First Full Moon in 2019

We entered the Total Lunar Eclipse in London on 21 January.  It was wonderful watching it and tuning into the energy live.  I found it very healing, supportive and quietly engaging. It seemed to say Hello and then smiling. It was a strange feeling. It was like the Universe was performing a ritual dance and ceremony with the Full Moon vanishing gradually, changing colour to red, and appearing gradually again. Superb.

I am going too fast – let me slow down and explain what a Total Lunar Eclipse is.

A Total Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. The Earth covers the Moon with it’s shadow. The Moon is eclipsed, giving it a red colour and that is why it is known as the BLOOD MOON, the Red Moon.  So we see the Full Moon first, then a partial Eclipse starts, continuing to Totality, and then moves slowly to a partial Eclipse till we see the Full Moon in absolute splendour. It was also an ascending node eclipse in the Northern Hemisphere. How wonderful.

Did you know that this is also a SUPER MOON?

A Super Moon is when the moon is close to the Earth and appears bigger and brighter than normal.  So we have a Blood Moon, a Full Moon, a Super Full Moon, an Eclipse, a Total Lunar Eclipse and a Wolf Moon. A wonderful celestial phenomenon.

Monday 21 January is not only the celebration of the Full Moon in Leo – Sun in Aquarius, Wolf Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, Super Moon, Blood Moon.

It is also the celebration of  the Jewish festival of the trees, Tu B’Shevat, the Mahayana Buddhist New Year, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day

We anchor in the newness of the New Year (Mahayana Buddhist New Year) and the new trees (Eu B’Shevat).

We remember the divine qualities of hope, courage, truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility and service of Martin Luther King Jr, who was shot for his beliefs of reform of the human spirit.

We also remember many people  like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, J.F. Kennedy and John Lennon. These pioneering leaders echo the energy of this powerful day.  They are eternal examples of selfless service to humanity. There are many unsung heroes we can add to this list.  Happy 21 January.

The Creative Force of the Universe was speaking and dancing its very own sacred dance and initiation. Moon, Earth, Sun. Cosmic Alignment. Cosmic engineering.

Reminding me to ask myself:

What am I aligning to?  What am I giving my power to? What strong questions, I felt.  What are you aligning to? What are you giving your power away to? Yes, indeed, very strong questions.

I went on a Spiritual Pilgrimage with a ceremonial ritual of joyful initiation, landing in my heart with a smile on my face. It was healing, self-empowering and inviting in an upgrade, I almost did not feel. It was so subtle, yet, had a strong Divine Power and Authenticity to it. I could easily have missed it!

When you join my tonight at the Moon Medicine Meditation we will go on the Spiritual journey together.

The Energy of this Full Moon and Eclipse

So many feelings and emotions with this New Year 2019. We started it with an New Moon Eclipse and then ride into a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. To say intense is an understatement. 2019 is definitely a year of zest and truths. YOU WILL BE TESTED IN 2019. You will elevate yourself and you will learn the lesson. If you do not move or shift your consciousness something will happen to make you shift. There will be a lot of spiritual consciousness layers underlying many emotions.

Have you been feeling – uncomfortable – pressured – fatigued – overwhelmed – tired – ill – emotional – tearful – inner turmoil – confused – unclear – undecided – trapped – uncertain – unstable – fragile – vulnerable – helpless – loss – intense?

Have you been feeling – overjoyed – hopeful – positive – excited – looking forward to the unknown?

This Eclipse Full Moon reminds us of a Soul Rhythm that started with the Eclipse New Moon, coming into full presence and volume. The Leo energy here invites in grandeur, ancient cosmic energy and wisdom. It invites the holy masculine with the holy feminine.  It says time to calibrate on Earth. Time to really look at your life and the vision you have.

Some wonderful insights came through. I felt that everyone matters.  I felt that it is easy to blame when things do not go as planned. I felt that the role of a friend is different from that of a parent.  I felt we need to open our hearts more to someone, to each other. Some questions came through to help us with what we are going through such as:

1. What are you realising?
2. What are you celebrating?
3. What are you manifesting?
4. What are you grateful for?
5. What are you getting rid of?

I will share more at the meditation tonight.  I am so excited to share with you this wonderful energy that came down for almost 3 hours, in my one hour meditation to shift your consciousness and align you to the more infinite possibilities and Divine power.


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