Full Moon in Sagittarius & Sun in Gemini 2 June

clip_image001[457] Tuesday 2 June 2015 clip_image001[458] Full Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini clip_image001[458] Great Invocation Dayclip_image001[458]

clip_image001[459] Strawberry Moon – 17:21 BST London clip_image001[460]  Element – Fire/Air  clip_image001[461]  Book HERE http://fullmoonsagittarius2015.eventbrite.co.uk clip_image001[458]

Time to look at things in a Different Way

full moon healing workshopThis Full Moon known as a Strawberry Moon is about looking at things in a different way.  It is also World Invocation Day. It is a time to do something that makes you happy and celebrates your life. It is a good time to look at one thing from various angels and see and be aware of the message, feelings, insights, thoughts and symbols you get from the simple act of looking at something and feeling it.  It sets you heart aflame as you breathe in the fresh air of abundance and creativity.

Here is the sacred Crystal Grid Matrix created at the last New Moon and Sun in Taurus; and photographed from different angles.  When you look at the various pictures – concentrate on each picture for a minute – then ask what you are sensing, feeling, seeing, tasting, hearing, touching and smelling from looking at each picture? Record your insights.

As you look at the above crystal grids which do you like the most?  What message is it giving you?  Look deeply at the centre of each grid and feel your own healing happening immediately.  Allow the passionate embrace in your life to bloom and blossom.

2spiral directional solid shapes matrix.5spiral directional solid shapes matrix.

As you look at these crystal grid pictures which one activate movement in your Chakras and in your body? What part of the body do you feel stimulated as you look at these sacred crystal grids? Notice the part of your body is stimulates.

4spiral directional solid shapes matrix.7spiral directional solid shapes matrix.

Here is the next set of Sacred Crystal Grids for you to look at.  Tune into each of them and allow yourself to breathe in their powerful energy vortex for you and allow the crystals to activate your passion for you life. What is the difference between the two grids?

Finally, look at all these wonderful Crystal Grid Vortexes and notice their similarities and differences. Record your findings and enjoy them.  This Full Moon is really a time to enjoy the different ways of looking at the same thing and enjoying life in a respectful way.  Enjoy the healing and special feelings you experience.

 1 June Buddha Day Singapore2 JuneFull Moon and World Invocation Day4-6-15 The Feast of Corpus Christi

Happy Full Moon Healing Circle

life heals itselfThis is a Crystal Empowering Healing Workshop with a Guided Meditation from 7pm-10pm on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 with Insightful Life Coach, Toks Coker; Helping your life to heal itself.  Please bring some refreshments to share if you can.  Thank you.

We meet in a circle meditating, praying, channelling crystal light, sending healing energy, receiving healing love and celebrating your life. This Full Moon Circle Gathering is wonderful sacred time to celebrate yourself and your completions.  We will celebrate actions you have completed and areas in your life that are blooming.  Sometimes we do not know how much we have achieved until we sit in a sacred supportive space to do this.


We remember to journey our own pathway with our own drum…Do not ignore your life.

1. We will be doing Sacred Chakra movements which will be empowering your divine self.Crystal Portal Matrix

2. We will be writing your completions and achievements with this Full Moon; and beyond.

3. We will be dressing up the God/Goddess in you and dancing to Shamanic music, Honouring you.

4. There will be an extensive guided Meditation which will be extremely uplifting and freeing.

5. We will be working with crystals to clean, uplift and guide your Energy. A very healing experience. Come heal your family karma, etc.

6. We will be drawing cards towards the end of the workshop in order to crystallise what you have intended and what you have received.

7. We will be co-creating a Crystal Portal Matrix for the World. Here, on your right, is One made at a previous Full Moon.

All of this will be done, and quite possibly more, all within a Safe Healing Circle with guided interpretation and lots of laughter!


