Discovery Call

Investment: £11.11

Duration: 30 minutes

Where: Online on Zoom or on the telephone

Recording: Can be recorded on Zoom and sent to you, if required

What do you really want?

Are you ready to enrich your life, create a quantum leap, say Yes to Your Life, and take aligned actions that empower you?

This is for you if you are ready to find your true self and greatest potential. It is for you if you are ready to create a practical plan to manifest your dream and fabulous possibility with joy.


To identify what services offered, are for you. It is a Discovery Session to see if we are suitable to work together. It is also aimed at seeing how I can serve you.


Conversation to get clarity about a service or product.

To identify your key challenges, that you are facing.

To look at solutions to your key blocks, such as: limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, fears, etc.

To discover what is holding you back from your dreams and desires, such as: victim mentality, trauma, old patterns, etc.

To listen to you attentively as you ask your questions, and to give answers that make sense.


Toks is here to support you in your questions. This is NOT a free therapy or coaching session. It is a Discovery session to see if we are suitable to work together and how I can serve you. Do you need support and guidance on your next steps moving forward? I am excited to meet with you to help uncover blocks to your happiness and success, and offer suitable services to support your growth and development.