Full Moon Goddesses of Love and Life


Buck Moon on 9 July at 6.30pm

Hello Friends

I hope this finds you well. We enter the Earth Energy of Capricorn with this Full Moon. The Sun has been glorious shining here in London and in Glastonbury. Mother Earth is blooming and shining – a nice balance of Heaven on Earth and Earth in Heaven.

As I prepared for the Full Moon I was told I would be gathering ‘new’ energy and downloads.  I journeyed to Glastonbury to feed my Soul and meet my Soul Family who sand me a Soul Song. All very appropriate with the Soul Song Special Full Moon Circle Gathering on 9 July.


Goddesses of Love and Life

sheGreetsmeSmileIn Glastonbury, I stepped into a space through a door and entered a magical land not here. Flying with the energy of the space, my eyes are fed with colour, images, vitality and love. I was gathering the energy for this wonderful portal on 9 July.

My Soul comes alive…. My Soul Family comes alive as my Soul Sings with all the other Souls that gather around me – in fact they do not gather around me. They stand in their sacred grace and energy; and allow me my energy.

They smile and THEY feel my energy. They embrace my energy. They love, they embrace and they welcome me gently and softly. They do not intrude – in fact – it feels like I am intruding!!!

Yet I know deep down, I am not intruding and they have been expecting me. It is my illusion that is doubting not my True Self, for my True Self, my Soul Family True Self knows deep down that I am home. This is not a religious feeling, it is not a group feeling and it is not a spiritual feeling.  This is a deep knowing.

lady of AvalonWhere was I? It felt familiar and I could not put my hands on it. I just simply knew the energy and recognised the energy. That was enough for me. I started to cry as I was about to leave and felt a great joy at meeting my Soul Family. It was like I had taken a quick journey into a space of no space – a land of no land.

So who had I journeyed with?

I knew they were familiar. I knew they knew me.  I knew I was home. I knew I was in an unknown and known space all at once. I knew I was recognised.

I met the Lady of Avalon, (Morgen la Fey), Goddess of the Sacred Isle of Avalon. Ruler of Avalon, she is a Goddess of Love, Beauty, Power and Wisdom. She is a Lady of Light and Darkness, who like the Egyptian God Isis, appears in several forms and under several names. She is also known as Mary, Mother of Christ.  It was as if she knew I was there to gather information to transmit at the Moon Gathering on 9 July.

With her were:

1. Nine Morgens (Moronoe, Mazoe, Glitonea, Gliten, Cliton, Tyronoe, Thitis, Thetis and Morgen la Fey).

a. These Nine Morgen sisters encompass all the qualities of the Goddess on the continua between light and darkness, sweetness and sour, positive and negative, creative and destructive.

b. The Morgens are famous for their learning and knowledge of the seven liberal arts, particularly of astronomy, astrology, mathematics and physic.

c. They are renowned for their healing arts and skill in herbal lore, for their beautiful music and sensuality, for prophecy and the ability to shapeshift, to appear in different places in a moment in time.

Nine Morgens moonGathering

d. In legend:

i. They are nine women, three triple Goddesses ranging in age from Maiden to Mother to Crone.

ii. They are nine dark cloaked figures who sit in circle with the cauldron of inspiration, immortality and rebirth, in a cave deep beneath Glastonbury Tor in the Underworld of Annwn.

iii. They are nine huge shimmering beings visible in the ethers surrounding the top of the Tor.

We connected to the City of Light above Glastonbury and there was so much happing there that I wondered if they were up there as well!

2. Brigit or Bridie of the Sacred Flame, celebrates Imbolc, the arrival of spring. She is the patroness of fertility, healing, poetry, smithing, medicine, arts and crafts, cattle and other livestock, sacred wells, serpents (in Scotland). She is also known as St Brigit.

