Full Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sag 25 Nov 2015


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Are you a Soul Seed, Star Seed or Earth Seed?  What are you?  This Full Moon makes us question things and look at the way we communicate to each other.  When we communicate with each other are we communicating from a space of full of light or darkness?

Rainbow Candle Light BlessingGemini asks us – What information do we want to gather and share?  What do we want to communicate? Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is quick and alert.  Mercury separates only to come back together and merge as ONE.  It is versatile and alive. Gemini asks how can we be ONE with all the chaos around us?

Sagittarius asks us – What truth and meaning our we searching for?  What do we want to communicate?  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which calls forth happiness and good fortune in our questing and restlessness. How can we be happier as ONE?

Both Gemini and Sagittarius want to communicate same things differently and different things the same way!  We have opposition and conflict.  We have extreme feelings of ‘uncontrollable’ emotions.  We have Air(Gemini) and Fire (Sagittarius).  We all know that Air makes the Fire burn more.

This is a powerful Full Moon. It highlights the ‘nobleness’ of the Human Spirit. I dedicate this Full Moon posting to the memory of Maya Angelou, an elder, a woman worthy of great respect.

God bless you all for reading my spiritual blog posts. Thank you. Amen. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Namaste. Love Toks xxxxx

Pain and Suffering

hathorWhat is the deep pain you have covered up that you did not know you were covering up?  What makes you suffer but you deny it does? What are you hiding? What are you camouflaging?

Do you visit someone and spend the time gossiping and say bad things about others and even to the person you visit?  Are you there to cheer them up or upset them?  Is it that important to you to make your life better than there’s?  Are you so small in your thinking and your doing that your behaviour and words disempower and you enjoy the results of the dis-empower-ment you see in front of you?

Really ask yourself – What are you hiding?  What are you camouflaging? You cannot go round your problem. You have to go deep into the middle of your problem and face it. Not an easy thing to do with this energy.  As you may be prone to attack the person and have a fight.  Better to be calm and not react.

How are we feeding our Soul?

foodLife really is a sad case of hysteria, if, even after the Paris bombs, and all the warfare in the world, we in our own small worlds, feel the need to undermine, belittle and crush another.  What is the difference between you and the people hurting others by killing them or throwing bombs if you are doing the same thing – hurting people or destroying dreams.

How many people are destroying others through the words they type on social media?  Why does it give you so much pleasure to hurt another?  Why do we need to get into arguments on social media?  Would it not be nice to be nice to each other?

But people are jealous, envious, angry, sad, greedy and critical.  People need to be heard and recognised and find it difficult to do acts of kindness; as they believe the wickedness will bring fear and fear will bring respect.  Is that not a sad state of the world today?  At what stage do we say enough is enough?

I ask the question again: What are you feeling your Soul?  What are we feeding our Souls?

Reflections of Your Soul:  Longing Vs. Discontentment

Reflection of Your SoulIn the Reflections of Your Soul you come to a point where you look at your Longings vs. your Discontentment.

What are you discontented about?  Perhaps you are tired you are in the same flat for year or you have not made any progress in your finances to enable you to buy or get a bigger space.  Perhaps you are tired you look so uninteresting and old.  Perhaps you are unhappy about your lot in life. Perhaps you are discontent about where you are right now and you are feelings stuck, imprisoned and trapped.  Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by your lack and your depression?  Perhaps you are feeling discontent with your family, your friends and your social life?  Perhaps you are disappointed in your relationship and achievement.  Perhaps you do not feel worthy enough.  What are you discontent about?

What are you longing for?  What would you love?  By knowing what you do not like you know what you life.  By knowing what you miss you know what you want and what you love.

  1. What is your Mind longing for?  A good book to read, an intellectual conversation, a simple conversation, rest, peace?
  2. What is your Body longing for?  Exercise, walk in the grass, good healthy food, a shower, a good nights sleep, dancing?
  3. What is your Spirit / Soul longing for?  Hibernation, solitude, contemplative time, nourishment, relaxing music, beautiful scenery, meditation?

Difficulties of Life  Life can be damaging, hurtful, sad and lonely.  As you walk the PATH OF LIFE you come across your obstacles, challenges and difficulties. How do you approach them?  How do you face the?  How do your journey around them or with them?  Where and How do you put your feet?

difficultiesYou may feel sad you have no children, no dog, no home, no new clothes or shoes.  You may feel lonely you have not partner or someone special in your life.  You may feel damaged because you feel no one loves you or includes you in things.  You may feel isolated and not loved in the group dynamics around you.  You may feel isolated yet surrounded by everyone.  You may need money to pay for basics like food, shelter and clothing.  You may feel you have no one to support you.