Fullness of Life“Completely overwhelmed, yet relieved. My spirit feels liberated, enlightened and reassured by my own being.”   Manager

This evening was powerful and clear.  More affirmations aligned perfectly to the sequence of signs and events that took me here.  Beautiful to share these sacred steps, these healings with the circle.  Love and Blessings for all.  Mitakaye oyasin!”    Waki

“..I remember our Full Moon Meditation in Egypt which was a truly beautiful and unforgettable experience. And the healing you did to me on the plane going home!!! You have magical hands 😉 Thank you.”   Anne-Mette Hedensted

“I feel I have achieved clarity and direction in my life. Thank you so much for all your help and extra time and patience. Much love.”   Tania


20150526-full moon smilingMother Moon is pregnant with life. There is power and magic in the air. The moon is round, making the atmosphere pregnant with emotion and desire. The cup is full and the cup ‘runneth’ over. As such, it is a time full of emotional energy which is very high. It is a time to face these varied emotions.

Everything is amplified with the energy of the Full Moon e.g. emotions, passions, love etc. You may
experience strongly charged emotions with abundant, sometimes uncontrollable feelings; which can lead you to lose control in a positive or negative way. Remember – the choice, as always, is yours.

What you perceive as your reality depends on what you are feeling. At the time of the Full Moon, this can cause a lot of confusion if not checked. The gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon on our beloved Earth set these extremes up. This can be a hard time to find balance. A time of extremes.  Gathering in a sacred safe space with other Beings of Light enables you to feel calmer, happier and peaceful. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.

Full Moon Action: Doing Something

Toks Kay JerryWhat have you wanted to do; and you have done it?  And in the doing of it, you celebrated an achievement and desire.  It could be something simple like going to watch a theatre production, singing, acting, or driving a car.

For me, it happened on 27 May when I got an unexpected phone call from my mother inviting me to watch ‘Les Miserables’, with her and my brother, live at the Queens Theatre.  On the programme I read that ‘Les Miserables’ is the world’s longest running musical which is in its 30th year.  The Queens Theatre is the only theatre in the world where the original 1985 production is still running.’

Les Miserables is a story by Victor Hugo, (1802-1885), French author, poet and play write.   He tells a story of broken dreams, unrequited love, passion, deception, lies, betrayal, blackmail, sacrifice and redemption.  We see the lives of very poor vulnerable desperate people living in 19th century France.  Two men affect each other in different ways – one is ruthless and unforgiving, the other is kind and forgiving.  Jean Valjean, the ex-convict is hunted for decades by the ruthless policeman, Javert, after he breaks parole.

Victor Hugo by Étienne Carjat 1876 - full.jpg“People reduced to the extremity of need are also driven to the utmost limits of their resources, and woe to any defenceless person who comes in their way. The daylight dwindles into shadow and darkness enters their hearts; and within this darkness man seizes upon the weakness of woman and child and forces them into ignominy. No horror is then excluded. Desperation is bounded only by the flimsiest of walls, all giving access to vice and crime … they appear utterly depraved, corrupt, vile and odious; but it is rare for those who have sunk so low not to be degraded in the process, and there comes a point, moreover, where the unfortunate and infamous are grouped together, merged in a single fateful world. They are ‘Les Misérables’ – the outcasts, the underdogs.” Victor Hugo

We all loved the performance.  I loved the lyrics and the singing.  The performance of the show was moving, the emotions sensitive; and the props very effective and convincing. I cried as I watched the performance.  I loved the parts whenever Jean Valjean, the ex-convict, sang praying to God.  I loved the way he died with the ghost of his love, Fantine, coming to get him. My mother was just so happy to be out watching with her son and her daughter. My brother fell in love with the actress Carrie Hope Fletcher who played Eponine.  She played Young Eponine at the Palace Theatre many hears ago!  She fulfilled one of her dreams of playing both the young and adult Eponine.   Anyone know how I can connect them?

les miserablesA few moons ago, I had watched the movie ‘Les Miserables’, staring Hugh Jackman, Ann Hathaway and Russell Crowe. I loved the movie and thought it was a brilliant production.  I loved the singing and I was so pleased to read that the actors in the movie ‘all sang live to the cameras instead of miming to a pre-recorded soundtrack, as is normal with movie musicals.’  I must confess I was glad I had watched the movie version before the theatre version.  I preferred the singing in the movie to the theatre.

