Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio: Earth/Water

Happy Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio


Are you finding that you want to fly high, and fly as high as you want to go? With no restrictions? No garbage? No baggage? No limiting decisions or mind set? No restrictions? No commitment? No responsibility? Just You alone and happy and content. And then when you wanted to you could float down on the tree and rest on the top of the tree. Being the Source of Your Own Power is that easy.

Here are some You-Tube links – they explain the energy many are feeling around now.  Simply click the sentence to view:

How to Deal with Disappointment?

How do you break ties that bind negatively?

Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon Radiance

On Saturday 4 November is the Full Moon in Taurus – Sun in Scorpio.

Known as the Beaver Moon we find ourselves working with the Elements – Earth and Water.

The actual time of the Full Moon in London is 05:24 GMT (5:24am) London. The actual time of the ALCHEMICAL FULL MOON MEDITATION GATHERING is 7pm.

Full Moon in Aries - Sun in Libra

space here

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Soul Song Family


EARTH: Earth is practical and wants calm, and to make money peacefully. It wants to ground money and make it grow. It wants to apply itself to build more.  The essence of Earth is grounding, centring, stability, foundation and balance. It is represented by soil, trees, plants, gnomes, goblins, sand. The season is Autumn and the colour is Red. It is the Root Chakra.  When you build a home you create a foundation for the family – you have enough money to feed, clothe and shelter the body (Earth). When you do this you are putting down your roots, you are staying – you are not going. You are rooting and earthing.

Earth MoneyWATER: Water is emotional, intuitive and cleansing. It is love and fertility. It is the season Summer and the colour is blue. It is represented by Water, Corals, Fish, Sponges. Water likes money to flow easily and beautifully. It wants to be free and loose. It does not like stagnation. It wants to be free to move and flow like our intuition and third eye. It is the Thyroid, Throat Chakra.  Water likes to flow and has a wonderful sound when it is in flow.  When you have a nice Throat Chakra you are able to speak fluently, fluidly and clearly. This is the Water energy being good to you.

NEED EACH OTHER: Earth needs Water to be fruitful and for nourishment. Water needs Earth to accomplish many things. Together they work well together balancing out their differences.

WORKING TOGETHER: In a Garden, Earth provides the structure and foundation for the seed to grow, secure in its darkness, void energy. All the Earth does is provide the space for the plants and flowers to grow. The Water nourishes and feeds the soil to make it a great breeding ground for the Earth (plants, flowers, trees).  The need to work together to create something wonderful is beautiful to see.

Water Heart SunsetLOGIC VS. EMOTIONAL: As they work together Water is good at handling emotional sensitive issues, Earth is not.  Earth is good at handling logical and practical issues, decision making, Water is not. Earth goes with the mind. Water with the heart and feelings.

SENSES: Listening to the sound of Water is healing. Smelling the perfume of the flowers is cleansing and healing. Drinking Water is Powerful, it quenches are thirst and nourished our cells, skin, etc. The Water enables our body, Earth, to work properly.

EXTREMES: Extremes of Water can flood, create a tsunami, a mudslide causing havoc to Earth. If the Earth is too dry it will not yield food or nourishment.

POSITIVES: The Positive Qualities of Water are calming, mildness, trusting, devotion, forgiveness, compassion, love, fervour, relaxation, healing, nourishing, softness, meditative, prayer, devotion, invocation, blessings and positive mind set. The Positive Qualities of Earth are grounding, perseverance, consistency, punctuality, caution, ambition, success, reliable, firm, strong, careful, responsibility, stable, safe, and respectful.

Earth Portal GridNEGATIVES:  The Negative Qualities of Water are slippery, heartless, cold, ruthless, rejection, laziness, impatience, slowness, stiffness, hardness, splashing around, chaos and blaming. The Negative Qualities of Earth are rigidity, immovable, stubborn, hateful, revengeful, thickness, timid, fearful, touchiness, erupting, and superficial.

BRAIN: The Left Brain is Earth and the Right Brain is Water. Left Brain (Earth) is logical, mathematical, scientific, look at facts, think in words, practice linear thinking and sequencing.  The Right Brain (Water) is imaginative, intuitive, artistic, feels, visualises, practices holistic thinking and rhythm.

MALE/FAMALE: The Water is the Female and the Earth is the Male.  Female is soft, fluid, flowing, curvy, open, and warm.  Male is hard, straight, rigid, static  and hot.

