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  2. ENERGY OF NOW: Friday  28 December 2012  FULL MOON in Cancer with Sun in Capricorn  10:21GMT Element: Water
      1. Emotions & Vulnerability
      2. Home &  Nurturing
      3. Work & Money
  3. QUOTE: Full Moon in Cancer with Sun in Capricorn Quotes
  4. SONG:  Full Moon in Cancer song
  5. SHARING:  African Heritage
  6. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
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  8. Feedback from Workshops 12/12/12 and 21/12/12
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HAPPY 2013

INVOCATION BLESSING for Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn 28/12/12


We Greet You

With the Full Moon in Cancer

Fully Charged Emotions

Feelings of Fullness

Feelings of Emptiness

Calming Your Emotions

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Emotional Steering

Searching for Answers

Dialoguing with Wisdom

Longing for Peace

Finding Peace

We Greet You

Studing with Thoth

We Greet You

With Thoth Studying

Bringing in Genius Great Spirit

In the Flash of the Light

Across Portals of Land & Air

Still and Steady Wisdom

We Greet You

Calling Great Spirit

We Greet You

With Isis Ascension

Anchoring & Grounding Great Spirit

Light Shifts of Abundance

Receiving Blessings of Creativity

Freshly Beautifying Your Change

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Energy of HOLY 2013

Holy New Year

Happy New Year

Turning a New Akashic Record Page

Celestial Magic of Celebration

We Greet You

clear quartz cluster

We Greet You

With Enormous Blessings

Deeply Linked to the Star Sirius

Connecting to Egyptian Goddess Isis

Walking Tall, Eyes Gentle

Sparkling Gold Like Cleopatra

We Greet You

Kerim Serra Merve

We Greet You

With Peace

Jumping for Joy

Laughter Sounding

Resonating In Your Spinal Column

Internal Sound Radiating Out

We Greet You

flowers of love

We Greet You

With Perfection

Celebrating Perfection

Anointing Perfection

Living Perfection

The Perfection of You

We Greet You

21 12 12 Legions of Light Workshop with Hands of Light

We Greet You

Celebrating the Perfection of You

Laughing in the Fullness of Life

Anchoring Happiness Now

On the Mountain Hills

In the Beauty of Your Walk

We Greet You

little moon by peter li

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You


Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon in Cancer and Sun in Capricorn 28/12/2012

roses of love

ENERGY OF NOW:  FULL MOON in Cancer with Sun in Capricorn  Element: Water  Friday 28 December 2012    10:21GMT

Today’s full moon was at 10:21GMT this morning.  It passed slowly bringing in good news.  Did you feel it?  Leading up to today was a build up of emotions and feelings.  I hope you had a good Christmas and Boxing Day.  I wish you a happy full moon today and a lovely prosperous new year 2013.

Emotions & Vulnerability 

Some of you were with family at Christmas and Boxing Day.  Many of your were alone and had to process the events of the time with ease or tears.  I was alone on Christmas Day with the history channel. I was with my two brothers, my sister in law and her 3 children on Boxing Day.  On Boxing Day I was very emotional and vulnerable and cried: “I have not family.”  I should have known it was the full moon in cancer coming up today.  Full moon is a time of great emotions and great vulnerability.

Home & Nurturing

On 26 December I got healing from my family.  My young brother reminded me of the ALONE TIME we all have; and I want to share with you all the wisdom he shared with me as I cried in his kitchen:  “bear bottomNo matter whom you are with or not with, on any day; you are YOU and that is all that matters.   People do not define you and who you are.”  He said: “I spend many days alone in my flat in the year so why should it make any difference if I am alone on any day?  What matters is that you are YOU; whether you are alone or with others.  Sometimes being alone is better than mixing with others who give you pain.”  We should all take the blessings of the Alone Time and honour the sacredness with ourselves in that moment. NOW that is telling me, I thought.  Thank you universe for giving me two lovely brothers who saw me crying and immediately made every effort to make me happy.  They did not turn their backs on me.  They came towards me with love and so did my sister in law and the 3 lovely children.  So I stopped crying and started to laugh and laugh and laugh.  I had a wonderful ‘family’ time.

Water Element

This full moon will affect Cancerians like myself deeply and anyone with a strong water element in their astrological chart.  Tears are water and we are working with the angel of tears, the angel of healing water, the angel of water, and the angel of laughter all at once.

All Emotions Come Together

Full Moon in Cancer is a time to feel nurtured and to be nurtured.  It is like lying under a cosy blanket feeling snug.  You may find yourself emotional and vulnerable.  You may find yourself needing to have a sense of ‘family’ and ‘support’ around you.  You may find yourself feeling sad and sorry for yourself.  You may find yourself needing to ‘talk out’ your problems.  Then do so and then celebrate who you are right now.

So it was not surprising that I spent yesterday with two very different lovely women  who were crying and feeling exhausted and exasperated emotionally;  and they both ended up leaving my flat giving me big tight squeezey bear hugs – feeling happy and laughing.  Full Moon is truly an emotional roller costa.