Yours These overwhelming feelings of isolation, abandonment, not being loved or cared for are real.  They are your feelings.  They are real to you.  Own them.  Live them. Accept them.  It is no use denying them or pretending they do not exist.  This Full Moon brings up these overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.  People are tired of war on all levels – war around the world, war in families and war in the mind.  Many Shamans say it is the time of great change and the light of the Full Moon always brings in powerful light to shine on what needs to be cleaned up.

Crying As you own them, accept them and live them you may find yourself crying silently or aloud.  You can cry alone.  You can cry with someone.  You can discuss your feelings and cry as you do so. This is not about telling everyone your problem on social media.  It is about finding your internal truth, wisdom and insight to the situation.  I find crying a healing process. It is a release process.  A flowing process.  Crying is working with the Angel of Tears and the Angel of Water and the Angel of Flow.

This energy makes you aware of the conflicts within you brought about by another persons words and actions.  It highlights your duality, anxiety, uncertainty and stress level.  The choice to see the truth and change is yours.  Do you want a healthy mind set or not?

Celebrating the Small WINS

buddhaAfter crying you then Celebrate the Small WINS in your life. Perhaps someone will reflect them back to you and say them.  Perhaps you will reflect on your life after crying your healing tears.  You then look at the Small WINS in your life.  Perhaps you do have people who truly love you – the person who is always there loving you that you sometimes forget and do not notice. Perhaps you realise you do have good health and your heart beats regularly. Perhaps you realise that you are after all not bad looking and you do look wonderful and you do have a wonderful smile.  Perhaps you do have a good job and you are earning good money.  Perhaps you do have a nice smile and lovely teeth.  Perhaps you do have children you love you.  Perhaps you do have one very good friend who truly loves and cares for you.  Perhaps ……

Celebrating BirthdaysWhat Small WINS can you celebrate about your life with this Full Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius?  Celebrate your victories. Celebrate your completions.  Celebrate your growth.  Celebrate how far you  have come. Celebrate healing your pain.  Celebrate talking and visiting someone who has hurt you and being their friend.  Celebrate forgiving.  Celebrate forgiveness.  Celebrate who you have become. Celebrate the purity in you. Celebrate your YOU. Celebrate You learning from your ‘mistakes’ and your insights.  Celebrate You determining to make a commitment to your happiness and to your living a life of happiness.

Celebrate making friends with yourself. You determine to make friends with yourself first and then find at least a friend you can communicate with. Celebrate healing a rift.  Celebrate making someone happy. Celebrate going out of your way for someone.  Celebrate going the extra mile.

thank you for my cakemaking a wishcutting my cake

Life on earth is full of needs, but among all the needs, the need of a friend is the greatest. There is not greater misery than being friendless. This earth would turn into heave if one had a desired friend in life, and heaven, with all the bliss it offers, would become hell in the absence of the friend one loves.  A thoughtful soul always seeks a friendship that lasts long.  The wise prefers a friend who will go with him through the greater part of his life’s journey. The miniature of our life’s journey may be seen in our ordinary travelling. If, when we are going to Switzerland, we make friends with someone who is booked for Paris, his company will last only so far, and, after that, all the rest of the journey we shall have to go alone.  Every friendship on earth will go so far and then will stop. Hazrat Inayat Khan

Greeting the Full Moon

The Future: Impermanence

Divine CallingFor me, in today’s world, we are in a kaleidoscope. Sometimes we see lovely colours and images and sometimes we see the ugliness of life. The world needs to change and we are all going through enormous change.  We all know that anything is possible and that everything is impermanent.  Let us look at the fertilisation of life. The Sperm fertilises the Egg and it grows into an Embryo.  When the embryo grows into a baby it is born as a boy or girl baby. The boy or girl baby grows into a child, becomes a teenager, and then an adult. We have the cycle of life as a mother births her child, who in turn births her/his child; so we have grandchildren and great grandchildren. Life moves on to old age; till spirit of death takes over. The impermanence of life births and kills life in a natural rhythm of life.  Do we as human beings need to add to this death cycle of life by our murderous cruelty and unspeakable crimes we commit against each other for the sake of one ideology or another, for the sake of one erroneous view point over another, and one mental problem over another?  The following relevant quotes are by Thick Nhat Hanh:

People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.

Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible.  Thick Nhat Hanh

lifeBelonging  The need to belong is important in today’s world. What is happening in the world today is a reflection of what is happening in our minds today.  The need to belong and be included as a collective is very important.  Humanity has reached a state where mankind is tired of the negative side effects of belonging, oppression, control and morality.

There is a human revolution taking place here on Earth. There is a universal sense of belonging as ONE. This planet will only survive if we come together to save it.  Do we want to repeat the mistakes of the far past – the Atlantian and Lumerian mistakes?  This Full Moon sheds its light on the World and on our morality with each other and our reverence for Mother Earth.  What philosophy of life will unite man to trust each other?  A philosophy based on friendship, trust and peace.

