With the NewMoon energy of Cancer representing Family – SEND healing to Mother Earth. 

Have a picnic and appreciate Mother Earth.  Thank the SUN, the MOON, the trees, flowers, etc.  Thank the grass too.  We are creating a better world and environment and WE, the people are at peace and at ease with each other.   Let us really reflect on World Peace with the energy of the NewMoon in Cancer.  Global Family of love….


©      MARTIN LUTHER KING said I HAVE A DREAM.  NewMoon in Cancer is about living a dream of a Global Family of Love.  Activating first in yourself a flowing love consciousness to the family of mankind and to your own personal family network. 

©      NewMoon in Cancer is about healing MOTHER EARTH AND OURSELVES.  This is a very Cancerian activity i.e. cosmic family and human family merging into ONE BIG FAMILY.


©      NewMoon in Cancer invites deep connection – deep bonds – with your life.  Connecting to something new?  What could it be?  Does it involve your home, your family, your security? The cosmic divine??  

©      A time to connect on a world consciousness – THIS IS THE ENERGY OF CANCER – the global family as well as the individual family. 



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