NewMoon in Cancer brings in lots of see-sawing emotions, drama, internal/external choices, expanding/contracting emotions and feelings.    There is an increased sense of collective fear – collective deaths.  We see the fear of the credit crunch ….  We see the death of the old way of being …. But before this happens; lots of tears, confusion, internal and external shouting and discussions.   This NewMoon features a ‘death’.  By death we mean determined to work to bring order into our chaos, because we know we have a death or are living a death! – i.e. pretending there is no problem, shutting the problem away, burying the problem, not looking at the problem….this is a form of death.  All this feeds the negative feelings and the internal and external conflicts….Letting go of old ways of thinking, being, resentments, jealously, revenge – letting go of anything that prevents our growth of compassion and wisdom. 


Calling in Kwan Yin is a good thing to do with the NewMoon of Emotional Cancer.  Any type of denial to the self is gently and compassionately dealt with by Kwan Yin.   Sometimes you have to go into this death to get to inner stillness and harmony inside you.. 


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