Watching Les Miserable made my think of the outstanding Susan Boyle with her crystal clear beautiful voice. I love her voice, tone and range.   I kept imaging her singing some of the parts as I watched the theatre production.  She also fulfilled a long wish in her life – to perform with Elaine Page. To watch Click her first appearance  To watch Click her Elaine Page appearance 

Earlier I said:  What have you wanted to do and done it?  And in the doing of it, you celebrated an achievement and desire.  I have given two performers who achieved what they wanted – Carrie Hope Fletcher and Susan Boyle.  They both had a dream and took action to achieve it.  They made it known and it happened.  Sometimes speaking a wanting makes it happen when you believe.

growthLes Miserable is a story of triumph: a celebration of life and death.  It shows humans living through  hardship and oppression – they are depressed, trodden on, crushed, and bowed down.  A story of hope and strong belief it shows how people transform themselves and straighten themselves up, able to walk tall and see the stars.  Even grass that looks dead and lifeless can produce green grass and flowers. How do we find hope?  How do we heal? Victor Hugo introduces the concept of God gently and deeply with pain, grief, sadness, despaired, loss, and kindness.  The way we fight with our minds trying to decide what to do, the way we decide to show kindness or not, the way we steal and lie, the way we live out lives, the way we live true to our beliefs is all portrayed in a magical powerful way.  Life really is a struggle of making choices; and living through the choices we make.

raining rainbow money1-6-15 Happy Buddha Day - Vesak

Energy of Money

History  When you look at history you see the role Money plays in life.  Les Miserable is a story about those with Money vs. those with no Money.  Money enables us to buy food, clothing, shelter, and a lifestyle.  Money is a means of exchange for products and services.  Money has many facets.

fire snakeReal Vs. Imagined Money This Full Moon talks to us about Money that is real and imagined.  What is really in your bank account? What do you wish you had in your bank account?  When you imagine a certain amount of Money in your bank account do you take action to manifest it?  Did you imagine a certain amount of money in your account and did you manifest it this Full Moon?  When Money is real you can touch it physically.  When Money is imagined you cannot touch it – it is in the Air.  You can call it in with strong focus and determination; and manifest it in your life. Money is manifested in the jewellery that you wear e.g. 18k gold snake ring.

Blooming What have you bloomed financially this Full Moon in your life?  We will be celebrating the blooming of your Money in this Moon Gathering Workshop.  We will celebrate our quest; and journey and aim, like the Archer (Sagittarius), to call in double (Gemini) Rainbow Money. Remember it can happen.  It is for real.  You can make it happen. We will celebrate blooming.  Do not worry if you feel you have not bloomed. In the celebration is the blooming of your life.

clip_image001[458] Tuesday 2 June 2015 clip_image001[458] Full Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini clip_image001[458]

clip_image001[459] Strawberry Moon – 17:21 BST London clip_image001[460]  Element – Fire/Air  clip_image001[461]  Book HERE http://fullmoonsagittarius2015.eventbrite.co.uk clip_image001[458]

Healing Your Relationship with MoneySanctuary of Money  What is your Sanctuary of Money like?  Do you have one?  The Sanctuary of Money is the way you preserve, revere and grow Money.   It is also the way you think about Money and the way you handle Money.  The Sanctuary of Money is also the Sacred Altar you create for yourself to revere Money, to respect Money and to call in Money into your life.  It is a Portal of Light to help concentrate your mind on the Energy of Money
, the Energy of Spirit Money manifesting the Energy of Physical Real Money.

Story  What is your Story with Money?

Life State  What is your State of Money?  What state of life has Money greeted you with on this Full Moon?  How is Money flowing in your life?  Is it grounded and well centred in your life in a positive way? Is it flaming and expanding?  Are you burning your Money?  Is your Money growing?  What is your Mind Game with Money?  What is your Spiritual Vortex with Money?  What is your Emotional Relationship with Money?

