Your Inner World and the New Moon in Pisces

Symbol of Pisces

Newmoon date: 25.2.2009


Lao Tzu said: If YOU look to others for fulfilment YOU will never be fulfilled.  If YOUR happiness depends on money YOU will never by happy with YOURSELF.  Be content with what you have and rejoice in the way things are.  When YOU realise that there is nothing lacking the world belongs to YOU.


Intuition New moon in Pisces uses reflective intuition to help focus your mind and remove the confusion in your mind.  However this may be a difficult time to teach you to use your intuition.  There is a strong ability to mix with all sorts of situations and people – then to retreat.   There is a strong need to intuit.  To feel.  And yet a heaviness of resistance and a questioning – “Am I doing the right thing?”


Feelings – What you feel is not what another feels.  What they feel is not what you feel.  Always check to clarify feelings.  That way you do not hurt yourself or them.  Know when to say something and when not to say something.  Make a promise and keep it.   How much do you like feeling?  Or do you prefer to think rather than feel?  Hmmmm


Romance – A romantic time with your intuition and your mystery and your spiritual gift.   A vulnerable time.  What are your emotional issues? Do your emotions and emotional relationships reflect who you are?  What are your imaginations?  How do you feel about art, beauty, love, yourself?  Two fishes swimming in opposite directions represents the symbol and the sign of Pisces.  Water-loving fish, feels and feels and feels……  This is the NewMoon in Pisces. 


Do my relationships reflect who I am?  If Yes.  Great.  If No then what am I going to be doing about them?   You see NewMoon in Pisces is question time on an intuitive level.  How deep are you willing to go to change your ways to bring you happiness?  Remember whatever that word means to you is very important.  Remember it is your happiness not some one else’s happiness.  In the merging of two it becomes ONE.  The merge with the Divine in you. 


The Alchemist: “True love is love that allows you to reach your Personal Legend!” The Personal Legend is a being’s reason to live.  What is your reason to live?  Do you have one?  Perhaps you do not and want to end your life?  Come to the NewMoon or a private session before you do end your life.  We could say goodbye in a good way….???


Kindness – Look at your areas of compassion and thoughtfulness.  Have you been kind to someone recently  – someone you know or do not know?  Look for areas of kindness in your life?  Have you been kind with yourself?  How kind are people to you?  How kind are you to people?  Do you expect more than you give?  Do you give more than you expect?  Look at your life and reflect. 


Compassion is more than kindness.   NewMoon in Pisces is compassionate and sensitive.  People with strong Neptune in their chart are usually in the healing and counseling professions.  Sometimes the need to help and heal and save makes them emotional dustbins of the zodiac.  So watch out that your kindness and compassion is not abused and you perpetuate the ‘victim’ mentality in yourself or others….. 


Welcome to the contradictory NewMoon in Pisces….The death The death The death of all things and the resurrection ….

Like Jesus Christ rising from the dead!  Oh so many myths and legends and religions and symbols and ways with NewMoon in Pisces.

Compassion is the heart of Buddhism.  To have unceasing faith in all people’s potential to attaining enlightenment is itself True Compassion.  Hypocrisy is the exact opposite of Compassion – specifically, the Hypocrisy of knowing when wrong is being committed but doing nothing to address it.




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