Full Moon in Virgo 12 March 2017

Super Charge Your Life & Your Soul Song with Divine Respect

A Divine Hug

Hello My Legions, how are you?  I am having a wonderful time here in London working on the energy of respect and sound.  How do you express respect? How do you resonate with the sound of respect?  This Full Moon is an emotional Full Moon with the water element of Sun in Pisces. This is forcing us to look at our practical behaviour, with the earth element of Virgo.  Full Moon’s are notoriously emotional time, shining the light on the hidden aspects or archetypes or dark energy in one another.

Sometimes the darkens comes in the form of people accusing you of things you have not done, making a judgement of you that is based on their belief and causing a major unnecessary eruption. Could this eruption have been avoided? Yes? No?  Life is indeed a complicated process of understanding one another and allowing a person to feel listened to without pronouncing a judgement of damnation that is your truth and not the real truth.

Are you finding a need to control a situation and prove you are right and they are wrong?  Are you needing to be the judge, juror and executor?  Are you wanting things to go your way or not at all? Are you walking out of situations because you choose to and because you want to? Is this decision serving your Highest Good and Highest Purpose?  How do you allow your self your wisdom, your perfection, your imperfection, your excellence, your foolishness, your failure? By allowing the process and not trying to force it or demand it or dictate to it. Even when we fight with our own individual Karma we always end up looking at the Cause to understand the Root problem of an issue.

How are you dealing with the sounds around you and the sounds in your head? This Full Moon is about Super Charging Your Life and Your Soul Song with Divine Respect. Let us gather to do this at the Moon Gathering tonight at 7pm London time.  Click this link to get full details:  Tonight at 7pm

To watch a video from myself and Yanni click this link or click the picture below:  http://blog.tokscoker.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/full-moon-in-virgo-and-sun-in-pisces-12-March-2017_3.mp4

Happy Full Moon in Virgo & Sun in Pisces

Happy Magha Puja Day

Happy Purim

Happy Holi

Worm Moon

12 March

So what is today about? 

On Sunday 12 March at 14:54 GMT (2.54pm) London time the Sun will be opposite the Moon. The Full Moon will be in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces. Known as the Worm Moon we see the worms coming out to eat and digging deep to eat.  Will you be eaten alive?  Will you be the worm eating or being eaten? The Sun shines on the Moon and the Moon reflects the Sun on to the Earth. Like the Sun which is visible during the day the Full Moon is visible during the night.  The Moon has a cycle where it is seen and then not seen.  So does the Sun. With this Energy of Now the Moon is in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces.  The Elements are Earth/Water.  This combination can be wonderfully calm or volatile.

How are we going to use this time to reveal our strength and our potential? By celebrating what you choose to celebrate. If we choose to clash and not celebrate we create sparks of Fire and Air as the Earth and Water sparkle crashing in on each other.  Are you ready to release sparks of friction to reveal sparks of your greatness this Full Moon and see how you have triumphed over your adversities, problems, stresses, tensions and situations? What will it be for you? Let us look at your triumphs and acknowledge the spark of genius and wisdom in our daily life in an empowering sacred space. Come gather with us at 7pm for our Moon Gathering.  Details here:  Tonight at 7pm.


THE WOMAN:  I wanted to capture a picture that represented the Virgo energy and I thought of this lovely picture, I took, of the lovely feminine lady in blue, gold and cream.  She is sensuous in an earthy way.  Her clothes are practical and elegant.  They mould her body (Earth) and remind you of fertility and birthing. She wears a ring of marriage. She is voluptuous and full bodied, like a Full Moon, bright, visible, seen and gorgeous.  She sits in a relaxed manner showing hidden strength and power. Looking at the  picture you sense that she can stand strong on her own two feet – the picture is a very action picture for me – like, if she wants to, she can get up and fight. Her hands look strong, creative, soft yet firm.  I can imagine her holding  sword! There is warrior energy in her. She is, for me, a FEMININE WOMAN WARRIOR POWER. There are many women I know that ooze this energy.  They glide with ease firmly walking the ground of Mother Earth, honouring and respecting Mother Earth.

MOTHER EARTH:  How are you respecting Mother Earth and honouring her?  Perhaps you recycle? Perhaps you pick up garbage on the floor and put away?  Perhaps you throw oil over Mother Earth?  Perhaps you bully Mother Earth and others?  Look at the fullness of your behaviour and see the patterns with this Full Moon.

WORDS:  What are the words you say?  What are the words you type?  What are the words you read? What are the words you think? What are the words you do not say? How do you say these words?  Are they earthy and wholesome when you deliver your words or are they aggressive and impatient?  Are they words of wisdom?  Are your actions wise actions? Are the exchanges you have with yourself and others wise, kind, embracing, and inclusive? Or are they stupid, unwise, unkind, unloving and exclusive? Full Moon in Virgo shines its bright light on hidden aspects that reveal your wisdom or lack of wisdom. And yet, what is wisdom?

How do you know if you should attend a Moon Gathering?  Do you find you are doing everything right in your live, business, etc. and still getting no where?  Do you feel blocked and, yet, you know you have done everything you can to succeed and be happy?  Well has it occurred to you that there may be a block in your energy system that is causing your lack of flow in your life?  Your energy is blocked and you are not really getting anywhere in your life. You feel trapped and despondent. When you align your energy with the flow of the universe things start to fall into place. Moon Gatherings are here to help you align yourself to the natural flow of energy and help you awaken your own awareness to your powerful energy within you and unblock it so you flow more with ease in the areas of your life that are blocked. Like a blocked sink you have to do something to unblock it.  You cannot just wait for it to unblock itself – it could take ages or never unblock.  And sometimes the block is deep rooted and very hard to unblock. The same with your life.  How deep is your block?  Moon Gatherings help you and show you how to unblock your energy system and your life with practical tools that support your life and process.

