Full Moon in Cancer 5 January 2015

Happy Full Moon in Cancer with Sun in Capricorn 5 January 2015

Holding the Moon in your hands brings in the blessings through the Universe to you.  The Wheels of Destiny spin and turn in your hands.  You are the Warrior living your life turning it with gentleness. 

We will be working with the Energy of Now tonight at 7pm. for more details Click Moon Healing

Emotions, emotions, emotions, and more emotions with this Full Moon in Cancer.  We have all types of eruptions and emotional roller costas with deep karmic eruptions uprooting deep feelings of pain; forcing you to see what you have been avoiding or pretending is not a problem in your life and your relationship.  This really is a time consuming pain consuming process whether or not you want to acknowledge it or not.  It will hit you suddenly and unexpectantly tearing you apart as you let go of what you really need to let go of to prepare you for the new experiences you will be having in 2015.  Welcome to 2015 and the turbulent ride in the next three months.  Are you ready for it?  Hold on to your seat belts.

Practical Knowing you have to attend to practical matters in your life does not stop you feeling overwhelmed and emotional; with this Full Moon in Cancer.  The knowledge, that you understand, that you have to do all the things on your list, does not make the list any easier to do; nor; does it make the list go away; or be done magically.  The practical energy with this Full Moon is challenging and stressful.  You know you have to get it done at the same time you are feeling emotional and overwhelmed by what needs to be done as well as your emotions.  What do you do?

Emotions vs. Practical  This energy demands you feel the frustration, the rage, the overwhelm and the eruption.  Then you attend to the practical application of what needs to be done.  Who has annoyed you?  Who has crossed your boundary?  Who has made you unhappy?  One person?  Two?  A few?  Remember the part you played in being made angry by them!  What is the lesson?  The world of Goodness will rise again.  You will return your Soul to Gentleness.  But you may erupt like a volcano and watch your story inside the picture or outside the picture.  The balance is checking yourself during the emotional eruption and monitoring your behaviour and controlling how far you take your rage and emotional barrage.  The test is getting the balance and not tipping over the threshold.  Good Luck and Good Fortune in your emotions and practical sharing this Full Moon.

You are at your Cross Roads Declaring your 2015 boundaries. This is part of the emotional eruption.  How do you meet at the Cross Roads?  Do you know you are at a Cross Road?  Being clear about where you are and where you want to get to are two different things.  Being clear about what you want and do not want are two very specific things.  Knowing them helps you to define your boundaries of what you will and you will not allow into your life.  How about making a decision to create new boundaries based on what you like and do not like in your life.  If you do not like the way a person cleans your kitchen tell them and teach them how to do it the way you want.  If they do not want to listen get another person or do it yourself.  Simple stresses like that can blow out of proportion for some of us. 

Words AllowingBeing Mindful of Words you use on others and the words they used when talking to you is one of the key factors with this Full Moon in Cancer.  If a statement like “Do it Yourself!” is constantly barked at you when you are saying something and the other person does not agree is a sign that the other person may be sabotaging your way and your life or they may not really want to do what they are doing for you or there may be a control issue and power play here.  Be mindful of how words trigger you and how your words trigger another.  After ‘the explosion’ have your discussion and agree words to use and not to use.  Agree ways of discussion that bring out the best in each other.  Agree to listen and observe each other.  Above all agree to be true and real to how you feel.  THAT is the challenge in all relationships – being afraid to hurt another by being truthful.  Be truthful and set yourself free. 

Celebrating with Family is so important with Christmas, New Year and the Full Moon in Cancer.  We celebrated Christmas in France with Patric’s family.  We celebrated New Year in London with the New Year 2015 Portal Opening.  The first person to call me in the New Year 1st January 2015 was my brothers wife, Jessica.  The first family to visit us was my brother’s family: Julian with Jessica and three precious angels.  The first home we visited was my mother’s flat to drink champagne with her.  The first outing I made was to have High Tea at Fortune and Mason.  The first workshop I went to was Onya’s Magical Manifesting.  The first big argument I had was with Patric; and then with Vesna and Zoran.  Then I was told it was all karmic at Onya’s workshop!  Thank you for the insights flowing in 2015.  Welcome to 2015.  I did say 2015 would be packed with living.


New Year 2015 Portal Opening

We had a powerful entry into 2015 as we walked out of 2014 empowered ready to face the unknown of 2015. It truly was a collective and individual experience.  The chanting was spontaneous. The healing was unsurpassed.  The vortex was amazing.  The energy left us all very happy and connected to each other, at the same time, strong individually.  A real treasure of an experience for everyone present.  A joy for me. 

We called in our power and we took it.  We received and we gave.  We all received presents.  We all gave presents. What was so amazing was how everyone got the very present they liked and it was very useful.  We all had a great time.  We all shared the delicious food brought and offered to the sacred alter.  We all danced, sang, changed, laughed, hugged and I cried and cried and cried.  I was given so many surprise presents.  I was so happy that two wonderful Legions of Light had flown in from Turkey; that three Legions of Light had told me they were coming and turned up; and  my partner Legion of Light Patric was with us all in white.  I was so happy the number was 7 including me.  I am born on the 7 July.  It was so nice to start and end with the number 7.  We all finally went home around 2.30am!  Such a happy morning.


Walk into 2015. Leave 2014

Danique Osborne I spent a lovely new year with Toks.  It was fantastic.  I felt very moved by stepping into 2015.  I felt I left behind the last. I drew a line under the previous year which was needed.  We spend a few hours embracing the human Spirit, we shared a brief moment in time bringing in the New Year.It was so nice.  Thank you for the energy and love.  I am taking away freshness, positivity, energy and light.  May the 2015 be all that is hoped for.  I look forward to sharing next New  Year’s Eve.  In Joy 

Saarah Choudhry What a magical event.  A lot was done in the few short hours that we were together and it all flowed together seamlessly.  The exercises of gathering our power and energy created a palpable atmosphere and the sense of connection that was created between everybody as we welcomed in the New Year made the even perfect.  I also love that we had something to take away at the end in terms of lessons and gifts.  I feel lucky to have been part of the New Year Portal.

