Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn 12 January 2017

To get details of the Full Moon in Cancer and Sun in Capricorn Event click this link here:  Full Moon in Cancer 12 January

Happy Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn

on 12 January 2017

We all want to come home to love, peace, sunshine and harmony.  We all want to be loved and appreciated and valued. We all want to be noticed and admired and listened to.  Welcome to the Full Moon in Cancer – the sign of the Home – Mother Energy.  The place were you find solace and rest.  The place where you feel peace and secure.  Cancer is feminine and Capricorn is masculine.  Both are Cardinal signs and both are natural leaders.  Cancer is the Eternal Mother, the Divine Feminine and the Protective Nurturing Mother.  This  is the time to call in a lot of protection and mindfulness.  This is the time to be ready for change on many levels.  But our we ready?

fullMoonToksCHANGES:  We enter another year – 2017 – and so much has happened in the first 11 days e.g. President Obama said goodbye, people broke up, some are spending the first new year with a new husband/wife.  So many movements of light and so many movements of power and so many movements to change.  What changes are you going through with the Full Moon in Cancer?

There is a CARDINAL CROSS in the sky and Emotions are very high.  People are angry and emotional over the Obama / Trump energy – two opposing forces – one coming in and the other leaving.  How are we going to maintain BALANCE with all the opposing energies. Do we unite or do we diversify?  Do we have peace or war?  Do we agree to disagree or just fight if out? A truly challenging time with this Full Moon and Grand Cardinal Cross.

Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realise that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” Echart Tolle

lotus flower floating on waterMEDITATION BENEFITS:  In this most stressful of times we need to take time away from the outside world to go within.  We need to separate ourselves from the clutter of the outside world and come home to ourselves and find balance within.  One wonderful way of doing this is Meditation. There are many benefits of meditation: increases focus, reduces anxiety, calms the mind, creates clarity, increases creativity, awakens greatness, reduces stress, increases memory, reduces pain and suffering, increases compassion and wisdom, reduces depression, increases productivity, helps you to balance yourself, balances emotions, as well as, be more creative and have more joy.  Meditation helps you to find contentment in your life.  It helps you when you want extraordinary change and great transformation that will radically alter our state of life and guide us in our every step.  We come together to change life as we know it. Mediation helps when you feel vilified, not respect, not listened to, not heard, not valued, stalled, frustrated, immobilised, verbally attacked and sad.  This radical change you are going through is a real thing.  It is your personal process – your personal cross to bear.  Try meditation to help you in a modern way to help you get the results you want. Conscious Spiritual Transformation.

praying for your happinessFor me helping people to achieve what they want gives me great pleasure.  I feel I do this with the Alchemical Moon Gatherings. To know more about the benefits of Meditation you can click the link to watch the live video I did on Facebook  for the Full Moon Full Moon in Cancer 12 January 2017

To get details of the Full Moon in Cancer and Sun in Capricorn Event click this link here:  Full Moon in Cancer 12 January

I have put all the 2017 London Moon Dates on this link http://blog.tokscoker.com/2017-moon-dates/

gathering powerCARDINAL GRAND CROSS:  This Full Moon has a CARDINAL CROSS happening in the sky.  FOUR PLANETS will be SQUARING each other to make a Cardinal Grand Cross.  Capricorn (Sun)  is opposite Cancer (Moon) and Libra (Jupiter) opposite Aries (Uranus).  Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs.  This cross brings challenges where you may feel pulled in different directions and feel stuck at the same time.  It can be you are at a cross road and you are not sure how to make it or where to go.  So we have opposition and balance happening at the same time.  Be ready for intense times and emotional times.  Be ready for opposition and for resistance.  This is a time to reset your SOUL COMPASS to navigate to the North Star, the Divine Engine.  Be ready for your Cosmic Consciousness, your Cosmic Alignment, your Cosmic Downloads, your Cosmic Brain Power, your Cosmic Decisions, your Cosmic Doorway, your Cosmic Pathway, your Cosmic Knowing.  The Cardinal Grand Cross echoes the natural rhythm of life – the movement of the seasons – Spring Equinox (Aries), Summer Solstice (Cancer), Autumn Equinox (Libra) and Winter Solstice (Capricorn).  Are you ready for this meeting in the Celestial Cosmic Vortex of the Full Moon?  I am.

