Full Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces / Spring Equionox 20.3.11

Dear Ocean Waves of Light & Darkness

Happy FULL MOON in Virgo & Sun in Pisces today: Saturday 19.3.2011 and Happy SPRING EQUINOX tomorrow: Sunday 20.3.11

I will be holding the FullMoon Meditation from 4pm-7pm at my flat.  The actual time of the FullMoon is 6.11pm.  To pay for distant healing or the meditation go to


If you are having a difficult time with your finances please call me and let us discuss a reduction.  Please read this BLESSING as me saying this to YOU directly.  Thanks.  Love Toks xxx


channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

Moon in Virgo & Sun in Pisces  19.3.2011


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You



I Greet You with Quan Yin

Goddess of Compassion & Mercy

With her Willow Branch

Hearing the Cries Of the World

Pouring the Divine Nectar

The Waters of Life on ALL

I Greet You


greece 2010 380

I Greet You from Pathmos

With St John and the 10 Virgins

Holding the Gold Holy Cup

Activating Sacred Partnerships

United in Peaceful Bliss

Initiated into Divinity

I Greet You


greece with p 016

I Greet You from Kos

The Island of Hippocrates

The Temple of Apollo

Taking an Oath of Healing Blessing

Turning Poison into Medicine

I Greet You


I Greet You

With an Owl and an Eagle Head

With the 11 Headed 1000 Armed

Goddess / God Avalokitesvara

Radiating Golden Light

With Magical Protection on Earth

I Greet You



I Greet You

With the Sacred Priests & Priestess

 Activating a Thousand Blessings

Here on Earth

Joyfully Claiming Your Power Back

Your Authentic Self Moving Forward

I Greet You



I Greet You Stepping Out

From the Ocean Waves

Of Light & Darkness

Blooming in Triumph

Splendid You

Working Together in Harmony

I Greet You



I Greet You

With the Contrasts of Life

Having Buried Past Pains and Fears


Having Enjoyed Proof of Prayer


I Greet You



I Greet You

With the Samurai of Intention

Focused yet Relaxed

Living 100% in Your Now

Rooted Strong & at Ease

Confident with Yourself

I Greet You



I Greet You

From the Octahedron of Light

Dancing to Your Inner Drum

Celebrating Your Essence

A Light Triumphant in the Dark

A Prosperous Magnet of Opportunities

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker



Conflict between Pisces and Virgo:
Two opposites come together: Virgo and Pisces.  Both are motivated differently and feel overwhelmed by each other.  Pisces is an emotional dreamy water sign while Virgo is a practical realistic earthy sign.  Together we have the earthy, practical, organised, pragmatic, well-grounded Virgo fighting with the watery, dreamy, emotional, sensitive, un-grounded Pisces.  Virgo finds it difficult dealing with emotional Pisces.  Virgo loves order and practical thinking and Pisces loves imagination and emotional feelings.  Both must learn to work together bringing each others strengths to the table and finding a balance.  Both must find the order in the chaos.  This is highlighted and achieved in the FullMoon Meditation. The call to balance against all odds is crucial at this pivotal time in this incarnation. Pisces comes in with its sensitive sometimes vulnerable side to confuse the practical side of Virgo; bringing in surprises with the confusion.  Follow the TO DO list.  Pisces has a gift to see the overall picture of a situation, Virgo does not.  Virgo is methodical, critical, analytical, and scrutinising, missing the big picture.  Pisces can be addictive yet creative and sensitive.  Pisces asks:  How can we be of service to humanity / the planet?  This is the selfless service energy of giving to make a dream of peace evolve in the revolution of pain we are all going through.  Through Pisces and Virgo we can find out new self to offer Divine order and service


Working with the FullMoon in Virgo, which is about earthy practical life, forces us to focus and look at issues around money, work, career and life in a practical, scrutinising, challenging and organised way.  We have had many earthly disasters both natural and man made. We have lost lots of lives and we are enduring lots of suffering. There is so much death and devastation and upheaval on earth reflecting our own internal conflicts within us. How can we make sense of all that is happening? We cannot. Well I cannot, if you can. Tell me your view.

clip_image001[4]Virgo, ruled by MERCURY, looks at practical issues that must be taken to move forward so we do not ‘die’. 

