©      The NewMoon brings with it new beginnings, new openings, positive closures and positive communication on a deep level. 

©      Life becomes entertaining – even to you.  BECOME ENCHANTING.  BECOME ENCHANTED WITH YOUR LIFE.  

©      Call in magic in your life.  Call in divine intervention.  Call in power.  Call in the possible joy or the possible achievement.  Call in the great possibilities for you with this NewMoon in Cancer. 

©      Remember in the PORTAL OF ENCHANTMENT you concentrate on what you want and NOT on what you do not have.  BE enchanted with your life. Call in the magic of enchantment into your life.  How enchanted are you with your life? 

©       DRESSING ‘ENCHANTMENT’ – If you are not enchanted then call in enchantment and dress ‘enchantment’.  By dressing ‘enchantment’ think of a costume that would represent that for you and wear itI will be dressing ‘enchantment’ into my life…..  What would you wear to dress ‘enchantment’ into your life?


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