
  • Request House Clearing
  • Are you wanting to clear out your home of negative energy? Or simply wanting to sleep better? Sell or buy? Looking for a relationship? Wanting more energy, vitality, and joy? Space clearing involves setting up sacred ritual on the floor plan and clearing out the actual physical space. Using various tools, (life coaching, alchemy reading, spirit release), with clutter clearing instruments, ‘obstructing’ are removed; so your desires manifest in your space energetically, physically, emotionally and mental.

Relationship Healing for You

£350002 Hours
  • Request Relationship Healing
  • Having problems in your relationship with members in your family, your friends, your partner, and/or in your business? Finding you are always repeating the same old patterns in your relationships? Needing to break these negative bonds and attachments? Looking to heal the rifts and misunderstanding? Lost for words, not knowing what to say or do? Doing the wrong things? Actions not matching your desires? Driving people away from you? Time to heal and save yourself and your relationships; or to let go.

Relationship Healing for Couples

£550002 Hours
  • Request Relationship Healing
  • Should I stay, or should I go? Is this worth saving? Are we happy together? What is missing? Can we be happy again? Relationship Healing for Couples amplifies both the positives and negatives in the relationship, helping to identify issues what need healing. Working together consciously, brings a new dawn, and a new beginning of freshness and happiness. Let the journey begin to helping you both make decisions that empower your relationship.

Distant Healing - Shamanic

£100001 Hour
  • Request Distant Healing
  • For those who are ill or cannot travel, Distant Healing is offered through the ether. I will contact you to agree a time and date for the Distant Healing, which will be for one hour. Once date and time agreed, please sit or lie down quietly, to receive the healing. I will journey to Source and send Divine Healing directly to you. Rest after the session. I will then contact you again, at an agreed time and day, to give you feedback on any insights or messages received for you.

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