HOMEWORK: How are you balancing the Earth and Water in you?  How are you balancing the Male (Earth) and Female (Water) in you? How are you balancing your Left Brain (Earth) and your Right Brain (Water)?


Happy Faces after a meditation with Toks xxx

Jupiter moves into Scorpio for a year on the Super Full Moon tomorrow. Wow. Ready for CHANGE? Ready for POWER? Ready for SEX? Ready for MONEY? Ready for FUN? Ready for CREATION? Ready for CREATIVITY?

You can no longer do things the way you were doing them. Things have to change. Let us celebrate change with this Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio.  Yes I am ready for EXPANSION. Yes I am ready for OPENNESS. Yes I am ready for TRUTH. Yes I am ready for PASSION. Yes I am ready for ACTIVE LIFE FORCE. Yes I am ready for the Downloads of Wonderful White Light Energy.

As we ALIGN ourselves to the Power and Energy of this Full Moon let us increase our quota of light frequency and ability to bring it down into our Earthly Body and live more joyfully on Earth with ease and flow (Water). The need to grow both inwardly and outwardly is crucial for us all. I am not sure how we will all do in this aspect, but we will all try and determine to be more than we have ever been. We will bring all the years of our age into this vibration tomorrow and amplify it the number of years we are.  Now, that is wonderful.

As mentioned earlier we need to balance all the extremes – Earth and Water, Fire and Air, and then all together balance out life’s. In activating our Soul Journey we continue our Soul Activation. We let go of old habits to allow the True Power of Your Soul to reveal itself. The Voice of the Soul seeks to speak, it seeks to dance, it seeks  to nourish, it seeks to voice its True Essence and True Passion. Your Journey with your Soul and to your Deeper Soul reveals the masks you wear and forces you to unveil yourself to yourself, as you communicate with the Soul, revealing your Soul Essence and you Soul Truth. How auspicious.

Remember, the POWER OF THE SOUL cannot be destroyed by anyone or anything. It is uniquely Yours and True for you. You are being Celebrated this Full Moon. Everyone is being Celebrated this Full Moon. Celebrate your Presence and your Being and your Power. The Universe is waiting for You. The Universe is ready for You. Are You Ready?

The Voice of the Soul calls out for you. Lift up your hands …. Come let us gather together ….

gathering power

What will we learn at the Alchemical Full Moon Gathering?

We’re going to learn to put ourselves first.

We’re going to learn to cut the ties that bind you, that put you last.

We’re going to learn to cut the ties that bind you, that cause you to be doubting yourself.

We’re going to learn that it is time to love yourself first: your mind, your health, your spirit.

We’re going to learn to face our monsters and still be OK.

What will we release during the Alchemical Full Moon Meditation?
We will release stress, tension, confusion, clutter and chaos we have been going through. We will release a negative tie that binds us and restricts us to limiting decisions. We will release a karmic family pattern. We will release a difficult relationship. Perhaps you have something specific you want to release, then that will be released to.

What will we do at the Alchemical Full Moon Gathering?
We will enter a sacred space with a special greeting and cleansing. We will move, pray, meditate, channel healing light, send healing to the world and to those who have asked for healing.  We will work with healing sounds, crystals, portals, connecting to Higher frequencies and heal ourselves. We will rejuvenate ourselves and allow our inner Light to shine through.

At the end of the Alchemical Full Moon Gathering what will YOU be able to do? BENEFITS?

MENTALLY: YOU will be able to have more clarity, make clear decisions, have more insight into a situation and be ready to take action in at least one area of your life.

BODY: You will feel relaxed, peaceful, calmer, more settled and centred in your body. This will aid healing of your body, removing of dis-ease and revitalising your cells.

EMOTIONS: You will be able to boldly go where you have not been able to go before, with more courage and confidence. You feel more alive as you experience deep self-worth and self-value.

SPIRITUALLY: You will have activated your Intuition, all your Chakras and your Subtle Bodies, causing a deep shift, that will embrace you, with a smile.

So much to experience, at these Alchemical Moon Gatherings of learning, healing, resting and recharging, as you celebrate your life, being YOU authentically, with integrity.

Golden Crystal Singing Bowl

Invocation Blessing for this Full Moon

Will be channelled live at the Alchemical Full Moon Meditation Gathering.

Dragon Crystal

We Greet You

With the Dragon Energy of Earth and Water

Introducing You to Yourself

Celebrating Your Soul Journey in the Power Your Uphold

We Greet You

space here

See you at the Full Moon Gathering on Saturday 4 November at 7pm.

Be Ready

Love and Light Toks xxxx


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