Full Moon in Capricorn; Sun in Cancer 3.7.2012


3.7.2012   actual time in London 7.52pm

Full Moon Meditation Workshop

Join us for the Full Moon Meditation tonight from 7pm-10pm.  The actual time of the Full Moon is 7.52pm tonight.  Please be punctual so we can bathe in the energy together.  Thank you.  http://tokscokerfullmoon0712.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C

What we Coveramathyst pyramids

We will be calling in the energy of Quan Yin with this meditation workshop.  Below you will find the Invocation Blessing, energy of the time, homework on Quan Yin, homework on intimacy, and a triumphant experience when healing family karma.

Invocation Blessing for FullMoon in Capricorn & Sun in Cancer 3.7.2012 by Toks Beverley Coker xxx

beauty divine

I Greet You

With the Beauty of Capricorn

Serene Peaceful Tranquil

Restful Soothing Comforting

Resourceful Capable Accomplished

I Greet You

gift of friendship Cem Tufekci & Toks Coker

I Greet You

With the Warm Embrace of True Friendship

Gifting 5 Petalled Lotus of Quan Yin

Directing the Light to You

Unwavering in Her Strong Protection

I Greet You

loving home

I Greet You

With A Lovely Peaceful Home

Making a Difference in Your Life

Anchoring Divine Success & Protection

Great Relationships Health & Happiness

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Courageous Optimism

Freely Communicating with Your Loved One

Giving your Pains your Fears your: BEing Your Real Self

Bringing You Closer Together

I Greet You

I Greet You

With a Thousand Hands of Quan Yin

Healing You Protecting You

Loving You Embracing You

Igniting Your Soul Essence

I Greet You

gift of frienship Merve Tufekci & Toks Coker

I Greet You

With the Gentle Touch of the Cancerian Kindness

Loving Embracing Empowering

Compassionate Encouraging Truthful

Mothering Homely Completing

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Burning Flames of Practical Action

Transcending Boredom Inertia Deadness

Uplifting You to Win Win Celebrations

Awakening Actions to Wholeness

I Greet You

I Greet You Golden Beings of Light

I Greet You

With Lakshmi, Goddess of Work & Good Fortune

Flourishing in the Temple of Your Life

Deeply Rooted with Mother Earth

Plodding Gracefully Centred  & Strong

I Greet You

Chakra Healing

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for FullMoon in Capricorn 3.7.2012

pink roses for unconditional love


Contradictions of the Full Moon? tuning in to crystal vibration

Practical Hard Working Capricorn with Emotional Home Loving Cancer come together with this Full Moon to balance the extremity of both signs bringing with it creative new way of moving forward like a ripple effect or a wave. Which are you today: a ripple or a wave? You are both! Constantly transforming and changing and evolving!

DEATH:  So all of a sudden you are crying at the memory of the loss of your brother and then contemplating your own death remembering that he suddenly collapsed because his legs could no longer support him and died 3 days later! How morbid and sad yet how practical and real. Sudden memory flashes giving insights releasing out-moded ways of thinking causing you to cry and cleanse yourself with the Angel of Water

timebeauty divineREFLECTIONS OF TIME: The day is over and I sit on my comfy old torn chair. And I ask myself: So what took your fancy today? So what did you do today? My mind is a blank as I try to remember my day. Time ticked on as I held Time by the hand.  So many things happened today and yet I feel I have done nothing today! What type of energy is this I ask myself? What did I do today: I did some research. I sorted out an outstanding issue. I did some price comparing and realised the difference in price was just £4! And it took me a long time to get to this realisation!!!! Yet I feel pleased with myself having created a wave in my life in my little ripple movements cascading to a whirl wheel of joyful stillness within. Welcome to the Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer.

CELEBRATION: What are you celebrating this full moon?  What am I celebrating you ask?  My Good Health. My birthday on 7 July. I run the British 10K on 8 July. Olympics in 23 days!  I am celebrating the question: How do I make something exciting happen in my life? What should I make happen?  Are you celebrating?

