©      There are different life styles, ways of thinking.  Expand your point of view by listening to others.  Make sure you listen even if you do not agree with the point of view.  This way there is dialogue. 

©      Seek first to understand and then be understood says Stephen Covey.  This is empathy. 

©      How do you dialogue?  Do you walk away when upset?  Do you talk things through listening to the other?  Do you give room for the other person to express their truth or feelings?  Be aware of the others persons necessity.  It may not be the same as yours. 

©   Be aware of consequences – your good action may trigger an adverse reaction in someone else.  NewMoon in Cancer is about anticipating what your actions, words, thoughts may have on the other person.  Words take on a powerful meaning with this NewMoon in Cancer.

©    Do you have problems with being told what to do, with authority figures?  How do you resolve those issues?  Are you “hiding” behind spirituality to turn the other cheek?  Remember the lessons to learn.


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