Energy Vs. Oil  We all are aware of the game of power played behind the doors – games we cannot see or are aware of.  Yet we know.  Today a few good men are creating Energy without using Oil.  FREE Energy will shift the world – if energy is free oil will loose its power.  We know how the pharmaceutical organisation are attacking alternative practitioners and killing many.  We know how we live in oppression, control and anger.  We all know that you cannot make money out of FREE Energy – you make money out of oil.  I look forward to a world of FREE ENERGY.  I look forward to a world free of cynicism.

Maya Angelou 1928-2014

Maya AngelouWomen  We, the women of today, are standing on the shoulders of the great women before us.  Women who survived concentration camps, slavery, rape, witch burning and any form of abuse. We hear many great actresses dedicate their awards to women who came before them.  The reverence and respect for elders and for those who have paved the way for us as women is very important.  Today, we see the rise of woman in all areas of life – in politics, in media, in organisation and in the home.  No longer are they allowing themselves to be suppressed or oppressed.  No longer are they remaining silent.

Today I choose Maya Angelou as my mentor and guide and I want to share some of her greatness with this wonderful Full Moon. She was raped at 7 years old and did not speak for years after.  Good came out of the evil that happened to her.  You can see it in her life and in her books.  I got this lovely picture of her from PoetsOrg.  She looks like my father’s mother.

I love Maya Angelou’s poem – Still I Rise – watch her read it on Utube: Still I Rise. You can read the words and more on MayaIn the HOMEWORK Section below I give you homework on Maya – I believe a good way to move your life in pain and with strong reflection. Let me know how you did.

Mothers  Maya openly shares that her mother told her that she (her mother) was too mean to lie.  She shares how her mother taught her how to love and how to be liberated. You can read more about her life. RIPP Dr Maya Angelou.   Here is her official website Maya Angelou.  Two quotes from Maya:

We need the courage to create ourselves daily.


Air of SunlightFree Information  We move away from Gurus, secrets laws and hidden power. We look within to find our own power.   Everything is there for everyone to use.  Nothing is secret in the Aquarian age.  Google is Aquarian – sharing information to all. Today is about finding wisdom within yourself, finding your own Higher Self.  It is about looking within for your own source of power and inspiration.

We no longer need to rely on outside forces to give us power – we look within. You are the force you have been looking for.  You are the answer.  Just go within and see your own individual shining light  you will be amazed how lovely it shines and how beautifully it sparkles.

You are such a sparkling shiny light. You are a Star Child. You are a Star Seed. Say aloud to yourself:  I am a sparkling shiny light.  I am a Star Child. I am a Star Seed.  I am an a Light Being here on Earth.

Meditation for Life  Meditation helps you to look within and find your own power and your own truth and your own inspiration.  Meditation helps you to say what you need to say.  It transforms you way of being.  It helps to transform your karma, release negative binding contracts and vows, as well as, remove entities and implants from you.  Meditation teaches us that  there is no need to feed the Guru mentality.  It teaches us to make life fun and not struggle with life.  It teaches us to live from a point of NOBILITY and SERENITY.

29 November 2015

100,000 people meditating for world Peace Light and Love. Can you imagine the power of the energy generated for the world and for us humans?

Let us celebrate 29 November, an 11:11 day and the 333 day of the year with a GLOBAL HEALING MEDITATION and call in ONENESS, ONE HEART, ONE WORLD.  Join the world in unifying and praying for GLOBAL LOVE, GLOBAL  HEALING, GLOBAL PEACE, GLOBAL HAPPINESS and GLOBAL HARMONY.

This powerful event is being held in Mexico live.  We can all link in and do something.  It is a time for prayer and a time for forgiveness. A time to release judgments. A time to focus on great things and join hands in harmony. A great festival of light where we chant NAAM. You can sign up to join and read more about this on  http://lovepeacelighttoall.com/

I will be linking in to the exact time in Mexico. I will also be tuning in with the world from 10:45am to 11:15am.  I will be taking in the 11:11 vibration and calling in the energy of the 11:11 workshop I did on 11 November. I know I will spend the whole day keeping a good thought for global love, harmony, peace and happiness. Will you join me?  Let us create miracles in our lives.

