Full Moon in Gemini Event


Darlings put in your diary.  We will be CELEBRATING this NewMoon Meditation – NEWMOON IN GEMINI. 

Actual time of this NewMoon in Gemini is 1.11pm.  So we will be gathering at 12pm to be in the actual time of the meditation by 12.45 so we enter the actual London NewMoon time.  How fabulous.

Date:       Sunday 24 May 2009

Cost:        £40

Time:       12pm – 3.30pm

PROPOSED Order of the Day – it may change.  {Make sure you have a good breakfast to take you over lunch time}  

12pm – 12.45pm : Arrive and write your NewMoon wishes.  {Make sure you have a good breakfast to take you over lunch time}  BOUNCING IDEAS.  FREE AS THE AIR, THE WIND, THE BREEZE.  Communicating to Divine & Self & Others

12.45pm – 2.30pm : NewMoon Meditation of Triumph   Actual time of this NewMoon in Gemini is 1.11pm. We will be anchoring and downloading and receiving.   

2.30pm  – 3.30pm : NEWMOON IN GEMINI LUNCH:  this is part of the meditation.   A very important part of this NewMoon.  A candle will be lit for this occasion.  Bring a candle you would like to light for this occasion.  Bring something to share so we can all have lunch together e.g. salads, rice, fish, vegetables, etc. [NO pork/ham/pitzza] Let me know what you are bringing.  FOOD FOR THOUGHT.  COMMUNICATOR.  A Gemini activity.  Do something different and share food and laughter.  A very NewMoon in Gemini activity

3.30pm : Close the Meditation of Triumph.

Please let me know you can make it and also what you will bring to share.  All you great cooks lets see you celebrate with us.  If you cannot make it but can send something to share that is OK……we welcome the celebration…..

5pm – 10pm : On this day I will be going to Taplow Court to listen to the concert – JAZZ at the Movies – which starts at 7pm.  £10 proceeds go to UNICEF.  If you are able to come please buy your ticket on 01628591234 or  www.sgi-uk  under ending what’s on.  We will go early to see the house at 6pm.  We can go in a convoy for those who are able to make this or we can meet up there.  Taplow Court is open from 4pm so you can go early to view the grounds and have a picnic.  Entry is free.




The symbol is the TWINS.  SOCIAL Behavior of the Twins:  They are friendly with a wide variety of friends and interests….. They love communicating and mixing with friends…. Eating … A time for variety…..making new friends……. ….  Lively …. Chatty…..  Moving ….  Travelling….. Partying…….Sharing ideas, food, laughter….    Connecting….. and much more…..

Blessings and more will be on my blog before the NewMoon Meditation.  So you can check it out from time to time…..

Venue – St Johns Wood in London – Call me for venue information – 07973 210 107


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