Full Moon in Libra & Total Lunar Eclipse 15/4/2014


Tuesday 15 April 2014    RainbowFull Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries         (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – West Asia, East in North America, Parts of South America             Time of Eclipse 08.43 BST London       Element Air/Fire

Have you been having sleepless/restless nights or/and disturbing dreams?  Sensing an inner change?  A need to do something and not knowing what and then not doing or suddenly doing!  Have you been feeling doubt, uncertain, insecure and vulnerable? Have you been feeling funny, uncomfortable, suspicious in the past few days?  Have you been fighting with your internal silent self with self confidence issues questioning your ability and your possibilities.  Over emotional?  Inconsolable? Revelations?  Truths? False? You are in the vortex of this amazing matrix of energy known as the Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon. During the day, call in the energy of the Sun. During the night, call in the energy of the Moon.

As always we will be holding a Moon Circle Meditation to celebrate Balance and Happiness at 7pm on 15/4/2014. For more details and to book, click here: www.fullmoonlibra2014.eventbrite.co.uk

There is so much in this blog as the energy vortex is quite strong.  There are many alignments bringing a lot of magical happenings in our lives.  There is a quantum shift bringing a super charged vortex of waves of celestial portals of light and healing over the next two weeks in the month of April.  Like the London marathon just gone on Sunday, we are being pushed to be more than we are.

On the Menu we have:

  1. toks loves hand rollsInvocation Blessing:  (I have put this throughout the blog) Tuesday 15 April 2014    RainbowFull Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries         (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – West Asia, East in North America, Parts of South America             Time of Eclipse 08.43 BST London       Element Air/Fire
  2. ENERGY OF NOW: RainbowFull Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE
    1. MONTH OF APRIL: RELIGIONS ROUND THE WORLD –scroll down to April  2014 Dates of Power
    2. Purification: Journey; Surrender; Questions; Choices; Boat Journey; Celebration; Christ Consciousness
    3. Scientific Fact from Nasa
    4. Energetic Fact – Cardinal Grand Cross
  3. toks loves sashimi
  4. HEALING WORDS & QUOTES: Full Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries   (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE
  5. ENERGY OF PAST:  REFLECTION OF PAST: previous Lunar Eclipses and previous Full Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries
  6. Full Moon ENERGISTS:
    1. What is an Energist?
    2. What is an Energist Trainer?
  7. Full Moon VICTORIES:  Belly Dance 
    1. What is your Victory?
    2. Belly Dance School – Claudia
  8. Homework

Invocation Blessing:  Tuesday 15 April 2014 

  RainbowFull Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries  (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker xxx

Full Moon

We Greet You

With the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse & The Cardinal Cross