Work & Money with the Capricorn Energy

homeSo much has happened energetically, personally, collectively to us all.  All these ‘many’ experiences are moving us through the portal of change and reflection; and they have created a kaleidoscope of life. We are all working to improve our lives: to work and earn money and use it in healthy spiritual or physical exchanges.   We all earn money to pay our rent or mortgage, buy clothes, food, shoes, car, drinks, etc.  The influence of Capricorn is a practical influence making us think of how we can improve on our lives as we enter the New Year 2013.  It asks: how do you intend to celebrate your life now with the energy of this full moon moving us confidently out of 2012 and into the New Year 2013.  Capricorn does not give up and with the energy of Cancer we merge emotional and practical together and celebrate in a practical emotionally wholesome way.  To help with all of this we will be holding a Full Moon in Cancer meditation workshop tonight from 7pm-10pm. http://tokscokerfullmoon1212.eventbrite.co.uk/ This is the last meditation of the year 2012!  Wow – time did go fast this year. See you then if you can make it.

QUOTE: Full Moon in Cancer with Sun in Capricorn Quotes

blue ray of hope

Truth and Love are two of the most powerful things in the world; and when they both go together they cannot easily be withstood.  Ralph Cudworth

Our bare feet are conscious of the sympathetic touch of our ancestors as we walk over this earth.  Chief Seattle

Healthy feet can hear the very heart of Holy Earth. Sitting Bull

SONG: Full Moon in Cancer song

The shamanic notes are very full on when Mari Boine sings here. Close your eyes and enjoy the notes and resonance in your spinal cord.  Mari Boine – Goaskinviellja / Eagle Brother (Oslo Opera House, 2009)    http://youtu.be/kprl0CECykA

peacock eyes

SHARING: African Heritage

helping handMartha Boadu, Ashanti Development
Martha Boadu, is the founder of Ashanti Development, who sells Ghanaian wooden crafts and has successfully used all the money to build clinics and schools in her village.  The fabulous Ghanaian Wood craft she is holding is called ‘Helping Hands’ meaning that when we give a helping hand to someone we go further and we achieve more together.  This is very full moon in Cancer and sun in Capricorn.  The energy of today is about working together to make something wonderful happen e.g. everyone coming together to make something wonderful like the 12/12/12 workshop and the 21/12/12 workshop we held 9 days apart.

Check out her website www.ashanti-development.org

What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop

calcite - blue green yellow

We will cover all the above working with the energy of the full moon and we will celebrate how we are right now.  We may journey to the park to sit by the tree.  We will be celebrating our greatness and our fullness and remember only good things about our lives and feed our auric field with good energy and good blessings and good happenings.


smokey quartz

  1. Commit to one thing to do – that is different from what you normally do.
  2. Admit to yourself how you feel about a situation and acknowledge it to yourself.
  3. Forgive yourself for what you have done and what you have not done.
  4. Aurically spray your home or office with auric spay to cleanse the energy.
  5. Gather a few ‘family’ people together and really laugh together. Feel the love in the air and feel yourself being loved by them.
  6. Hug someone from your heart and really mean it.
  7. Celebrate all you are today and all you have become today.  Do not concentrate on what you have not done or what you consider is wrong in your life.
  8. Make a list of 21 things that are right about you.  Enjoy the perfection of you now as you are.

Feedback from Workshops 12/12/12 and 21/12/12

21 12 12 Workshop with Toks Hands of Light with Legions of Light

A massive transformation and ascension to the  portal channel.  Visual meditations really helped because lots of different activations woke themselves up for the first time.  I’ve not done a clearing before on a past life regression before. Would love to do it again.  The energy really came alive during the portal dance and the greeting exercises.  Very enjoyable.  Love and Light  Mazin Shawish

It cleared and balanced my chakras.  The exercises were very thorough, very deep and symbolic. They were testing, intriguing and challenging.  The group energy was warm, enduring, committed, dynamic and embracing. Yanni Konstantinopulos

Loved the teacher – loving, very much enjoyed your facilitation.  Loved the warm and loving space.  I liked my uninhibited space.  I received an abundance of love and beautiful thinkers and gifts.  Betsy Stringhan

I am at the beginning of my personal spiritual awakening.  The group blended together in unity as one.  I found the teacher amazing.  The space was open, safe, inviting.  The overall experience was wonderful, excellent, different and enjoyable. Vijay Maru

Contact Details & Diary

Holding the Lightclear quartz cluster

2013 dates:http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

Friday 11 January 2013 New Moon 19:45GMT

Sunday 13/1/13 WORKSHOP

Sunday 27 January 2013 Full Moon 04:40GMT

Info on all Meditation: https://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

Info on New Moon Meditation: https://www.tokscoker.com_moon_meditation.html

Info on Full Moon Meditation: https://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html

See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
Love Toks xxxxxx


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