Grip  This Full Moon looks at the gripping Energy of Money.  How does Money grip you?  Are you earning Money from the work you do or from the work you do not do?  Do you do a job that fires up your passion and purpose?  Are you motivated by your passion or by Money? Do you work with Money or for Money? Is Money your Boss?  Are you intertwined with the Energy of Money  in a positive or negative way? Are you in a cage with Money or are you flying free with Money?

full moon blessingsDifferences There are different types of Money Energy.  There is Money that makes you nurture others or makes you selfish.  Money that makes you laugh at others who do not have as much as you.  Money that makes you undermine others.  Money that makes you say to the person – with no money or not as much money as you – that they are not important and they do not matter.  Money that dives you into a positive or negative state of life.  Money that is showy, subtle or hidden.  What type of Money Energy do you have?

Delay  When  you delay Money you deny yourself the blooming of Money in your life.  C Northcote Parkinson says Delay is the deadliest form of denial. When you delay yourself in anything you deny yourself in experiencing that which you delay or deny.   What are you doing to deny yourself receiving and making Money?  What delay tactics do you use to sabotage your Money Making Energy?  What negative self-talk are you saying to yourself?  Whose belief system are you listening to that enables you to delay you making Money?

Responsible MoneyRelationship with Money What is Money to you?  What is your Relationship with Money? Do you have a responsible relationship with Money?  What does it mean to have a relationship with Money?  For me it is to have the Rs working in your life.  Keep renewing and reviewing your Energy with your Money.   Reward yourself with Money.  Rethink the way you think about Money and update it.  Keep up to date with the Energy of Money.  Keep it real. Have a Spiritual Relationship with Money. Release any stuck energy around Money.  Allow yourself to receive Money, to release Money because it is always ripening and growing.  Like a flame allow your Money to rise and reach the sky.  Stay connected to the positive Energy of Money.

Spending Vs. Saving  What are you spending your Money on?  Are you saving?  Do you spend more than you earn?  Do you earn more than you spend?  Do you use your Money to help others?  How do you indulge with the Energy of Money?  How do you enjoy the Energy of Money?   You make Money your new part time business.

Decisions  Are you allowed to make decisions about your Money?  C Northcote Parkinson says The man who is denied the opportunity of taking decisions of importance begins to regard as important the decisions he is allowed to take.  Are you in charge of your Money or is someone else in charge of it?  Do you make decisive decisions about Money easily? Or do you procrastinate and / or bury your head in the sand?

Rising MoneyRoot What is the Root Cause of Money?  What is the Root Cause of having Money?  What is the Root Cause of not having Money?  When you see a tree blooming you do not see the Roots under the tree that hold it in place.  Many people see Money but do not see the ‘invisible’ work it has taken to grow the Money. What is invisible creates what is visible.  The Full Moon in Sagittarius (Fire) shows what is visible.  I love the Flaming Energy of the Fire Being – I see it as Money Rising and Leaping into ALL our lives.  Amen.

Handle Until you show you can  handle what you have got, you will not be given any more.  Because you have built a solid foundation with your Money, you experience it flourishing, and blooming with this Full Moon.  You love the value it brings to your life.  It creates a happy generous life as Money becomes your friend. Open up your heart and allow the freshness of Money to flow through with ease and happiness.

Opening to Money

Invocation Blessing for the Strawberry Moon

Full Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini

Channelled by © Toks Coker 2015

clip_image001[457] Tuesday 2 June 2015
clip_image001[458] Full Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini clip_image001[458]

clip_image001[459] Strawberry Moon – 17:21 BST London clip_image001[460]  Element – Fire/Air