Bursting Sun Angel

SUPER CHARGE:  How do you Super Charge Your Life & Your Soul Song with Divine Respect? Well, for me, one of the ways is to do what you love doing.  Many of you are doing what you love doing and are happy. Some of you are doing what you love and are not happy.  This is, sometimes, because you do not allow yourself to shine through with what you are doing and what you love.  You hide, withdraw, keep silent or hold your self back.  You become self critical (Virgo quality) and through your self talk undermine your self worth.

Remember, it is good to be analytical and to think things through. It is good to be cautious.  It is good to be mindful.  BUT, it is not good when it becomes obsessive and consumes your life; where you are always looking for a fault in yourself, in someone or in something. How about relaxing a bit and just enjoying where you are right now.  Welcome to the Full Moon in Virgo and all the wonderful celebrations happening around this Full Moon. Come relax with us. Click: Tonight at 7pm

HEALING EXERCISE:  I share a healing exercise to Super Charge Your Life and Your Soul Song with Divine Respect.

The above picture is a lovely painting from one of my Hands of Light Healing Fan Facebook friends, Christos Gavriel, which he shared with me.  When I asked if it was his work he said yes.  When I told him I would love to share it on my blog he liked the idea and said YES.  He calls the painting: Bursting Sun Angel.  He wrote:

Sending some light straight from the heavens from me to you to help guide and watch over you… Love and Light C

What a wonderful Being of Light he is.  Thank you my Facebook Fan and Friend.

Looking at the work of art, I love the vibrant energy of the gold/yellow light and the red life force colours.  Red, for me, always represents Blood Flow, DNA and Life Force; while Gold represents Divine Connection.  So I thought I would share the wonderful healing exercise it inspired in me for the Full Moon:

Allow yourself 3-5 minutes to do this exercise.  Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Then just simply sit and quiet your mind.

Look at the lovely picture of the Angel.  What do you feel looking at the picture?  What do you think? What does it make you want to do?

Breath in the colours to help activate your energy.  Really connect with the colours within your body.

Then do two different visualisations:

First, visualise the Sun in your heart radiating inside and outside.  Allow your body to respond.  Ask – What do I need to know right now about my life?  Sit quietly for a while – a minute or two. Take notes.

Second, visualise the Moon in your heart radiating deep inside and outside. Allow your body to respond.  Ask – What do I need to know right now about my life?  Sit quietly for a while – a minute or two. Take notes.

How did you feel doing both exercises?  What were the differences between the two exercises for you?  What was similar? Which did you like the most?  Which did you find difficult to do? What was your learning?  What did you need to know? How powerful was the painting for you?

When I do this for both planets – Sun and Moon – I feel the energy of the light rays healing my body on a very deep level.  I feel my blood flowing and nourishing me.  I feel my joints happy and alive.  Everything I share on my blog is important to me and I feel blesses everyone.  Thank you Christos for being part of healing the world with your wonderful art and your wonderful work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Love Toks xxx

Here is the link to my page https://www.facebook.com/handsoflighthealing/#  Please like it and share it with your friends. I give FREE HEALING every Full Moon and New Moon. Put your healing requests there on the pinned post on the wall.

I invite you to our gathering tonight at 7pm for more empowering moments.  For Venue and Spiritual Exchange click: Tonight at 7pm.

blessings of love

Invocation Blessing for the Full Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces 12 March 2017

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker 12 March 2017

WatchfulProtective or Aggressive

We Greet You

With Your Full Moon Opposing Energies

Happy/Sad    Peaceful/Aggressive   Positive/Negative

Content/Angry  Relaxed/Stressed   Love/Hatred

We Greet You

Practical Work

We Greet You

With the Mastering of Your Internal Energy Flow

Allocating a Range of Greatness

In the Allotment of Your Time

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Raining Energy of Life

Allowing Liberating Happiness

In the Open Fullness of Your Being

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Ideal Life You Seek

Living it in Graciousness – Living in it’s Greatness

Eating & Drinking Wisdom with Joy

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Wonderment of You

Calling in the Atlantean Vortex

Powerful Earthy Landscape Taking Care of You

We Greet You

Merkarbah Vortex

We Greet You

With the Merkabah of Life

Grounded in the Middle of the Earth

Spiralling Energy of Vitality in Your Manifestations

We Greet You

Emma LoveHeart & Toks Coker smiling

We Greet You

With the Your DNA of Success

Empowering Your Genetic Ancestry of Light

In Your Shamanic House Clearing & Journeying

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Wonder of Your Live

Visioning Your Completions

Your Success Your Accomplishments

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Full Moon Opposite the Sun

Moon Reflecting the Sun Light on Earth

Merging in Creating Prism Reflections on Earth

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Full Moon Oppositions & Challenges

Calling for Balance: Moon/Sun   Virgo/Pisces   Earth/Water

Lunar/Solar   Masculine/Feminine   Yang/Ying

We Greet You

Wisdom Women Conscious Cafe

We Greet You

With Our Radiating Pure Smiles of Laughter and Joy

Radiating the Practical Action of Doing and BEing

Gathering Celebrating Great Friendships & Connections

We Greet You

12 12

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker 12 March 2017

3 Friends

With the Full Moon in shining Glory I celebrate the following BEings of light.  Love Toks xxx

Elizabeth Martin  www.initiateintuition.com

Dimitrios Dermentzioglou     http://www.dimitrios.world/

Emma Loveheart is a home healer.   www.homehealer.co.uk

blessings of loveA Divine Hug

Emma LoveHeart & Toks Coker smiling




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