Your Soul Metamorphosis

In the Portal of Darkness and Light

We Greet You

Fire of Aries

We Greet You

With the Sea of Fire Chi

Nurturing the Seeds of Your Day

Giving Answers When You Awake

We Greet You

Water Air Earth

We Greet You

With the River of Light

Aligning Your Greatness

In the Ripple of Your Life

We Greet You

Dancing Singing Energists

We Greet You

With the Ship of Destiny

On Your Journey of Consciousness

Living Your Life Destined For You

We Greet You

Sally Canning Energy Dancer

We Greet You

With the Light Beings of Peace

Supporting You Cascading Your Eternity

With Miracles & Magic

We Greet You

Irene Lambert

We Greet You

Integrating your Light Force

Activating Your Inner Heart

Looking at Yourself

We Greet You

Beautiful Energist

We Greet You

In the Vortex of Your Opportunities

Bringing in more Sacredness

Into Your Aligned Life

We Greet You

Rosette Poletti and Gisele Bourgoin

We Greet You

With the Spiritual Pioneer

Power House Vortex of Life

Globally Awakening Yourself & Others

We Greet You

Fair Beauty

We Greet You

In the Cardinal Grand Cross

Vortex of Energetic Light

Allowing Passages of Communication

We Greet You

Lovely Smile

We Greet You

With the Codes of Opening

Integrating Connection

Soul Synergy Transmitting You to Portals of Greatness

We Greet You

A designer, A healer, A lawyer

We Greet You

With the Sound of Laughter

Invigorating Your Vortex of Light

Anchoring Your Note of Resonance

We Greet You

Live Long and Prosper says Sylvia Vulcan Greeting

We Greet You

From the Celestial Temple of Light

Bringing Blessings at Each Season

Embracing You in Your Home

We Greet You

Agnes Lau and Toks Coker

We Greet You

Through Time and Space

Reverberating Through Your Vortex

Expanding Your Energy In the Eclipse of Your Mind

We Greet You

Gold Heart

We Greet You

With the Orb of Ascension in the Temple of Greatness

Spiralling into Your Heart

Anchoring You to Mother Earth

We Greet You

Healing Hands

We Greet You

Celebrating Announcing Your Prayers & Intention

Rippling through the Universe

Opening Your Being of Light Hands to Love

We Greet You


We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon 15/4/2014

These shoes are made for walking...

ENERGY OF NOW: RainbowFull Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE


Mother and ChildJOURNEY You will journey the Total Lunar Eclipse and call forth your shadows and illuminated selves whether or not you want to and whether or not you believe in this type of stuff!  This really is the time to look from inside out and purify yourself.  Purify yourself.  Find your truth, not someone else’s.  The journey is to draw us inwards with the darkness caused by the eclipse and the journey us through the darkness to the point where we feel authentic and real in a new way!!  It is a time of great reflection and the need to live life fully and perhaps?? or definitely?? do things in our own way.

SURRENDER Allow all wounds, disappointments, unsettling feelings, negative aspects of yourself and fears to come out and be healed.   SURRENDER to the intense feelings of negativity, emotions and uncomfortable feelings that you are feeling. Your cause and effect thoughts and actions; of your conscious mind; will affect your unconscious mind – calling forth purification, through change, upheaval and chaos.  Do not fight this process to your own true self purification.  Allow the Humming Bird to sing to your soul as you surrender.

Humming BirdQUESTIONS You will question everything around you e.g. your relationships, your family, your career, your life, your soul journey. You will ask “Why am I here?”  “What is the purpose of my life here?”  “Show me.  I need to know.”  “Can I trust him/her?”  “Is this for me?”  “Why am I so full of fear and suspicion and questions?”  You may suddenly feel “bossy” and need to exert your power and dominance in a situation that you feel vulnerable in.  You may even walk out because it is time for you to walk out as the situation does not serve who you are becoming. You may be feeling insecure, feel like you are being pushed around and do not like it any more.   Congratulate yourself whatever you are feeling.

CHOICES  You will consider deeply your choices and you will come to realise that you need to make sure these choices are ones that make you happy and ones that represent your truth to who you are right now. Calling forth your purification during this time is a most auspicious way to move forward in your life.  You may come to realise that you need to push through all your limiting mind set and set yourself free. You are being asked to make a choice – between feeling good or bad, between feeling negative or positive.

Rose in HandBOAT JOURNEY  Imagine yourself on your boat, journeying deep into your unconscious mind – to the dark fortress you fear to go.  Really go within and transcend your world and move your life to a new beginning.  Go really deep into the shadow deep dark side of you; and allow the journey into the underworld on your boat; to take you though the darkness of nothingness; and pass through the Portal of Not Knowing. Passing through the Vortex of Not Knowing, you reach the Vortex of Knowing.  This purification journey is the journey of the Total Lunar Eclipse.  At the end of the boat ride you reveal your full potential: shining like an illumined shinny glorious moon in the dark indigo sky, you are revealing a brilliance that is outstanding and pleasing to behold.  Congratulations.  You have become the flower in your own hand.

CELEBRATION  The Angel of Purification works closely with the Angel of Celebration.  This really is a time to celebrate your radiance, your lion/ness energy, your greatness, your light, your gloriousness, your brilliance, your excellence, your greatness; and your essence of light, love and joy. THE PERFECTION OF YOU as light radiates out from inside you.

CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS  We celebrate this April Good Friday (18), Easter (20) and Easter Monday (21). We call forth Christ Consciousness on a big scale and work with the energy and the Ascendant Master, Jesus.  We call forth the power of your Christ Consciousness as you merge with the Glory of the One.

Scientific Fact from NASA – LUNAR ECLIPSE

blessings from the light of the full moon lunar eclipseOn 15 April we have a Full Moon with a Total Lunar Eclipse (not seen in London).  A LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth and the Earth blocks the Sun’s rays from striking the Moon.  The Full Moon is red during the Total Lunar Eclipse. There will be 4 Lunar Eclipses in the next 18 months making it a Tetrad. In 2014, April 15 and October 8; in 2015, April 4 and September 28.  There are 9 eclipse Tetrads in the 21st century – however none happened between 1600-1900.  Interesting times we live in.  Here is a video from NASA on the Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses.

On 29 April we will have an Annular Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Taurus.  This Ring of Fire Eclipse is where the Moon covers the Sun leaving a glowing ring around the Moon, that looks like a hoop.  This reminds me of the Mayan energy where they played a game you had to put a ball through a ring high up on the wall.  I wonder what challenges we will be encountering then.

Energetic Fact

Cardinal Grand Cross  20-21 April 2014

Rainbow ColoursOn 20 April we will have a Cosmic Gathering of the planets making a CARDINAL GRAND CROSS.  Imagine a cross in the sky shining down at you.  This Cardinal Cross is made up of 4 astrological signs known as the Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

CRYSTAL HEALING  On your body you could have 4 MAIN CRYSTALS –  right arm Capricorn, left arm Libra, left leg  Cancer and right leg Aries.  You could put a crystal on each vortex.  Also put one on your tummy to represent your grounded energy, earth; and another the moon and another the sun. This healing will help you with your oppositions, your stuck energy, your frustrations, your rage, your opportunity for change, your intense conflicts, your feeling of being trapped, your confusion.  It will help demand growth within you, consciously and unconsciously.

Golden SpiralThe Cardinal Cross initiates change and reminds me of Kali, the Hindu Goddess. She destroys and then re-creates. She crucifies and then resurrects. The Cardinal Cross destroys and re-creates. It crucifies and resurrects. It is like the cross of Jesus. It creates an opportunity from the suffering which is usually very, very deep. There is a need for a change. This change will arise through chaos within you causing you to reflect on your life and what you need to do for your own happiness.  This is a make or break time.  This time is highly charged and can erupt in great communication or very bad communication causing upsets or bringing people together. It can also help you to highlight your potential e.g. I need to get that job within the next two weeks.  I need to get the photo taken by Wednesday.  I need to make sure I complete my book by September.  This is a time of creative power and creative life force.  Do not be left behind.  If you are avoiding doing something this is the time to do it.  Take the opportunity and make your life work.  Remember to do one thing at a time.  Amen.

Cardinal Cross is forceful, pushy, sure, and ready. It hits hard at you directly, forcing change and initiating change whether or not you want it or understand it or like it. It forces you to initiate, to create, to lead and to do. It wants to be the first. It wants to do – get the team going and the job done. It says Go Now not later, not tomorrow, not next year, NOW. It, suddenly without notice, initiates changes in your relationships, work, etc. What has suddenly happened to you this summer since June 2010? What caused you to take action with a great reality check on your life?

Spring is hereThe Cardinal Signs have a Cardinal Force. They start new things like a new season: Spring Equinox (Aries); Fall Equinox (Libra); Summer Solstice (Cancer); and Winter Solstice (Capricorn). All this new beginning with the new seasons brings lots of gifts if you seize the opportunity….

This Cardinal Force is the Force of the Masters. This Cardinal Cross is the cross of the Masters. It is an initiation into greatness.

1. Cardinal Fire Masculine (Aries) (Uranus) is a catalyst, a firebrand that inspires others by being totally committed to his/her own vision. POWER OF THOUGHT. 1ST GATE.

2. Cardinal Water Feminine (Cancer) (Jupiter) leads by the heart, and casts a palpable emotional force that pushes into new territory, but does it sideways like the crab. SPIRITUAL REALITY. 4TH GATE.

