Gold Tigers Eye

*    TIGERS EYE – Helps with issues of self esteem.  Builds self confidence.  Releases inflexibility and/or inability to commit to life.  What area of your life feels ‘dead’ and ‘floaty’?

Rose Quartz

*     ROSE QUARTZ – Heals love and heart pain.  Brings in love.  Opens the heart.  Nurturing the self and others as well.  What area in your heart do you need to heal and make whole?

*     FOSSILISED WOOD – Connecting to mother earth and invite in stability and balance.  Helps stabilise work.  Brings in stability in all areas of your life.  What one thing do you need to stabilise in your life in the next week or two?

Red Jasper

*     RED JASPER – Connects you back to your own source and constantly empowering yourself. 

Crystal Shapes to work with NewMoon in Taurus

 A Dragon or A Buddha. 

*   The Dragon wards off and creates a no nonsense approach to practical matters in your life. 

*    The Buddha brings in the tranquillity of mind needed in these chaotic times

*    The Merkaba to create a vortex of moving energy around you to stop stagnation of energy

*    The Palm Crystal to increase calmness, insight and reflection with inner knowing


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