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I am holding a Powerful New Year Entry Portal for 2020

“What a magical event. A lot was done in the few short hours that we were together and it all flowed together seamlessly. The exercises of gathering our power and energy created a palpable atmosphere and the sense of connection that was created between everybody as we welcomed in the New Year made the evening perfect. I also love that we had something to take away at the end in terms of lessons and gifts. I feel lucky to have been part of the New Year Portal.” Saarah Choudhry

TIME: The Ceremony will begin online at 11pm on Tuesday 31st December 2019 and it will finish at 1am on Wednesday 1 January 2020.

  • We will create a Powerful Portal so that we will walk out of 2019 empowered and ready to face the wonderful unknown of 2020.
  • We will choose to celebrate with Sacred Ritual, Prayer and Invocation Blessings.
  • It will be both a collective and individual experience.
  • There will be a powerful vortex of healing that will leave you happy and connected, to yourself and to each other.
  • It will be a real joyful experience of presence to treasure for everyone that is present.
  • We will Call in Our Power and Claim It.
  • We will have a great time together as we celebrate our individual and collective transitioning into 2020.

CLOTHING Please wear white. White is a powerfully spiritual colour.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK  https://bit.ly/2OswguA

“Loved Toks and the joyness feelings I had. The crystals and circle of healing energy moved me. I experienced emotions of love, happiness and joy. I am taking away more positive energy. Toks brings love and light to all. Her workshop was a wonderful experience I will always remember. I thank her for bringing more positivity into my life and leading me with an enhancing experience.” Jessica Prescott

In order to attend, please purchase a ticket through this page. All proceeds will be going to the Royal National Institute of the Blind. THANK YOU xx

Please feel free to donate even if you cannot be there. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY AND KINDNESS. To do so, just click here: www.justgiving.com/Toks-Coker

CLICK HERE TO BOOK  https://bit.ly/2OswguA

Here are some pictures of a New Year Portal Gathering from a few years ago that was held at a venue:

If you choose to join us as an online group, please make sure that everyone has purchased their own ticket. As mentioned, all proceeds are going to charity, to the Royal National Institute of the Blind. Thank you.

You can also join us individually too.

On Friday 10 January we enter the New Year with a Full Moon. I will be holding the Full Moon Alchemy Gathering from 7pm. We will be celebrating the New Year and the Entry Portal that opened up which will be very very potent. To Book, Click HERE: https://bit.ly/2SgKlza

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