Dealing with Turbulent Emotions



How do we deal with turbulent emotions?  We acknowledge them first. We recognise we have them. We take responsibility for the emotions. We can blame and point fingers, trying to remove responsibility for the part, we play, in the dynamics of the relationship. We deny. We pretend. We lie to ourselves. It is so much easier to blame, bully, shout and abuse someone, to justify your behaviour, and your refusal to really look at the whole picture, not just the little narrow view you have. It is easier to be aggressive and lord over another person with your body and stand.

How do you feel after all the turbulent emotions you have displayed? Happy? Sad? Big? Superior? Justified? Entitled?  Not knowing how to deal with pain can cause a lot of turbulent emotions to erupt.  You just need to shout it out and dump your rage and anger on someone else. It makes you feel the powerful one, the one who bullies the victim, the one who is listened to, the one who is always right.  The need to push another person down, to undermine and to make a victim is a joy to the person going through turbulent emotions.

Did you know that you can identify the turbulent emotion in your mind and your body? Simply sit in a quiet spot and connect with the emotions you are feeling. Allow them to come to the surface and embrace them. Take responsibility for the emotion – really dance with it for a while.  Ask it – What do I need to know right now about this emotion?  Really wait for an answer. It may happen easily or it may not.  Just sit with it patiently – I know this is difficult when you are feeling a turbulent emotion.

Once you feel the emotion in your body and you can touch your body to show where it is, you are on the way to release the turbulent emotions. These emotions can cause sudden changes, instability, disagreement, fights, violence, misunderstanding, as well as, aggression.  They can cause constant changing emotions, chaos and confusion. They are unreliable and low vibration. They do not empower as they dis-empower, eventually the person with the turbulent emotion. Emotional distress causes even more spiraling of emotional turbulence, especially when exhaustion and tiredness kick in, and the person feels trapped and unable to get themselves out of the emotions, which may keep changing and looping from one feeling to another.

Deciding to take responsibility for this, is a very important decision. Deciding to take control of turbulent emotions is one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself. There are many ways to do this. Seeing a practitioner, healer, coach, could be very beneficial, if you like talking therapy with more edge. Results are individual. How much you will want to change is up to you.  No one can force the process on you as it is very much an individual choice that if followed through will have a very lasting effect on everyone.

Regular medicine meditations, exercise, yoga, breathing, resting, learning something new and taking time out for yourself will help when dealing with reducing turbulent emotions.  Come join me in my Medicine Moon Meditations. I found this link useful Emotional Turbulence 

New Moon in Cancer with the wonderful Total Solar Eclipse is a wonderful way to anchor and bring forth all your turbulent emotions into one space and receiving healing and a feeling of peace and hope. It is a wonderful time to know that YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. Are you ready to start a new sentence to empower you? I am Beautiful 


Join me at our Medicine Moon Meditation

  • Tuesday 2 July at 7pm
  •  8:17pm is the London Time of  New Moon
  • New Moon in Cancer
  • Visible from the Pacific, South North America, South West South America
  • Element: Water
  • Qualities: Cardinal: Initiating, Active, Directing
  • Planet: Moon
  • Time of Meditation with Toks: 7pm

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