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Frequently asked questions about healing

What do I bring with me?2018-06-12T22:24:40+00:00

Just bring yourself, exactly as you are, with your write up you have prepared before coming.

What is Divine Healing?2018-06-12T22:32:45+00:00

Healing is a flow of energy and is known as vital energy or universal life force. It is known by various names around the world e.g. Chi by the Chinese, Ki by the Japanese, Prana by the Hindus, Ruah (means breath of life) in Hebrew, Mana by the Kahunas (Polynesian). It is also known as the laying on of hands, faith healing, pranic healing, psychic healing, magnetic healing and ki healing, to mention a few.

When healing, it is very important for the healer to have a clear pure honorable spiritual intention and be a pure channel for healing because where intention is, energy flows.

The healer does not heal, the healer is only a pure open channel for the healing energy to flow through and pass on to the client.

It is said that the healing energy is used by the client to heal him/herself as blocked stagnant energy is released and a feeling of wellbeing is restored, helping to keep the body alive and well.

What happens in the healing session?2018-06-12T22:32:37+00:00

The healing session will be explained before it starts, so you will have an idea of what is going to be done and what may happen. All questions will be answered, as the main objective is to help you to relax into the session.

No removal of clothing is required, only your shoes for your own comfort. The session is carried out with the client fully clothed – lying, sitting or standing.

You may or may not be touched: Toks will ask for your permission before touching you. Healing sessions are sometimes carried out in silence, with conversation or music. The work is highly intuitive and very real.

What does the healer do?2018-06-12T22:32:02+00:00

The healer attunes to the Divine and asks for permission to carry out the healing. The healer may or may not touch you when healing.

Your first home is your body, so when the healer touches your body, she touches your ‘physical temple’, your ‘sacred temple’, your ‘sacred home’.

The healer may not touch you and work on your auric field or ‘spiritual temple’ – this is known as working on the aura, the energy field that surrounds the physical body.

It is in this sacred space around you that the healer projects vital healing energy and works on your energy centres or ‘chakras’ sending healing to where it is needed and to the whole person.

Must I believe in healing for it to work?2018-06-12T22:33:49+00:00

No. There is no belief system attached to the healing, so anyone can have healing whether or not they believe in it. Faith is not a prerequisite for successful treatment.

The healing will work, even in a person who has no faith. If you have a religious belief, there is no need to alter that belief. Also, if you do not have a religious belief, this is not an obstacle to receiving healing.

Healing is the universal flow of life force available to everyone.

How will I feel in a healing session?2018-07-25T14:59:35+00:00

Everyone is different, so your experience will be unique to you. Some people experience feelings before, during or at the end of the session. Some feel sensation of heat, warmth, coolness, cooling, tingling, pins and needles, pressure, tearful and light headedness.

Pain may occur. If this happens, it usually means that energy is being released. Some may feel nothing and just simply feel better afterwards.

Some may feel tired followed by an improvement later. Some sense an increase in vitality and clarity of action. Many feel more relaxed and better able to cope and deal with their lives.

These feelings are good indications that the energies are working and you are responding to the session.

Whatever the sensations experienced, everyone feels relaxed.

What are the Benefits of Divine Healing?2018-06-12T22:37:06+00:00

 1. Gives you time for yourself

 2. Balances the Chakras

 3. Reduces stress

 4. You feel positive

 5. You breathe better

 6. Releases muscular tension

 7. You feel cleansed

 8. Work more effectively

 9. Encourages better health

10. Body feels centred

11. Feel deep inner relaxation

12. You feel back in your body

13. Promotes inner peace

14. Aids reflection

15. Aids concentration

16. Activates your Higher Self

17. Activates healing energy

18. Relieves pain and fatigue

19. Opens your heart energy

20. Self-empowering

What are Chakras?2018-06-12T23:05:32+00:00

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit (Indian) word meaning ‘wheel’.

The wheels of the body, the energy centres, can spin quickly or slowly. Indian and Tibetan teachings maintain that for harmony, each wheel must maintain its designed ‘speed’ or energy output.

Each wheel carries a specific number of ‘Petals’ which adds up to 144,000, the number synonymous with the speed of light.

When in a state of deep meditation, the petals of each Chakra vibrate at their own speed thus producing energy which becomes pure light.

What is Spiritual Healing?2018-06-12T22:43:54+00:00

Spiritual Healing is an ancient form of healing.

It is the channeling of universal life force healing energies, from the Divine, direct to the client.

It is transferring healing energies, from the Divine, through the hands of the healer, to the client.

Today, all the hurried and pressurised culture of modern life can lead to stressed and fragmented life styles and experiences, with associated health imbalances. In the healing session, you may or may not be touched, as you are restored to a new level of wellbeing.

Today, healers can attend hospitals when requested by patients as healing is recognised by the National Health Service and some doctors refer patients for healing sessions.

What is Crystal Healing?2018-06-12T22:45:49+00:00

Crystal Healing is the channeling of healing energies amplified with crystals from the Divine through the healer to the client or from the Divine direct to the client.

Crystals are millions of years old from deep within the Earth and emit very powerful energies.

Crystals have been used for healing by many ancient cultures including Egyptians, Mayans, Native American Indians, Chinese and Japanese.

Must I be ill to receive healing?2018-06-12T23:03:36+00:00

No. A feeling of regaining control and balance is experienced, irrespective of whether or not you are ill. It can be used to maintain a healthy pattern.

What is Sound Healing2018-10-14T13:19:49+00:00

The fundamental principle underlying the theory of sound healing is that all matter vibrates at a specific frequency through which it can both influence and be influenced by all other matter (Gaynor, 1999; Roosth, 2009). Thus, everything on the planet and beyond can be considered interconnected through resonance.
Under this principle, there are two main theories detailing how sound can facilitate healing. The first posits that when a structure—such as a human organ—vibrates at a frequency disharmonious with its surrounding environment, it cannot absorb energy as efficiently and becomes vulnerable to disease. Vibrational energy practitioners can then target specific areas of the body to restore them to their natural states, in harmony with other biological systems (Crowe & Scovel, 1996).
Alternately, some think sound vibrations act to clear channels of transport within the cell, facilitating the movement of energy across the cell membrane and making it easier for cells to receive nourishment (Keyhani et al., 2001; Yount et al., 2004).