FULL MOON in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer GODDESS

Quan YinQuan Yin – Kuan Yin – Quan’Am – Kanin – Kannon

Goddess of Compassion. Goddess of Mercy. Goddess of Beauty & Grace.  Goddess of Healing. Goddess of Forgiveness.  Directs the Flames of Compassion and Mercy.  Triumphs over evil and negativity.  Ascendant Master. A Celestial Bodhisattva.  She Listens to Your Cry and the Cry of the World.  She hears the sound of suffering of the world and hears people crying out for help and goes to help them.  Gautama Buddha was her Master.  Helps change your Karma as she is on the Karmic Board.  Patroness of Women and Birth and unborn Children.  Divine Mother.  A male & female Goddess all at once or androgynous.

isisThe male equivalent of Quan Yin is Avalokitesvara in Sanskrit and Chenrezig in Tibet. He was born from a ray of light that sprang from Amitabha Buddha’s right eye. Amitabha Buddha is the Buddha of Infinite Light. ‘Amitabha’ means ‘Infinite Light. Many invoke Avalokitesvara with the chant “Om Mane Padme Hum”.

Many cultures and religions have Quan Yin equivalents. She is Isis in Egypt, Mother Mary in Christianity and the Green Tara in Tibetan Buddhism. In Hinduism she is 4 goddesses: Shakti, wife of Vishnu, Parvarti, wife of Shiva, Radha, wife of Krishna, and Sita, wife of Rama. She is Artemis in Greece and Ha Hai-i Wuhti of Hopi Indian lore.

I Greet You

With Shakti, Parvarti, Radha & Sita

From the Ascension Chamber

Pouring Red Radiating Flowers

Of Love Peace & Happiness

We Greet You

HOMEWORK with Quan Yin

Speaking with Quan Yin

Call on her through your third eye chakra and link in with the 6th ray of Indigo. Or just sit and pray to her.

Soul Recognition with Quan Yin

In this U-Tube video, which of the images do you like the most?  Which resonates with you the moment you see it?  It will be a recognition to your soul connection with Quan Yin.  http://youtu.be/uj-Q1Z30PTA

Imee Oei singing Quan Yin Pusa Chant

Close your eyes and listen to the chant with your mind, body and spirit. http://youtu.be/IHu01i4BO04

Dancing with Quan Yin

Look at the two dancing videos below and feel yourself dancing with them and feel the healing within your mind, body and spirit.  It really is quite exhilarating.   Enjoy the precision of Capricorn and the emotion of Cancer in this Utube video of China Disabled Peoples Performing Arts Troup who are hearing impaired.  When you think you cannot do something because of visible or invisible disability you know deep inside you you can rise rise rise. 

Tai Lihua, art director of China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, leads 20 deaf dancers to perform “Thousand-hand Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva”, or “Guan Yin”, a Chinese goddess, in Beijing February 19, 2008. Feeling music through speakers and guided by hand gestures, a troupe of deaf dancers in Beijing take steps to champion the rights of disabled people across the world. Olympic Village in Beijing July 31, 2008

  1. Can you SEE the number 3’s merging to number 1? What else do you see with this full moon? What do you learn about yourself?  http://youtu.be/GYDjsV8Xi6c  

  2. Do you SEE:  the EYE in her hand, the wheel of life, the circle of life, the spiralling golden mean? What else do you see with this full moon? What do you feel inside yourself?  http://youtu.be/bU2hKsHx-zo
  3. Quan Yin teaches love and compassionate kindness:  As long as there is love and kindness in your heart a thousand hands will come to your aid.  As long as there is love and kindness in your heart you will naturally reach out to help with a thousand hands too.  Feel yourself helping with a thousand hands. Nice feeling.Quan Yin with dragon

Love is our Common Language
When Your Heart is Full of Love and Kindness
You will Give to Others
a Helping Hand a Thousand Times Over
and be Helped
a Thousand Times in Return

threeNumerology of 3

  1. ELF Earth Link and Flow
  2. Sun Moon Earth
  3. Mind Body Spirit
  4. Father Son Holy Ghost
  5. Past Present Future
  6. Life Death Re-birth

heart within hearts


Worrystay or leaveSo many of you are asking about your intimate relationships. You are expressing feeling disappointed in each other and in your life.  Feeling monotonous and bored in your intimate relationships.  Feeling empty and wanting to walk away and give it all up. Feeling ‘dead’, not alive, lethargic and ‘duty’ bound.  So many things kill a relationship.  Control kills and pushes a person away. In love we control our lover to avoid pain, loss, and jealousy. We are upset when we do not get our own way – you were not able to control your lover!  You may think you do not control your loved one but think when last you tried to control them by criticising them, having contempt for them, undermining them, withdrawing from them or just being defensive all the time.  We all use these behaviour from time to time in our relationships.  We try to control be being defensive with our response.  We try to control be withdrawing from our loved ones.  My ex-boyfriend withdrew a lot and I always thought it was my fault!  I was always faithful but he accused me of being unfaithful!  I was always defending myself and trying to make him love me!  How sad is that!  Some of you have had affairs in the hope to spark your life up with another person only to be disappointed in that too!  Why not have an affair with the person you are with now?  Re-sparkle what you had and more. 

eye amathystHow lazy are you today? Are you too lazy to try?  Is this is a fear of success? How authentic are you in your living environment? Do you pretend to be happy with your partner when you really want to leave them and the kids! Are you half living your life pretending everything is OK when you do not feel it is? Are you trying so hard to ‘fit in’ that you have lost who you truly are? Do you know who you truly are without a book to remind you? Or are you changing at such a rapid stage you no longer know who you are becoming or who you are!!!