3. Cardinal Air Masculine (Libra) (Mars) initiates through new ideas, and by being a balancing force among people. DYNAMIC EQUILIBURM. 7TH GATE.

4. Cardinal Earth Feminine (Capricorn) (Pluto) has a formidable, grounded presence, and a natural authority from being masters of the physical plane. SELFLESS SERVICE. 10TH GATE.

MORE INFORMATION:  There are 3 TYPES of Crosses: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

Healing HandsThere are 12 astrological signs; which are grouped into 3 groups of 4. These 3 are the 3 Crosses which are grouped by qualities. They are: Cardinal Cross, Mutable Cross and Fixed Cross. Each group has 4 astrological signs.

  1. The Mutable Cross (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces) is the cross of the initiate – just woken up. Adapt. Manipulate. Share love, joy, peace. Release. PHYSICAL LEVEL. End things.
  2. The Fixed Cross (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) is the cross of the disciple – steady, focused, determined. SOUL LEVEL – individual. Maintains. Builds. Experiences love, joy, peace. Embody and live love, joy, peace. Good time to listen to your heart. Sustain things.
  3. The Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) is the cross of crucifixion and resurrection. SPIRITUAL LEVEL – collective. Emerges. Fresh. New. Activate. Let there be love joy peace. Begins things. New Beginning.

HEALING WORDS & QUOTEs: Full Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries   (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE

My quotes are coming from Silvia Hartmann.  Thank you xxxxSilvia Hartmann

You are the Gift that only you would have to give.

Be filled with amazement and admiration for what you are, right here, right now.

The better connected you are, the easier and the more amazing life becomes.

Your touch is unique, a unique contribution to those you meet.

Love is the power, it is the light; it is the sleeping giant deep inside and waits for us to find our courage, find our heart to make a start, to stand now firm and turn to future’s realms – Invite it in.  Say YES to love.


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£23 money

We Greet You

Calling in the Energy of Money

Perfect Exchange for

Perfect Products & Services

We Greet You



Energist Trainers 2014Energist Trainers

Hello, My name is Toks Coker and I am an Energist.  I am an Energist Trainer and train real people to become Energy in Motion Master Practitioners.  I also offer 1:1 and Group Energist Sessions.

Toks Merve Silvia Hande smiling at you

What is an Energist?  An Energist is someone who can feel energy in their body through the modality of their 6th sense.  An Energist is someone who has had direct and personal experience of the power of energy in motion; and who knows through personal experience that ENERGY IS REAL.  It is not subtle and is extremely powerful. It is real only if you can feel it is real.  All your emotions are energy in motion, energy in action and energy movements.  IT IS ONLY ENERGY.  Energists help you to soften and flow your energy system so you can be the best person you can be.

Irene LambertDancing Singing EnergistsSally Canning Energy Dancer

Alex and MerveEnergists open their hearts with love ready to let the energy soften and flow through them.  Energists are dancers of life. They love doing the Energy Dance.  Dancing their happiness to live, laugh and love every day. They know that energy must flow and flow forwards, never backwards; like the universal flow of life.  They know that there is no good or bad energy THERE IS ONLY ENERGY OR AN ABSENCE OF ENERGY. They know that energy is everywhere and is natural and normal like dancing and opening your arms out to give and receive love.

Live Long and Prosper says Sylvia Vulcan GreetingHandeMerve and Hande Master PractitionersToks Energist Trainer with Silvia Hartmann

Energists make great friends and constantly study to evolve to create value wherever they go.  Energists love working with Group Bubbles and Couple Bubbles.  By tracing the channel in the energy body you can soften and flow the energy to even flow.  Energists work quickly to help you move stagnant energy out through you.  They know that the energy is REAL for you: it is an existing energetic reality AND it is not a figment of your imagination.  Energists are creative people.  Silvia Hartmann is a fabulous painter and artist.  You can see her amazing work on this blog.  Thank you Silvia Hartmann for sharing your gifts with us.  Love Toks xxxxx

Rosette Poletti and Gisele BourgoinSylvia & Nikola DjambazerAgnes Lau and Toks Coker

EnergistsEnergists inspire, motivate, heal and listen without judgement; allowing you to learn to listen to your body and move the stuck painful energy through your body; with softness and ease; helping you create great even flow in your life and your body.  You are the Gift that only  you would have to give.  You are the best you can give.  Energists say YES to love. Energists work with your own Aspects, Entities, and Energy and show you how to be happier with yourself and your relationships.

