Say YES to life after loss, grief, and trauma


This is a program for those going through the emotions of loss, grief, and death and who want to allocate quality time to personal healing and transformation. It is for anyone who is ready to forgive and move on. It is for anyone who has had enough and wants to try something different.

Forgiveness is for anyone who wants to heal and move on from the pain, suffering, and negative feelings, thoughts, and actions that have been around for a while. Forgiveness comes when you have decided it is time to let go and move on. It is time to be free from this negative attachment that limits and disempowers. Forgiveness is for you if you are ready to explore and look at the reality of your situation with an objective eye, which is very difficult. You come to forgiveness when you have had enough of the toxicity in your relationships and your life. You have to acknowledge the pain and the part you played in the outcome. You have to be ready to heal on a very deep level. Releasing sets you free from the past. It lets you go on to a new life. Lack of forgiveness eats up your energy.


Say Yes to Life

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