Conflict Resolution

😀  Today, 24 October, a Full Moon day, his Holiness the Dalai Lama had a dialogue with the Unites States Institute of Peace (USIP) Youth Leaders, from various countries, in his residence in India. They talked about Personal Resilience and Inner Peace, Social Cohesion and Building Bridges Across Divides.

He listened to the Youth Leaders sharing their experiences and asking questions about their experiences of war, disillusion, death, disappointment in human behaviour, conflict, suffering, pain, education, and much more.

Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. Dalai Lama

EMPATHY: He talked about his sad feelings and his inability to do anything since, he himself has lost his country. He empathised with the youth, as he had a very similar experience to many of them. They all listened with respect and reverence to him. He was so real in his emotions and words. He joked and laughed, to soften the pain in everyone, and in himself.






I was struck by the fact that this day he is having this conversation is a FULL MOON, with a fixed GRAND CROSS and the and the ORIONIDS SHOWER. It is also the United Nations Day. The Grand Cross is about conflict resolution or not! And here we had a discussion happening about conflict around the world. So apt on many levels. Energy really is powerful.

The FIXED GRAND CROSS is the cross of DISCIPLINE, anchoring the words: steady, focused, steady, consistent, patient and determined.  The FIXED SIGNS in the Grand Cross are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

The Fixed Grand Cross is like the mountains, always standing strong looking. It is immovable, yet it moves. It is about SQUARING each other, looking into our faces (like boxers do) and fighting, having discord, creating disharmony. It is not listening to others. It is thinking only of yourself. It is looking at how you can hurt, poison and create suffering to another. It is enjoying the suffering a person is going through and intentionally afflicting suffering on a person.

This GRAND CROSS brings challenges with it. You may feel pulled in different directions and yet you may feel stuck at the same time.  You feel you are at an impasse – you are at a cross road – and you are not sure which way to go or what to do.  With the FULL MOON we have double whammy opposition. Yet you seek BALANCE in the CONFLICT RESOLUTION in all the stubbornness, resistance, selfishness, lack of kindness, etc.

The Fixed Grand Cross looks at how we can sustain things during conflict.

It works on an INDIVIDUAL SOUL LEVEL. What can the individual do for humanity? It is, each person looking at what they can do to help in the CONFLICT RESOLUTION. How can we bring in love, joy and peace?  How can we live love, joy and peace?  How can we experience love, joy and peace? How do we maintain love, joy and peace?

INNER PEACE: The Dalai Lama joked that God is sleeping and resting, so there is no peace. He says it is time to develop our very own inner peace. God wants us to develop our own inner peace. It is not easy, he said, but despite the problems, you try to find hope and develop your inner peace. He said changing society is not easy. Inner peace you cannot buy. It is an inside job.

MIND: We need to develop our mind and our emotions he said. This is a wonderful potential we have and can do. We need to look at things from a different angle and perspective. Being a refugee creates new opportunities. Unfortunate situations bring a blessing in disguise, he said.

MEETINGS: One meeting will not solve everything. Every time you fail, you continue to make effort. Keep forming meetings and going to meetings. Never give up. One day the meetings will yield result. He urged the Youth Leaders not to give up.

ONENESS: The Dalai Lama said we are all the same and equal. He stressed the importance of ONENESS OF HUMAN BEING.  He said scientist have not found a difference between the brain of people because of their colour or religion.  He said the caste system is wrong. We are all equal.

POSITIVES: He made some very valid points laced with humour and laughter. He mentioned words like freedom, forgiveness and compassion. He talked about emotional intelligence and change. He believes in India’s form of Non-Violence, like Gandhi practised. He said violent nature is not the way forward.  He is a Tibetan Buddhist and relies on himself. He talks about self-reliance. We need harmony. He talked a lot about the importance of education and said in 30 years we will have a more holistic education.

This indeed was a very Full Moon discussion with a Fixed Grand Cross, I thought. There is extreme tension in the world and between people. There is indecisiveness. There is inability to produce concrete results even with extraordinary effort. Yet you do not give up.  But you have to know what you have to let go of to proceed. You have to know the results you want. Yet in the confusion and chaos around you feel like you are in stewing pot and you are being steered and steered around the pot, with a spoon or by magic on its own!!!  Yet you feel stuck! So much confusion around.

QUESTIONS: There were many questions. The main question was how do you forgive? How do you move on despite feeling despair?  How do you continue when you have lost hope? How do you continue when the people you know are letting you down? How do you behave when you are not accepted by the people? How do you forgive the pain and suffering? He talked about compassion and forgiveness, which he said is not easy to practice.

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This Full Moon we have questions:

  • What are you letting go of?
  • What are you quitting?
  • What am I shining the light of the full moon on today?
  • What are you celebrating?
  • What do you need to celebrate?
  • What are you blooming?
  • What do you want to realise?
  • What are you blossoming?
  • What type of Energy do you want to manifest today?

You can look at my video on Facebook by clicking:  Full Moon video on Facebook 

Affirmation today:

  1. I am enough.
  2. I love me.

This is a time to reset your SOUL COMPASS to navigate to the North Star, the Divine Engine.  Be ready for your Cosmic Consciousness, your Cosmic Alignment, your Cosmic Downloads, your Cosmic Brain Power, your Cosmic Decisions, your Cosmic Doorway, your Cosmic Pathway, your Cosmic Knowing, your Cosmic Blossoming, your Cosmic Blooming and your Cosmic Manifestation with this Full Moon.

Full Moon is today. The time of the Full Moon will be 5.47am today in London.  I will be holding a meditation from 7:30pm.

Wednesday 24 October
Full Moon in Taurus – Sun in Scorpio
Hunter’s / Harvest Moon
Elements – Earth/Water
Ticket – Full Moon

Join us at the FULL MOON MEDITATION to do this.


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