Say YES to life and your best self

MAY – JULY 2022

This is for anyone who knows that deep down they are worthy of true deep self-love, and respect. They want to have the paradigm shift that empowers them in their very own self-love.

They know there is something more they have to offer, and they know they can only do this by loving themselves first. They are ready to really love and accept themselves for who they really are. They know it is not an easy process, but they will achieve it. They are ready to start now.

The Journey to Self-Love

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The expression Self-love is Divine Love is Saying Yes to Your Life is a powerful expression. It is knowing all your faults, failings, and failures and still loving yourself. It is forgiving yourself. It is allowing yourself the grace of self-love. There will be lots of practical exercises, insights, and aha moments to shift your energy into a loving vibration for yourself. It is time to reveal the real you and to love who you truly are.

Recordings of past sessions will be saved here.