Water EnergyMINDFULNESS MIND:  Be mindful of where you may be pulling yourself apart. Be mindful of where you may be pulled in different directions. Be mindful of how you may feel overwhelmed, annoyed, irritated, and not ready to face life.  Be mindful of how you may suddenly want your own space. Be mindful of how you feel about yourself and others.  Be mindful that you may be feeling delicate so separate yourself from toxic people and relationships. Avoid arguments, disagreements and disputes. As you stand at the CROSS ROADS – with four directions – which direction do you go?  How do you cope with the mixed messages and signals?  What omens and signs should you watch out for?  Do you feel overwhelmed like too much to do and not enough time to do it and suddenly feeling stuck and not able to do anything. Welcome to the energy of the Cardinal Cross and the Cross Roads of your life. What do you want to keep in your life?  What do you want to change in your life?  What do you want to do differently?  What are you tired of?  What do you need to leave behind you?  Who do you need to break away from?  What new classes do you want to study?  Who do you want to spend time with? What vision do you have for yourself?

crab cancerian crabEMOTIONS:  The Full Moon is always an emotional time, especially as the Moon is in Cancer, a WATER sign.  So if you want, you can blame the Full Moon for your emotional feelings of confusion, uncertainty, unhappiness and agitation.  You can also thank your feelings because they indicate how you are feeling and tell you there is a DIS-EASE within you.  You can decide to BE EASY with yourself and with others.  You can decide to dialogue first with the person who has upset you or caused a dis-ease in you; before you come to a decision that may in fact not be justified.  Do not rush into any decisions based on extreme emotional upheaval.  If you do that is OK, but I would advise holding off from any extreme behaviour patterns that you may regret when you calm down.  Call in the Earth energy of Capricorn to calm you down and have a dialogue when you feel a little more EASY with yourself.

helloFAILURE:  A lot of people are feeling inadequate and insecure because they are constantly comparing themselves to others and undermining themselves.  They put the person they compare themselves to on top and feel they are below that person and will always be below that person.  This is not a good thing to do as you are constantly feeding your self with low self esteem, lack of courage, inadequacy and smallness of mind, body and spirit. How about seeing your feelings of Failure as a story to learn from teaching you wise teachings?  See your failures as a lesson and as an experience to learn from.  See your sense of failure or small mind as a valuable process you went through (or are going though) to let you know what does not serve you.  Remember that any feeling of Failure is Experience.  See all your feelings of Failure or inadequacy as Experience. Do not waste your time worshiping Failure in your life.  Learn from your Failure and turn your failure into WISDOM. Welcome Wisdom into your Life.  Celebrate Wisdom in your life. Failure equals Experience equals Wisdom.

VALUES: What are your values?  List your 7 highest Values.  They will indicate what is important to you.  When you know your Values you can Priorities your actions.  I suggest listing 7 of your highest priority steps you take each day and do them.  Do the best that is easy for you. Otherwise delegate what needs to be done.  Allow yourself the freedom to do what is your highest Value and what is easy for you to do.  It is also good to know what is easy for you to do, what is a time waster and what you delegate so you free yourself up to do the things that bring you the greatest joy. Be true to your values whatever they may be.

dragonDISTRACTIONS Vs. PRIORITIES: Do not be distracted by your Emotions that pull you away from what is a priority in your life like you work, your career, your business or your relationship.  Be vigilant with yourself as you celebrate this Full Moon.  Live a life inspired not a life desperate. Life a life that supports your highest values and priorities. Give yourself permission to do something wonderful in your life.  Reclaim back your power. See all your Distractions as Opportunities for more growth and put them in context.  Do not let them stop you from your goal, vision and mission.  One of the greatest ways to avoid Distractions is to KEEP FOCUSED, COMMITED, DEDICATED and keep doing your PRIORITIES no matter what is happening around you.  Simply never give up.  Be a person on a MISSION.  Be a person going somewhere.  FLOW like water and keep moving no matter what obstacle comes your way.  Water erodes a Earth over time.  Everyone has their own list of priorities, which if they follow, ALLOWS them to expand and greatness comes to them with ease.  Do not let Distractions stop your progress and stagnate your energy.