Let us take a different approach and consider 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and apply them to our intimate relationships!!!  I love that.  Full Moon in Capricorn celebrates achieved success in work and Sun in Cancer celebrates achieved success in intimate relationships.

1.    Be Proactive.  I take responsibility for my life. I control my responses. We choose to be happy.
2.    Begin with the end in mind.  Goal.   I keep my goal in mind: I am in a happy relationship now.
3.    Put first things first – Prioritise.  I learn to love myself: First I love me then I share my love.
4.    Think win win or no deal: We win together. We respect each other. We find a solution together.
5.    Understand: Seek first to understand and then to be understood.  Let me listen to you first.
6.    Synergy: the whole is greater than some of its part. We co-create our happiness together.

7.    Self renewal and self maintenance.  I enhance myself. I renew myself. I feel sexy and gorgeous.

sacred intimacyloving intimacy

HOMEWORK on Intimacyintimacy in time

  1. Bring Love Back into your relationship.  Notice how they both call each other back into each others life.  Why not incorporate some of these feelings into your love intimate relationship and carry them out?  http://youtu.be/0dSeYecM6wA
  2. I Create Beauty Alone – How do you create beauty alone?  What things do you do that create beauty in your life and in other people’s lives?  How do you continue when all around you fail you?  Breathe in the colour and the movement into you life and feel the spiralling movements in you. Be the dancer in this video and activate your cellular note within you.  Sometimes the buck starts with you not someone else: create what you want in yourself first: you will attract what you are seeking   http://youtu.be/2h2fdZ6XpR8
  3. In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People above What other positive relationship sentences can you make?  Please send them to me so I can share with everyone in the next blog.  Thank you Toks xxxx

RISINGtransmuting rising transformingtransforming poison to medicine

We Greet You

With the Lemurian & Atlantian Flames

Holding Flaming Swords of Truth & Freedom

Cutting Weeds & Thorns in Garden of Joy

Clearing Pathways for Humanities Happiness

We Greet You


Real Life Experience: Healing Family Karma


A Story Finished, A Loop Closed, A Wound Healed, A Heart Reborn

For years I was your harbinger of death.
I wished you nothing but pain and torment, vengeance and suffering.
I was the gate keeper to your dungeon,
The Satan of your soul.Ioanis and his father

I wanted you to know me as your pain.
Not a thorn in your side,
But a dagger in your heart,
Twisted with poison….

And yet, what I have lived in this last decade and more,
Is my own deep suffering, In my own deep hell.

I realised that I am the gate keeper to this suffering,
That I hold all the keys,
And that really, Ioanis and his father 7 monthsI was the one twisted with poison….

For years I was aware though I stubbornly stumbled forward,
Drunk on a blood-filled intent of vengeance.

Like a chain from the murky depths,
My ire for you was never ending.
It was my life purpose,
To see you suffer by my hand.

I became a volcano of rage-filled fury,
And like the sage old Buddhist saying goes,
I was the one getting burned.

And so to this day, This time, And this place. Why must I hate? Why must I suffer?
For what and for who?
There is no reason.
There never was, nor will there ever be.ioanis and dad (14 yrs)

Just like me, you are seeking happiness father.
May you receive it.
Just like me, you have known sadness, loneliness and despair father.
May you receive pure love.
Just like me, you are learning about life.
May you receive the wisdom that your soul is asking for dad.

And so, I release myself of the cold, dark bondage of suffering,
I let go of the fury, the rage and the hatred.
The poison is now medicine.
The circle is complete.

I am a Victor once more!
Freed from the chains of suffering,
Standing tall and strong atop a mountain of tranquillity,
Holding aloft my sword of Truth.

Ho and so it is.   Ho and so I AM.
Ho and so it shall always be.

‘FREEDOM’ by Ioanis Konstantinopulos 2012

Thank you Ioanis for this WONDERFUL contribution. Love Toks xxxx

Lord Templer Greets Youmother and childI Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

amathyst cave

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

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Isis Welcomes You

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