Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn


We are in the TIME BETWEEN ECLIPSE. This is the time between 2 July Total Solar Eclipse and 16 July Partial Lunar Eclipse? The Time Between Eclipses, which ends on 16 July, takes us to the Full Moon in Capricorn Medicine Meditation Workshop.  This starts a different energy, or if you have not processed your energy, it may continue with the energy from the Time Between Eclipses. 

How have you been in the Time Between Eclipses? Emotional? Vulnerable? What have you been doing to nurture your physical body? Why are you refusing to change an aspect of yourself? When are you going to transform that bad habit that no longer serves you? How have you flowed or not…..?




To help with this process, below, I share my 3 INSPIRING VIDEOS I did on Facebook; and then copied to YouTube. I share on each video a very distinctive message, information, exercise and practical work. Each will anchor a different vibration that will help you, with the process you have been going through, and are going through. Let me know how you get on.  Enjoy:

  1. Time Between Eclipses – positives and negatives
  2. Rainbow Healing and Sun Flower Healing on the Chakra
  3. Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for Abundance, Prosperity, More. 









We open to more with our gatherings. More love. More compassion. More clarity. More wholeness. More learning. More understanding. More expansion.

We planted seeds at the last New Moon Eclipse. What will you bloom this Full Moon Eclipse?  I am so excited about this.

Come gather with me in my flat, yes in my flat, and on Zoom, for this wonderful ECLIPSE FULL MOON Medicine Meditation. It is going to be a wonderful event.

Let me know if you are coming physically to my flat. I look forward to seeing you on zoom too, for those who cannot make it.  Some of you pay to watch later and that is good. I will greet your energy when you open the zoom link or when you tune in from wherever you are, once you have paid.

  • Tuesday 16 July  
  • Full Moon in Capricorn – Sun in Cancer
  • Buck Moon
  • Visible from UK, Europe, South USA, Australia
  • Elements: Earth/Water
  • Qualities: Cardinal: Initiating, Active, Directing
  • Planets: Earth/Moon
  • Time of Meditation with Toks: 7pm
  • Time of Actual Full Moon in London: 10:39pm
  • To Book, Click Her



Today I share with you, Gen, a powerful yoga teacher, psychologist, fashion model and actress. She is also my spirit daughter, who has trained extensively with Hands of Light, through attending the Moon Medicine Meditations, sessions and courses.

She is constantly updating and refining her skills. I recommend her highly. Do book a PRIVATE YOGA session with Gen. Call her directly on her mobile number on her picture. You will enjoy it.

Your body, mind, spirit will be uplifted and it will shift your consciousness in a wonderful way. Enjoy. Call her on 07867986831. Tell her I sent you.

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