dancing with lifeSay to yourself:  I am learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten my peace of mind, self respect and self worth.  I am learning to unfold with the Unknown confident that in my journey I am safe and held in my Mother’s arm (Cancer)

GRATITUDE: The Full Moon is always a time to give GRATITUDE to yourself, for your life and for where you are and what you have in your life.  This is a good time to fill your life up with Gratitude and honour the Greatness of You and the symbolic gesture of happiness and gratitude in your life.  Really feel the gratitude in your life.  Write down what inspires you in your life. Write down what you are grateful for.  Keep a Gratitude Journal everyday.  When you really feel Gratitude for your life you will reach a stage where you have a tear in your eyes and you will know that tear represents your connection to your HEART OF GRATITUDE.  When you get to this point really appreciate yourself and your life.  Really love yourself and your life. Really celebrate yourself and your life.  Are you able to reach this point.  Keep trying till you do.  When you reach the point of wonderful gratitude tears coming down you will know and feel a deeper sense of Gratitude than you thought possible.  Enjoy the experience and let me know.

changesCOMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS:  Do not compare yourself with others.  Do not cloud your ability by comparing yourself to others as this shrinks your energy. You begin to see them as expanded and bigger than you.  Many people think they are not great and they are.  We all have great capacity we just forget it.  When you get to know the person you thought was greater than you, you may find that they are not as good as you thought they were.  You may even realise that you are better than they are.  When you compare yourself to others you are competing, you are making a judgement, you are criticising, you are undermining and your are belittling.  You call in the energy of comparism which has all the mental actions just described. Winston Churchill says “If you are going through hell, keep going.” You will eventually come out of it, just do not stop there.

YOUR GIFTS: Ask to know your Gifts and your Blessings. This Full Moon let this be revealed to you. Do you need to do this with sound, gong baths, crystals, dance or no sound, just silence?  Let  your Gifts shine through.  Make a list of the wonderful Gifts of You – like the picture below.  What words could you add to yourself? Wisdom, love, genius, creativity, creative, money, global, global family, social influence – make a difference to the world,  appreciated, wellness, vitality, beauty, sex appeal, energy, inspired, feel connected, commune with universe, cosmic, greatness, etc.  Find a picture of yourself and put powerful words to represent your Greatness and the Gifts you have. Let us look at ways to build you up. Let us look at ways to create a Vision Board.  Let us look at ways to Growing You. Let us look at your Gifts and your Talents. Let us rebuild and reshape your future and your new full you.

Toks Coker Golden Global Woman

11 11 11

On Thursday 11 January 2017 will be the first 11 day of the year, 2017.  2017 is a 10 year which makes a 1 year. An 11 Day brings surprises andGifting support.  Well, for me, the door bell rang and when I opened the door there was a gentleman with a box in his hand.  I got 7 scented chakra candles from my client.  I immediately set them up and lit them.  What a lovely 11:11 gift.  Then the neighbour from the next building rang my doorbell to check I received the parcel because it had gone to her flat and she realised it was for me.  How very kind of her to do this. I was really feeling cherished.  Then my cleaner arrived to iron all the clothes which made me very happy.  She has asked for a rise which I have given her with ease as she is absolutely wonderful.  What wonderful day this 11 January is turning out to be.  If I had gone to the gym I would have missed the delivery.  If I had not checked the teacher for the class then I would have gone to the gym as the teacher has left!  I really am being taken care of in a wonderful way. At the gathering tomorrow I will talk a bit more about the number 11.