sharing family

We Greet You

With a Loving Relationship

Sharing Togetherness, Communication and Harmony

Gathering Joy, Love and Happiness with Family

We Greet You

angel by your heart

We Greet You

With a Hugging Angel

Hugging Your Heart

Loving You For Who You Are

We Greet You

choosing crystals

We Greet You

With a Sacred Ritual of Healing

Choosing Crystals of Good Fortune

Flourishing a Triumphant Life

We Greet You

Jocelyn and Toks

We Greet You

With the Gift of Delightful Friendship

Embracing Your Understanding

Your Passions, Gifts & Talents

We Greet You


We Greet You

With a Peaceful Nap

Downloading Your Empowering Update

In the Memory of Your Divine Mind

We Greet You

Rainbow on the Ground

We Greet You

With the Rainbow in Your Life

Firing Up Your Inner Spark

Igniting Full Breath in Your Blooming

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Ascendant Angels

Flying Around the Full Moon

Guiding Your Vision Quests

We Greet You

full moon healing comming3

We Greet You

With the Astute Star of Light

Blooming Bountiful Anatomical Beauty

In the Moonshine of Your Life

We Greet You

full moon blessings

We Greet You

With Full Moon Blessings

Dancing Spontaneous Money

Generously & Joyfully Given to You

We Greet You

changing family karma

We Greet You

Celebrating Your Changing Family Karma

Living Positive Interactions

Exuberant Expression, Happy Smiles and Moments

We Greet You

Family of Love

We Greet You

From our Family Heart to Your Family Heart

We Greet You

We Greet  You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon © Toks Coker 2015


Great Invocation Day 2 June 2015

2 June is a World Day of Prayer, Invocation and Meditation when every spiritual path joins in prayer to invoke light, love, and spiritual direction to build a world of justice, unity and peace.  Here is the Great Invocation:

  • From the point of light within the Mind of God2 JuneFull Moon and World Invocation Day
  • Let Light stream forth into our minds
  • Let LIGHT descend on Earth.
  • From the point of love within the Heart of God
  • Let Love stream forth into our hearts
  • May LOVE increase on Earth.
  • From the centre where the Will of God is known
  • Let purpose guide our wills
  • The PURPOSE which the masters know and serve.
  • From the centre which we call Humanity
  • Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
  • And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
  • Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Quotes: Les Miserables


  1. I have bought your Soul for God.
  2. He told me I have a Soul – How does he know?
  3. You came from God.
  4. To love another person is to see the face of God.
  5. Bring him home.

LOVEhealing words

  1. With you my love has started.
  2. How can I live when we are parted.
  3. A heart full of love and song.


  1. These are words he will never say to me.
  2. Live is worth living now I love him.


  1. I know a place where no one is lost and no one cries.
  2. The shadows of my past……..
  3. So dark the secrets that you keep.
  4. There is grief that cannot be spoken.
  5. Come with me where chains will never bind you.
  6. What was right seems wrong.
  7. A little drop of rain cannot hurt me now.


  • He gave me love when hope was gone.
  • Vengeance was his and he gave me back my life.
  • He gave me freedom.
  • The world I have known is lost.


  1. Blooming TreesOnce you have read the Invocation Blessing what is the main message it is saying to you? How can you apply it to your life?
  2. Once you have read this blog posting what is the main message it is saying to you right now?  How are you applying this to your life?
  3. What is your quest for the meaning of your life?
  4. How are you uniting the physical and the spiritual in your search for knowledge?
  5. How are you ‘travelling’ around the world and when  you do what are you finding?  Are you ‘travelling’ through books, through the internet, on the phone, in real planes, boats, buses, etc.?  What are you finding in your ‘travel’ quests?
  6. If there was something you had to think about right now – that celebrates one happy thing you have made happen in your life or the Universe has made happen for you – what would it be?
  7. What would you like to communicate this Full Moon.  Working with the energy of Gemini (Air) communicate. Communicate with freedom – think of the air free and everywhere.  Communicate with smartness.
  8. Call in your knowledge.  Call in what you need to know this Full Moon.
  9. Ask the Full Moon to illuminate your life and reveal what is hidden and what needs to be revealed to you to heal.
  10. Working with the energy of Sagittarius (Fire) ask your question.  What are you really good at?   What fires you life?  What ignites your life?  What blossoms your life?
  11. What is procrastination?  How are you procrastinating in your life? What excuses are you using as you procrastinate in your life? To understand the meaning Click this link Procrastination


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