VIRGO, the Virgin, the Priestess of the Temple, the Torch Bearer, the Keeper of the Flame, the Hermit, the Pure One, the Humming Bird.  The Fixer: one who spots the first error in the matrix of life and fixes it.  The One: Striving for wholeness within.

DSC00895Virgo asks us to look at the diligent and organised and sensible side of life e.g. paying bills, being cautious and thinking things through.  Virgo loves perfection. Virgo creates order and cleanliness e.g. de-clutter your home, your space, your office, your self. Take a salt and water bath.  Put order back you’re your life e.g. do or buy something that represents order in your life.  Pamper yourself to take time to yourself.   Improve your health and body e.g. exercise, avoid toxins.  Virgo offers help e.g. just ask the right people for help to look at the small print.  Virgo collects information, organises them and guides you to know what to do and what not to do.  Virgo asks you to focus and look at work and money issues in a practical, scrutinising, challenging and organising way.  How are you attending to your day-to-day matters?  Have you got a laid out plan, goal within your daily life? Have you paid your bills on time? Have you discussed the practical details of your life to your mate? There is change with the Full Moon in Virgo.  Look realistically at your life.  Do a reality check.  What have you failed to do?  Have you failed to pay a bill or to look after your health? Have you put your head in the sand to avoid the reality around you? Are you living in the fantasy of unrealistic Pisces?

Surprise: FullMoon in Virgo surprises us suddenly.  Where have you been suddenly surprised with this energy leading up to this FullMoon?  Look out for where you will receive pleasant surprises with this FullMoon in Virgo in the next 7 days. What about what surprised you in an unpleasant way?


Pisces, ruled by NEPTUNE, looks at issues of death and dying; of old and new; or clip_image001[6]birth and rebirth and of endings and beginnings.  Neptune can be violent and rough and dangerous as we have seen with the waves on earth. Neptune then goes peaceful like nothing has happened. The sea is calm after the storm. Pisces has lots and lots of memories and feelings before a storm as well as after a storm.   The energy of the Moon pulls the waters as it comes near earth. Did you see the documentary on BBC about the moon? The ruthless destructive quality of water – destruction without mercy – is seen in the earthquakes and tsunamis around the world. This is very Pluto energy too as Pluto intensifies what it touches. Pisces brings death in many forms. What has to ‘die’ in your life?  What has to ‘die’ so you can take action in your own personal life in a practical way?


clip_image006DEATH Suicide LIVING DEAD: Many have thought of committing suicide and becoming a stiff cold body!  How many of you have actually attempted suicide?  How many have done it and survived?  How many of you have thought of it and not done it?  How many of you have already ‘died’ in your life?  Are you living like the “living dead”?  Or are you rising up to live with confidence determined to win.  Welcome to the FullMoon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces.

Brilliant Synchronicity & Lessons

When you look at the FullMoon tonight call in the brilliance in you and the people you have met recently that have added something to your life, even if only a smile, a hug or a nod.  

Prepare for the Spring Equinox tomorrow to bring in freshness after the devastation. SPRING EQUNOX 20.3.11 marks a NEW BEGINNING.

sort out from iphone 088Do not give up on yourself. Let the light shine into the depth of your darkness, your pain, your fears and give you hope.  Celebrate that hope.  Celebrate the nourishment in your life.  Celebrate the gifts you have in your life.  Celebrate your fears and challenges and feel the fear and DO IT.  Celebrate the freshness and joy you can experience and will experience. 

IIMG_0041t is so nice when water [Pisces] and earth [Virgo] work together well. So what are you celebrating?  Bring out the celebration of the death of the old you and birth of the full you.  Celebrate what you have achieved to date. HONOUR death and life and rebirth with this FullMoon. Respect Life.

