Yes to Life


Welcome to the Yes to Life Courses


Sacred Vows and Symbols

In the workshop, we will be working with various symbols. Some will come to you during the workshop. These could be your magic symbols or your personal symbols. They could be symbols of protection, symbols of messages, symbols for healing. Find out in the creative intuitive workshop for sacred healing and insights.

Vision BOARD

Quantum Visioning

Your Blueprint

Your blueprint is a spiritual vibration.

Your blueprint is a diving order.

Your vision must be bigger than you. If it is not, you will stay in your comfort zone.



An Alchemical Resurrection is a Decision you make for yourself, for you to Rise Above where you are right now, to come in and Rise to the True Essence of who you are. You are creating fertile ground when you let your false identities die.

Are you ready?


Journey Through the Chakras

As you Journey through each of the Seven Chakras, there will be a lot of learning and a lot of insights. Your learning will excite you to deeper spiritual growth and spiritual development. You will learn a new way to activate each of your Chakras, and to transform the poison in your life into medicine.  You will be learning and experiencing how to have an alchemical change in your life as you transform sadness to happiness. You are learning how to manifest a happier and balanced life. 


8 Weeks of Forgiveness

Ground breaking methods to activate deep forgiveness and free yourself from karmic unforgiveness. The negative karma may be promoting family patterns of alcoholism, poverty, snobbery, bad health, depression, etc.

You do not have to have belief, for Forgiveness to work. You do need to have sincerity.

Spiritual Practice

8 Days of Spiritual Practice

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to conquer and vanquish your blockages.

This intensive 8 Days Spiritual Practice will have you connecting with your Soul and the Divine.

You are a Soul on a Spiritual journey. Let us keep the flames of expansion growing. Let us get great results.

Are you ready for another aspect of your Soul calling you?


Miraculous Meditations

These meditations calm, give clarity and increase self-confidence. They gather like-minded people together, welcoming, uplifting and nurturing their mind, body and spirit, bringing out a calm smile of inner peace.

Single meditations for Full Moon, New Moon, or Numerolgy

All meditations included in annual membership.

About Toks

Hi, I’m Toks and my strength is dealing with the emotions of a person and transforming that fundamental darkness into medicine. I’m very loving. I’m very strict. Don’t come if you don’t want the truth and don’t come if you don’t want strict guidance. Saying YES to Life is not always an easy thing to do, as we meet our personal (and collective) challenges and difficulties, in any area of our lives: personal, business, relationship, family, etc. My powerful life experiences and training enable me to help people in all sorts of ways. I am truly blessed to be able to do this. As you look through my website, I hope you feel the compassion, healing, commitment I have, to wanting you to be happy and safe.

Ready to say Yes to Life?