11 1111 11An 11 Day accelerates change on a personal and collective energy.  It opens up our consciousness to awaken even more evolutionary well spring of courage, purpose and greatness. It engages us with others in a positive and a negative way. It super charges our energy. It is awakening in a new way. It opens new ways of passion and profound awareness. It is your Sacred Union with yourself.  It is the nurturing element of your Soul essence. It is a time of a brief spiritual development or involvement.  It highlights the stuck energy or vulnerability you feel as you awaken, like an egg cracking and the juices coming out or the chicken coming out.  It is a merging of your allowing with the cosmic.  It is the Divine Connection.  It is the Chaos of the Unknown.  It is the Quantum leap in dimension activating your memory to ‘see’ clearly on a deep way and to ‘hear’ what is not said.  It is a new way of being – AN ALCHEMICAL CHANGE. It is the balancing of you on a very deep level.  It is the Core of Love in the Shakti/Shiva Relationship of overflowing love and expansion.  It is a time to INCREASE YOUR VIBRATION.  It is a time to GO BEYOND – break through – to an in-depth process in you.  It is calling in 11 directions, 11 gifts, 11 anchoring patterns, 11 angels, 11 protective forces, 11 immortals, 11 ascendant masters, 11 engagements.  Honour your Spiritual Awareness, your Mystery, your Mastery, your11 11 11Refinement, your Power of Intuition, your Completion, your Alignment to Divine, your knowing, your Clarity, your Change, your Consciousness, your Unconsciousness, your Super Conscious, your Sub Consciousness, your Ability, your Exploration, Your Vortex of Power and Energy. Your Collective Gathering of Wholeness.  Your YOU Now.  it is your Empowered True Soul Purpose. It is your Acceptance Right Here and Right Now. Pay attention to it.  It is your new Wisdom and Depth.  It is your unfolding Intuition made visible and invisible. It is your Ascension into Oneness.  It is your Evolutionary Self.  It is you being aware of your time here on Earth when there is no time. It is the alignment of your CRYSTAL MATRIX and your CRYSTALLINE MATRIX. It is a gateway of Leadership. A Portal of Change. A Doorway of Magical Powers.  Our Alchemy of Truth and Light.  It is your RECONNECTION and CONNECTION to your Divinity. it is your evolutionary self saying hello to you.  It is a knowing.  It is your passion and your emerging. It is your remembering, your renewal and your inspiration pathway.

Gifting Immortals

One of the wonderful things with the Energy of Now is working with Immortals and calling in their protection and power.  When you look at the pictures below what power and gift do they give you?

To know more about the benefits of Meditation you can click the link to watch the live video I did on Facebook  for the Full Moon Full Moon in Cancer 12 January 2017

To get details of the Full Moon in Cancer and Sun in Capricorn Event click this link here:  Full Moon in Cancer 12 January

I have put all the 2017 London Moon Dates on this link http://blog.tokscoker.com/2017-moon-dates/


Invocation Blessing

for the Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn



We Greet You

With the Orchestral Gathering of Angels

Surrounding You in Your Moment of Need (Healing Your Trauma, Pain and Suffering)

Amplifying Your Greatness

We Greet You

allowing the fan of life to spread its wings

We Greet You

With the Water Fan of Life

Allowing the Spreading of Your Wings

In the Massive Expansion of Time

We Greet You

water and earth

We Greet You

With the Sacred Sound of Music

Connecting You Deep Within

To Your Inner Sound Resonance

We Greet You

angel protection

We Greet You

With the Angel of Protection

Protecting Your Home and You

Your Livelihood and Your Essence

We Greet You

moments of decision

We Greet  You

With Your Moments of Decision

Anchoring the Light of Inspiration and Insight

In the Collective Vortex of Life

We Greet You

labirynth of your life

We Greet You

With the Labyrinth of Your Life

Co- Awakening Growing Evolving Impulse

Animated in the Labyrinth of Your Mind

We Greet You

wisdom and actions

We Greet You

With the Actions You Take

Expressing Wisdom in Action

Courage in Your Heart

We Greet You

crystal moon workshops

We Greet You

With the Crystal Moon Workshops

Projecting Stability Peace Truth Power and Love

Flowing Deeply into Your Life

We Greet You

Smiling Legions of Light

We Greet You

With the Gathering of Friends

Legions of Light Gathering

Healing the World with Smiles

We Greet You

B Easy

We Greet You

With the Ease of Living

Inspired Compass to Be Easy with Yourself

Magically Living Your Life

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Alignment of Your Power and Purpose

Gifting Your True Essence

Opening Doors to Happiness

We Greet You

Sparkles of Joy

We Greet You

With Sparkles of Joy & Laughter

Enjoying the Presence of Your Golden Energy

In Your Own Wonderment of You

We Greet You

Smiling Buddhas

We Greet You

With the Smile of the Buddha

Buddhahood Smiling From Our Hearts

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo in the Perfection of Life

We Greet You

100% Charged

I Greet You

100% Charged

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon 12 January 2017



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