Full Moon in Pisces & Sun in Virgo

My loves, how have you been?

Full Moon already – so much happening – so much to do – so much undone…….. so much done – so much…….

Time to celebrate the Fullness of Life. Come gather with us on Wednesday 6 September, for the Full Moon in Pisces – Sun in Virgo Gathering. Also known as the Corn Moon, we are working with two elements – Water and Earth.  We gather to celebrate our lives and give gratitude. Will you be joining us?  What will we be doing?

We will be:

Doing a special meditation to activate the Pineal Gland

Using powerful crystals to align you and activate your Pineal Gland

Receiving deep healing on a profound level

Giving thanks for all our blessings

Sending healing to the world and those who have asked for healing

Experiencing deep Sound Medicine with Crystal Singing Bowls

Creating deep shifts in consciousness

Click here: Full Moon Gathering

How will it benefit you? In one answer – It will boost your energy in more ways than once.  Here is a testimonial I got today after a Full Moon Healing Session this morning.

Business Testimonial

I had an ENERGY BOOST session with the Great Healer Toks today! My one to one Sessions with Toks has been helping me create my own brand, new business models and build on my existing business/es. Right after having 2 hours business coaching & relationship healing session with Toks, I was highly efficient and active in managing and organizing my business.

I now have a clear mind. It was such a powerfully transformational session that we did on Skype with Toks. Something within me has shifted and I am now able to use my full force on finding creative business solutions, and take strategic actions about how to make more profit and money running my 2 different businesses.

Thank you for the highly inspirational session my dear Toks. Before our session I was not thinking clearly, I was feeling overwhelmed with my work load and was not able to see clearly how to make more profit using the internet, social media and technology. Working with you has been activating the genius in me! Love ❤❤ you Thank you very much Toks. God Bless You

I am sharing the energy of the Full Moon with pictures as I believe pictures speak volumes. What are the pictures telling you about yourself and your life right now? I will be sharing more at the Moon Gathering.


Happy Positive Energy

This Full Moon is about celebrating HAPPY EMOTIONS – Happy positive energy. Happy vibes. When you are with someone (whether you know them or not) and you feel good vibes, you both resonate a wonderful energy of love and light to each other. There is an Exchange of Energy.

Your Energy Field comes together in a Happy Vibrational Note. You feel included, accepted, seen, recognised, loved and embraced in a pool of love.

Positive-EnergyThere is nothing nicer than having someone you like running to hug you and say hello to you. There is nothing more healing that someone you do not know, coming up to you, to hug you, and compliment you. Close your eyes and imagine this happening to you right now.  How do you feel?  For me it created a shudder / shiver right through my body. It made me smile and Yes, for me, it creates a wonderful Future. I could see my Future Self being hugged and I felt it in the Energy of Now.  I brought it right back to me – right now. It was no longer a dream – it was a reality. I felt it.

That is POSITIVE ENERGY – positive vibes that speak without words.  The feeling is so strong that you see it, you feel it, you taste it, you touch it, you hear it and you taste it.  This invisible world affects you in a wonderful way.

The power of seeing the hug is wonderful – just the visual expression says it all. No words, just actions. How many times do we wish people would act rather than talk; or would match their words with actions. For me a hug says it all.

The exchange of Energy of a hug is wonderful to watch, because as you watch you also share and experience the energy of the hug – AND – you may feel you are being hugged too!!!  Even if you are not the one being hugged, just watching people hug each other, makes you feel you are being hugged as well. This is MIRRORING.

The Brain has Mirror Neurons which fire automatically and simultaneously when someone has an experience AND when someone witnesses / observes the experience.  The brain observes the actions, intentions and emotions of HUGGING and then feels it as if it is experiencing that same hug. Empathy is when someone feels another person’s emotions and understands them. This ability of the Brain to do this, as well as many other things makes it a very powerful portal of information.

Who will you hug this Full Moon and share Happy Positive Energy with? Whose life will you touch with a hug?

What is your first memory of meeting someone?

Bruce-Lipton Toks-Coker

The first time I met Bruce Lipton was a moment in my life I will never forget. I was in yellow attending a conference he was speaking at, and had been gifted a VIP ticket by a very kind lady.  He simply walked up to me and hugged me. I felt so included and loved and seen.  Everyone who saw us hugging smiled at us and some took pictures of us hugging. Absolutely amazing. Why not go hug someone you do not know and introduce yourself to them? Of course, every day we hugged each other. Below is the second day at the conference. Absolutely wonderful.

What are Good Vibes?

Good Vibes are Happy Energy. They are invisible Energy frequencies that travel in the Field, or Environment or Space.  Good Vibes create a ripple effect and make people smile and relaxed. Good Vibes are feelings that make you feel calm and serene. They are feelings that you cannot see. You feel them. You sense them. You intuit them. You know they are Good Vibes because no harm comes to you or those around.  Good Vibes do not harm. Them embrace and make you feel Good, Happy, Joyful, Blissful, Serene and Relaxed. They Empower a person. They create a powerful HEALING VORTEX in the room, space or environment. They create a SYNERGY, an ENERGETIC Transference and Exchange between people whether they are sitting, talking, hugging, lying down or standing up. The Entanglement is wonderful and creates a ripple effect in the room. It is like a beautiful dance that is inspiring, mesmerising and captivating.

Good Vibes release stress, tension, arguments and disagreements. They improve your health, relationships and state of mind.  If you are feeling tired you suddenly find yourself standing up straight and walking taller.  If you are thinking negative thoughts you begin to pivot and change your mind set.  You feel your Spirit being lifted by Good Vies. This Full Moon is about feeling and spreading Good Vibes. It is about reading the Energy Field around you and being observant of signs, omens and signals. I just love the picture below of the mirrors, don’t you?



I will be sending Distant Healing for three nights in a row. Put your healing request on https://www.facebook.com/handsoflighthealing/


distant healing

Invocation Blessing for the Full Moon

to be channelled at the mediation.


Love Always Toks xxx


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