3. Modron – Great Mother of the lineage of Avallach, River Goddess.

4. Our Lady Mary of Glastonbury,

5. the Crone of Avalon,

6. the Tor Goddess, rises out of the landscape of Glastonbury, tall, majestic, you cannot ignore noticing it.  for me she is the Goddess of Love, Sexuality, Pregnancy and Hope. Walking up the land is torturous and dangerous with the cold wind, small paths and deep drops, yet once done you feel a sense of achievement and empowerment that you did it! She is Aphrodite, Venus, the Morning Star, the Evening Star. She is all and one. She demands your full attention and then releases you.  She is all and nothing at once.  She is passion, sexual urge, ovulation and seedingall at once.  She is our desire for more connection. She holds the wisdom of your Soul ready to reveal it to you when you are ready. She is you.  She is me. She is everyone at once and no one too. She rides naked on a horse shameless, like Lady Godiva. She is the woman complete in herself whether Virgin, Maiden, Lover, Mother, Crone. She is Mother Earth.  We can go underground to the underworld through one of the slopes of the Tor. Some of my friends did that and saw a group of ladies bathing in the underground of the Thor.  The labyrinth within the Tor is real and wonderful.

We did a meditation on the Tor Goddess which was simply wonderful. The connections made and the light codes received was truly amazing. I will be sharing this at the Moon Gathering on 9 July.

7. Lady of the Hollow Hills,

8. Lady of the Lake, who gave King Arthur his magical sword Excalibur, with the help of Merlin,  is the ruler of Avalon.  She enchanted Merlin to teach her all her magic and raised Lancelot after the death of his father.

9. Lady of the Holy Springs and Wells, looks after the waters, which have magical healing powers.

1. We believe in the Great Goddess, who is the One and the Many, who is immanent and transcendent, personal and impersonal, constant and changing, local and universal, within and without all of creation, who manifests Herself through the cycle of the seasons and the Wheel of the Year.

2. We believe that the Goddess manifests and communicates Herself through the whole of Nature and the sacred land, through visions and dreams, senses and experiences, imagination, ceremony and prayer. We believe that no form of words can ever encompass Her.

3.  As the Goddess People of Avalon we believe in the Goddess, who is Lady of Avalon as She expresses Herself through the landscape, mythology and culture of the Isle of Avalon and in Glastonbury. http://www.goddesstemple.co.uk/a-vision-for-you/




Buck Moon on 9 July at 6.30pm

This energy is about expansion on a great scale, connecting to your Soul Family, and activating your Soul Song, whatever that means to you. We will unlock your past and your life.  Let the light shine with gloriousness as you transform you life and learn a new way of being.  The elements of Earth (practical application, hard working, conservative, grounding) and Water (emotional feelings, nurturing, intuitive, family) play a strong role in pulling us to to be more than we thought possible. It encourages our growth and expansion in real life.  The actual time of the Full Moon in London will be at 5.07am in the morning. We will gather in the early evening at 6.30pm.

So yes, there is going to be a lot of magic happening as we journey to the Soul Song Special Full Moon Circle Gathering on 9 July.  Come join us for a wonderful gathering of magic and connecting deeply to your Soul Family.  What is a Soul Family?  What is a Soul Song?  What is your Soul saying to you?  Click the links below to find out how much will be covered in this event with Dimitrios, Fahridah and myself.  A truly spectacular event.

Landing Page – http://soulsong.tokscoker.com/

You-Tube – https://youtu.be/PGwMpw-7bCA

Eventbrite – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/soul-song-special-full-moon-circle-tickets-29342935510

We will be covering a lot of information at the gathering on 9 July and will share the Invocation Blessing.  I will have a cake as my birthday is on 7 July so come celebrate with me at the Full Moon workshop.

Soul Song13 - Full Moon in Capricorn (9-7-17) (2)



from the New Moon in Cancer on 24 June 2018


LegionThis was my first event and i will come back again.  It was powerful, nourishing, positive and transformational. I am taking away power, love and faith. I found the moon gathering powerful and completely in sync with my life situation and i loved each moment of it. Moni Rodriquez

The Moon meditations that I attend at Toks home are very healing and nourishing and provide me with new energy to move forward with my journey of life.  I am taking away the focus of achieving and manifesting my dreams.  That fact that Toks has a very nurturing mother like energy, I felt calm and safe and loved like in a mother’s womb.  I loved the singing bowls and drinking the healing water that comes from them. Kalisha McCaucsky

