First Full Moon in 2018 – Full Moon in Cancer

2018 is an 11 Year

Today is 1 January 2018. First day, First month. New day, New month. Soon it will be 11am on the 1 January 2018. This makes  1:1:11. On the 11 January 2018 it will be 11:1:11.  We enter the 11 Master Number. Are you ready for this? Every 11 of each month I will be holding an 11:11 one hour gathering on zoom. Details to follow. See you tonight at 7pm.

As you welcome in 2018 may the opening doors of 2018 receive you well. Our gathering last night of the closing and opening of the Portals was, indeed, healing, transformational and unexpected. A lovely lady said it exceeded all expectations.  We had people from Germany and Turkey via Skype. Absolutely wonderful. The hot organic soup and cool organic fruit salad was nurturing on all levels. The tummy felt good and happy. The insights and messages shared were wholesome and embracing. It was an expansive evening. The Moon was full with brilliance and steady.

Happy New Year Everyone. Happy Portal Entry.

Wishing you abundance, joy, wealth, longevity, wisdom, happiness,  shelter, food and nurturing supportive experiences that expand your horizon and bring you more greatness and loveliness. The Smile in Me Greets the Smile in You.  The Light in Me Greets the Light in You. To your continuing joy and happiness. Love Toks, Patric and Yanni, Hands of Light Team.

In the Cycle of Life we move always from conception, birth, baby, youth, adult hood, mother/fatherhood, aging, old age, sickness and death. As we journey this year may we meet our Cycle of Life with courage, determination, focus, gratitude, confidence and flow. Wishing you all the magnificence you can hold this first  Full Moon in 2018.

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn

Wolf Moon
Actual Time of New Moon: 2:25 am London
Time of Meditation with Toks: 7:00 pm London

What will be covered at this workshop? How will it help?

This workshop will help you in all areas of your life: emotionally, physically and mentally.

It will help you find clarity in your relationships: family, children, and work.

It will enable you to look at the fullness in your life, celebrating it and YOU.

It will empower you as it encourages you to Look at what needs to be done, to create more of what you need, and want

It will highlight and make you aware of your priorities and boundaries.

You will begin to notice how terribly crowded it is in your head, if it is.

The Full Moon Meditation Workshop is a wonderful experience that removes confusion, chaos, overwhelm, overload, stress and tension.

It will highlight where you are in your transition to transformation.

It will enable you, to list your limiting beliefs, excuses, and blocks.

It will enable you, in noticing and listing, your strengths, greatness, successes, positive changes, and progress.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to list 3 actions you will be taking with this Full Moon, that will expand your life, in more ways than one.

You will experience feelings of bliss, rapture, inner peace and relaxation.

It will promote clarity, focus, courage, confidence and self-belief.

Click this link to register your sacred space: First Full Moon 2018




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