Silvia Hartmann Training Master PractitionersWhat is an Energy Trainer?  Energy Trainers are Energists who train people to be Energists.  An Energy Trainer changes the energy system.  Silvia Hartmann says “Your training is a ball of light and you’re inside of it!”  The Energist Trainer is not separate from the Group Energy and is part of the Group Energy, learning and creating with the Group.  The trainer evolves with the group.  Now that is revolutionary I say.  The more energy you have the more information you get and the more magic and love you experience in your life. You are a better Energy Trainer by being yourself and living your energy yourself and being high on the SUE Scale.  EmoTrance was developed by Silvia Hartmann  http://silviahartmann.com

Silvia and MartinSilvia and Martin welcome you to their world of love

We Greet You

With Loving Relationships

Illuminating Your Life with Joy

Activating Your Portal of Unconditional Love

We Greet You

Full Moon VICTORIES: Belly Dance

Belly DancersA designer, A healer, A lawyerGoddess Energy


What did you achieve before this Full Moon with the Total Lunar Eclipse?  What did you do that you had never done before AND you set yourself a target to do?  AND you did it?  What are you celebrating this Full Moon? What is your victory?

I had made a determination this year to do some study courses and join a Belly Dance class. I danced in front of 200 people with my Level 1 classmates after 12 weeks of training.  It was the Belly Dance Body Mind end of term celebration. For me, it was a challenge to learn the choreography with other students; as I tend to dance free style on my own with the energy of the Now.  I was victorious and happy.

I also had the great pleasure of watching two very powerful international professional dancers:  Manfredi Gelmettiand dancing Spanish flamenco, and Claudia performing an ancient traditional Egyptian belly dance style.  My guests found the show spectacular and relaxing!!!

Manfredi GelmettiM GelmettiManfredi Gelmetti lightsManfredi

We Greet You

With the King of Leadership

Powerfully Activating Action Portals

Full of Strength Stamina Courage & Determination

We Greet You

The Queen arrivesclaudia vailedclaudia entersClaudia

We Greet You

With the Veiled Goddess Queen

Floating In Majestic Presence

Veiled then Unveiled

We Greet You

Claudiaclaudia dancingClaudia

We Greet You

With the Dancing Goddess Queen

Oozing Love and Passion

Every Graceful Step a Power Statement

We Greet You

Claudia and Miai

We Greet You

With the Gift of Friendship

Believing & Revering Each Other

Holy Sacrament of Respect

We Greet You

Toks and Patric

We Greet You

With a Gift of a Loving Relationship

Honouring Each Other

Allowing Your Unique Greatness

We Greet You

fullness of life

We Greet You

With Illumined Full Moon Women Dancing

Receiving Spiraling Flowing Prosperity

Blooming Greatness: Shining &Reflecting the Great Light

We Greet You

toks saying hello
level 1 students

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Email: claudia@bellydancebodymind.com

Telephone: Claudia 07958169244 

Website: http://www.bellydancebodymind.co.uk


Thank You ClaudiaToksCoker

  1. Create an intention for yourself and create a sacred ritual with this full moon.
  2. Create a sacred space with symbols for intelligence, gather images, totems, objects and words that mean something to you to call forth your intention within a week.
  3. Celebrate with friends – gather and share laughter together.
  4. Take action in something that takes you towards your aspirations.
  5. Celebrate yourself.  Do something you have never done before that brings out the beauty / handsomeness in you.
  6. In the lovely plate are lovely words of inspiration. Write out the words you like and say them aloud.


malachite slabToks Coker 2013apophollite cluster of action

Feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you. 30/3/2014

With Rainbow Blessings

Love Toks xxxxxx   

The content and images on this blog are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. © Toks Coker 2014


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