Jessica Prescott  Loved Toks and the joyness feelings I had. The crystals and circle of healing energy moved me.  I experienced emotions of love, happiness and joy.  I am taking away more positive energy.  Toks brings love and light to all.  Her workshops was a wonderful experience I will always remember.  I thank her for bringing more positivity into my life and leading me with an enhancing experience.  

Thank you to 6 Legions of Light (Karen, Merve, Sarah, Saarah, Lisette, Jessica) who contributed to RNIB and helped to raise £215 to the JustGiving page.  Our page reached a total of £1010; so passed the £1000 target I set in 2012. Feel free to make a donation if you feel inspired to do so.  £1 goes a long way.  https://www.justgiving.com/Toks-Coker/ Thank you xxxx

New Year 2015 Portal Opening with Merve

Can you spot the difference between the above two similar pictures?


Dear Toks, God bless you. 

You are my light, my sun, my superstar and my benchmark.  Thank you for being you! Magical, powerful, loving, caring, magic woman, teacher, and more.  My soul mate, my best friend, THANK YOU for being in my life with all your qualities, you are so natural and true!  You are a precious diamond, a compass helping many of us to find our way.  Because of working with you I am now on my life path; building my own empire; having you as an inspirational benchmark in my life.  Thank you for everything. You have helped me a lot. Your place in my life is unique. I love you with all my heart.  M.T.

2015 Moon Gentleness


Sing Brave Warrior Sing:  Global Distant Healing & RNIB

Every Full Moon and Every New Moon we offer GLOBAL DISTANT HEALING and ask you make a humble donation to the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People). Every little helps, even £1. To donate, please go here https://www.justgiving.com/Toks-Coker/  If you are not able to donate at this moment, for whatever reason, that’s OK; though perhaps you can do so at a later date?

make the healing request, please go to the Hands of Light Healing Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/handsoflighthealing and leave your Healing Request on the pinned page which is specific for each moon.  Please remember to donate as an exchange of energy. Thank you. 

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Every Full Moon and Every New Moon we hold a Moon Gathering Workshop from 7pm-10pm worth £44.  For 2015 we are starting with an opening to buy any 6 workshops upfront for £180, saving £84. For this £180 you can attend any 6 Moon Gathering Workshops of your choice during 2015. 

Invocation Blessing for

Full Moon in Cancer and Sun in Capricorn    5 January 2015

© Toks Coker 2015


I Greet You

With Beautiful Practical Presents

Presents that Nourish

Bring Joy & Fulfilment

I Greet YouWalk into 2015. Leave 2014

I Greet You

With the Great Spirit Journey

Walking into the Unknown 2015

Leaving Behind the Known 2014

I Greet You

Happy New Year 2015

I Greet You

With a Happy New Year 2015

Singing Your Qualities & Values

Humming Your Greatness

I Greet You


We Greet You

Celebrating Your First Full Moon

Your Arrival Your Incarnation

Embracing the Splendour of You

I Greet You

Funny Faces

We Greet You

With Funny Faces

Exuberant Display of Togetherness

Expressing the Splendid Joy of Friendship

I Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Sharing of Laughter

Healing All Rifts

Returning to Gentleness and Love

We Greet You

Moon Goddess

I Greet You

With the Dance of Passion and Love

Celebrating Your Magical Movements

In the Dance of Life

I Greet You

Words Allowing

I Greet You

With Healing Words

Heart Felt Love, Respect & Value

Receiving & Accepting with Grace

I Greet You

Beauty of Life

I Greet You

With the Beauty of Life


Beauty of Life Sets You Free

I Greet You

I reach to heaven

We Greet You

Reaching for the Stars

Stretching Yourself

Receiving Your Power

We Greet You

I touch the moon

We Greet You

Touching the Moon

Feeling &Sensing the Moon

Breathing in it’s Delight

We Greet You

Angels of Protection

I Greet You

With Angels of Protection

Protecting You

With Love

I Greet You

tokscoker life coach readings

I Greet You

With the Symbol of the Golden Ankh

Glowing Majestically in Your Third Eye

Rotating & Igniting the Beating of Your Heart

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon in Cancer and Sun in Capricorn 5 January 2015


Do not let yesterday use up too much of today.  Cherokee Proverb

It is lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living soul. Steve Maraboli

Conscious evolution begins as we take responsibility for clearing our own obstructions. Dan Millman

In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent, and there is no place to hide a dark heart. Vera Nazaian

I like to make things happen.  And if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen. Winston Churchill


  1. Did you do the last homework?  Go back and review it and do it.Moon Maiden
  2. Do you believe that responsibility brings power? 
  3. What 10 things are still holding you back? 
    1. Do you realise that you are part of what is holing you back? 
    2. What internal blocks or stories or phases are holding you back with limiting decisions, limiting self beliefs and limiting self doubt.  
    3. What is in you that is making you blame another or making you hold yourself back? 
    4. Where do you need to clear out your ‘clutter’, your ‘obstruction’s?
  4. What new attitudes and behaviour can you celebrate this Full Moon.  If you take responsibility for your life and hold yourself responsible you will develop a different attitude and it will be reflected in your behaviour.  We clear out our obstructions and immediately we feel fresh and free – we can breathe.  Celebrate your new attitude and behaviour this Full Moon in Cancer.
  5. What are you going to make happen in your life with this Full Moon in Cancer?

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© Toks Coker 2015

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