Say YES to life and your soul-aligned sacred sparkle


This is for anyone who wants to learn about healing without getting the qualification. It is a slow process and allows you time to practice what you have learned. It empowers your healing ability and strengthens you to step forwards. You begin to develop your healing capabilities with simple practical exercises.

This is for the person that does not want to do the other things to get certified. This is a basic healing process that develops your spiritual development.

The Spiritual Path

A discussion will be had to understand where you are right now in your spiritual journey and where you want to go. From that discussion, Toks will be able to assess what level you are at and then move forward. She will go back to basics to make sure the basics of healing are secure and grounded. It is important that the ego rests and understands the difference between intuition, ordinary power, and spiritual power. It will be an exciting program. Let us begin.

Recordings of past sessions will be saved here.