29 november

Invocation Blessing: Full Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius

25 November 2015

channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon


We Greet You

With the Fascinating Universal Galaxy

Illuminating its Symphony of Light

Prioritising, Dancing its Magical Note

We Greet You

Calling Divine Energy

We Greet You

With Hands Raised to the Divine

Connecting to Great Spirit

Thankfully Adorning Our Lives

We Greet You

Touching Our Hearts

We Greet You

With Hands on Our Hearts

Breathing In and Out: Honouring Our Sacredness

Balancing Our Souls

We Greet You

Bowing with Reverence

We Greet You

With Bowing Gratitude

Bowing with Reverence: Seeing Your Brilliance

In the Vortex of Your Soul Eyes

We Greet You

Bowing in Gratitude

We Greet You

With Oneness, Love, Harmony and Peace

Blessing the World: Blessing You

Inviting More Love into Your Life

We Greet You

Happy Group

We Greet You

With the Musical Gathering of Light

Releasing Your Suffering and Pain

Filling You Up with Happiness & Lightness of Being

We Greet You

sexy shoes and lady

We Greet You

With Your Sexiness and Sassiness

Celebrating Your Bold Magnificence

In the Fullness of the Full Moon

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Our Friendly Smiles

Globally Connecting

Evolving Great Liberation of Life

We Greet You

3 Successful Ladies

We Greet You

With the Smiles of Success

Anointing You with ‘Congratulations You are a Genius’

Radiating its Pure Essence to You

We Greet You

Global Gatherings

We Greet You

With Global Gatherings of Love

Celebrating Your Grandness & Greatness

Blooming Your Business & Personal Life

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Dance of Life

Living Graciously Each Day

In Soul Fullness and Spirit Fullness

We Greet You

5 Stars

We Greet You

With the 5 Stars of Light

Engaging the Activation Portals of Hope

In the Transformational Healing of the World

We Greet You

trinity power

We Greet You

With the Primordial Trinity of Light

Treasuring Your Sacred Moments of Life

Illuminating Your Essence this Full Moon

We Greet You

sacred women

We Greet You

With the Ancestral Chain of Longevity

Giving You Health and Wealth

In Your Immortal Strong Powerful Balanced Mind

We Greet You

Gary in Egypt

We Greet You

With the Egyptian Temple Keepers

Flooding You with Power Light

Trusting You in Your Sacred Ascension Chamber of Light

We Greet You

beautiful lady

We Greet You

With the Radiance of Beauty

Touching Your Soul Beautifying Your Soul

Touching Your Spirit Beautifying Your Spirit

We Greet You

chi internal energy life force

We Greet You

With the Internal Chi Energy

Unfolding Within, Circulating Great Chi

Rejuvenating Fullness of Life Force,  Power and Joy

We Greet You

Powerful Denise

We Greet You

With the Angels of Energetic Power

Healing You With Love

Peaking the Love: With the Power of Healing Smiles

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Steps of Discernment

Celebrating Your Achievements

Your Soul’s Cry of Accomplishment

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Love You Share Together

Blessing Each Other

Honouring Each Other

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Memories You Share

The Laughter and the Fun

The Moments in Time that Make Life Worth It

We Greet You


We Greet  You

With the Vortex of Light

Calling Forth and Gathering the Light

Amassing the Formidable Power of Love on Earth

We Greet You

3 stars

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon in Gemini 25 Nov 2015

light beingsone tree many branches


  1. One Tree – Many Branches  You are one tree with many branches.  You come together with another tree and your become two trees with individual branches.  Do your branches work together? Do some work together and some do not?  Are you able to collaborate with others?  Are you able to share with others?  You are one tree with many branches – what are you doing with your branches?  What are your branches saying about you and your character and your habits? What Fullness of your branches are you celebrating?  What fullness of another tree are you celebrating?
  2. Something Different  Do something different with this Full Moon. If you feel like staying in, go out. Go out, mix and learn with others.
  3. Nourishing Self  Feed your Soul, your Mind and your Body. Learn a skill or polish up an old one.
  4. List 5 things you are grateful for everyday.
  5. Beacons of Light  We are all beacons of light for each other.  Who are you a beacon of light for?  Who is a beacon of light for you?
  6. Stood in the Gap  Who has Stood in the Gap for you so you could cross or helped your though the Gap?  Who did you stand / or hold / or lie down in the Gap for – so they could cross the Gap?
  7. Thank You   Who will you be thanking this Full Moon for helping you to be were you are right now?  Thank them.  Send them a thank you card.  Let them know. Celebrate them as you Celebrate yourself.
  8. God Use Me Use this Life.  I do not know what this Life holds for me.  God please use Me.  Help Me to Create Value whatever I do. There is a Vision greater than mine help me to achieve it.  Use Me.
  9. Living  How are you living a better life?
  10. Phenomenal How are you acting as a Phenomenal Woman?  Listen to Dr Maya Angelou recite her Poem Phenomenal Woman.  How do you relate this to yourself.
  11. Facing Evil  How are you facing evil in your life? Watch this wonderful video on Facing Evil with Maya Angelou.

Toks Coker

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