My Spirit was very moved by the energy. I released a lot of emotions and felt very relaxed. I love Toks magical, loving, healing powers.  Thank you.  Genevieve

Happy LadiesI found the meditation cantering and healing. A lot of emotions were released – anger and guilt shifted away.  Joy came in with gratitude. Toks creates a beautiful atmosphere from the beginning.The moment I stepped in I was in a sacred space. The whole evening was uplifting and nurturing. The meditation was profound and deeply healing. Foon

The new moon is a powerful time for starting new things. A wonderful way to tap into this energy to set and achieve your goals is with a new moon meditation. You can certainly choose to do this on your own. Better still is to do this with the guidance of a meditation leader. With guidance you relax even more and get a lot more out of the new moon energy.

Toks is a wonderful healer and has over 20 years of experience of guiding those seeking a better life. To quote Toks, your eyebrows are there and you don’t see them, others see them. When you get support to see your own beauty, you zoom along with a bigger smile on your face.

If the moon moves all the water in the oceans to create tides on planet Earth, what can the moon energy do for you? Your body is mostly water. Will aligning yourself with the energies of the moon put you into the flow of the universe.

I run a business, take care of my family, and experiencing some health challenges. I certainly deserve to take some time out to nurture myself to take care of myself. If you’re busy person, there’s even more reason for taking time out to check in with yourself, with your own emotions.

Arriving at Tok’s place, I’m excited and curious at the prospect of super-charging my mind, body and soul. As I stepped over the threshold I felt I was going into a sacred space, away from always on mode of modern life. The constant ping of our parallel existence online means social media notifications, emails coming up here and there, text messages and phone calls. Ringer off. Airplane mode on.

The music played and we danced to our own rhythm. How often are you living in your head and not being fully aware of your body? Of your emotions? I often find myself busy thinking, thoughts whirring away in my mind, and forgetting about the here and now. Having a physical connection to the space with dancing, feeling my feet firmly on the soft carpet, I felt in the moment, present to my surroundings and in awe of the beautiful portal at the centre of the room.

As someone who’s sensitive to energy, I can say the portal definitely helped me feel centred and evoked those feelings of self-love which are often neglected or forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life.

Writing down my new moon wishes privately gave me a chance to reflect on what’s been happening and what Iwant nest. If thoughts create things, how often are you thinking about what’s gone wrong? I know I do this, and I’m very good at over-analysing. Time to stop the crazy voices in my head. Being in my own space with the meditation group gave me time to take a step back and look at my own life. As I focused on what was truly important in areas of health, business and relationships I wrote down my new moon wishes. My intentions for the next two weeks from the new moon to the full moon.

The great thing about doing the exercise of writing down my own new moon wishes was I didn’t share it with the others. Privacy is important because when you write down your new moon wishes, you want to hold your attention on yourself and focus on your intentions. Others in the group were all busy scribbling away at the same time.

The Angel cards certainly resonated with me. They gave me the message that I needed to hear. Was it my subconscious speaking to me? Bringing these qualities into my awareness reminded me of how I wanted to be.

As I got comfortable for the guided meditation I realised I rarely take enough time for myself to just be. I’m busy taking care of other people in my family, busy working, even busy with doing self-development!

A guided meditation allows me to relax, and not think “Am I doing it right?” Toks has a very soothing presence. Added to this was a beautiful sound of the crystal singing bowl, clearing the air and putting me into a state of feeling total nurtured.

I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I have this tendency to replay things in my head. When I was drifting into deep meditation I effortlessly let go of negative emotions, the fear, the anger, the self-doubt, the over-analysing and overthinking. I let in feelings of joy, hope and peace. By the time Toks guided us back and we drank the refreshing and healing water from the crystal singing bowl, I was rested and ready to take on all the challenges in my life.

Writing this a few days on, I’ve been sleeping better, I’m calmer, and I sense that the future is going to be bright, just like the full moon!

Thank you, Toks, for being such an inspiring healer and for a truly wonderful experience with your new moon meditation. My own world is now a much better place!

Book yourself in for the next moon meditation before all the spaces are gone!



Love and Light Toks xxxx


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