The FullMoon Meditation is a time to remember that we all work and learn on 3 clip_image007levels: body, mind, spirit.   We first EXPERIENCE life [body], then we MAKE SENSE of life [mind] and then we take ACTION in life from the soul [spirit].  Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it wrong. 

We all have karma and we all walk our truth listening to our inner ear, whatever that may be for us.  Is your inner ear connected to the Divine?  Do you have a HOLY CONNECTION to the Divine?  How do you know?  We will be covering this at the FullMoon Meditation. We will be connected to the sacredness and holiness of ONENESS with the Source.  We will go into the sacred ocean and join in the dance of OCEAN WAVE as we look at areas of nurturing, health, work and being of service to the world. We will pray for peace and harmony- in nature and in man, as well as, with man and nature.

i am too sexy fo rmy car 3This FullMoon asks us to be “somebody” and express this in our own individual way. This may be thwarted or may not. The journey helps us to learn about ourselves and to use the energy to DO something special rather than to JUST BE KNOWN as someone special. What special thing have you done?

This FullMoon asks us to look to serve mankind and to help others. We may find a need to FEEL helpful and useful and serve others. However appreciation may or may not be given for the effort put in to help the person or situation. This echoes SELFLESS SERVICE.

Sometimes this FullMoon forces us to look at our own lives and our own efforts within in our lives and use our life to anchor change and purification of our senses and values through illness, causing change in ones attitude and behaviour.

FullMoon in Virgo Quotes

"Getting over a painful experience 
is much like crossing monkey bars.
You have to let go at some point 
in order to move forward."  ~ Anonymous
“If  you cannot handle your emotions how can you handle your money?”

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” ~ Aristotle.

“Follow the Law and not the person.” ~ Buddha

“Chop wood, Carry water.” ~ Chinese

“Trust in Allah but tie up your camel.” ~ Muslim

“It is not permitted to the sun to catch up the moon, nor can the night outstrip the day: each swims along in its own orbit (according to Law).” ~ Muslim Surah 36m verse 40


  1. I stop being offended [being offended is the weakness of the ego]
  1. I let go of my need to:
    1. to win
    2. be right
    3. be superior [be better than I used to be in every area of my life]
    4. have more
  1. I let go of identifying myself based on
    1. what I have achieved.
    2. my reputation

POWER of INTENSION:  Thinking about what is missing in your life will continue to activate what is missing. Do not focus on what you do not want. NEVER talk about what you do not want. You cannot become poor enough for the poor. You cannot become sick enough for the sick. Thinking about what you want in your life will activate what you want. FOCUS on what you want. TALK about what you want. THINK what you want.

“So think as if your every thought were to be etched in fire upon the sky for all and everything to see. For so, in truth, it is.  So speak as if the entire world were but a single ear intent on hearing what you say. And so, in truth, it is. So do as if your every deed were to recoil upon your heads. And so, in truth it does. So wish as if God himself had need of you. His life to live. And so, in truth, he does.” ~ Mikhail Naimy, from the Book of Mirdad


CROWNviolettop of head I KNOWknowing oneness amethyst, diamond, clear quartz thoughtLOTUS
THIRD EYEindigoforehead I SEEtelepathyclairvoy. lapis lazuli, purple fluorite, clear quartz, amethyst lightSTAR OF DAVID
THROATbright bluemid throat I SPEAKhearing turquoise, aquamarine, blue lace agate, Dumortorite ether/soundCUP / CHALICE
HEARTgreenchest centre I LOVEtouch emerald, jade, rose quartz, aventurine, amazonite airCROSS
SOLAR PLEXUSyellowsolar plexus I CANsight yellow jasper, amber, citrine, tiger’s eye fireCIRCLE
SACRALorangein b/w low navel I FEELtaste coral, moonstone, fire opal, carnelian waterPYRAMID
BASEredbase of spine I HAVEsmell ruby, pyrite garnet, hematite, tiger’s eye earthSQUARE


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