What is joy to you?  Is it calling on beauty, money, romance, art, creativity, love, loyalty, wealth and friendship with all.  What do you enjoy doing?  Shopping?  Sitting on a couch?  Watching movies at home?  Being alone?  Being with others?  Reading a book on your favourite chair?  Turn off the phone and pay attention to your personal life and your emotional life.  The Newmoon in Cancer calls on our spiritual growth, on our joy and on our happiness.  What do you enjoy doing?


Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn

TIME BETWEEN ECLIPSES We are in the TIME BETWEEN ECLIPSE. This is the time between 2 July Total Solar Eclipse and 16 July Partial Lunar Eclipse? The Time Between Eclipses, which ends on 16 July,

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Aries Warrior Energy

Hello Radiant Ones I hope this finds you well. Thank you for reading my blog posts, sharing and commenting. It fills my heart with joy.  Some of you have been

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Super Full Moon 2019

  You Touch Me without Touching Me. You Keep Me without Chains. Happy Super Super Full Moon. I Love You. Happy Super Super Full Moon in Virgo.  I have really

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First Full Moon in 2019

We entered the Total Lunar Eclipse in London on 21 January.  It was wonderful watching it and tuning into the energy live.  I found it very healing, supportive and quietly

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