Full Moon in Virgo; Sun in Pisces 8.3.2012

Thursday 8 March 2012

HAPPY FULLMOON IN VIRGO earth & Sun in Pisces water  

full moon SMILING

The actual full moon will be at 9.40am London time and I will be holding a FULL MOON meditation tonight from 7pm-10pm.   http://tokscokerfullmoon0312-eorg.eventbrite.com/

HAPPY International Woman’s Day

HAPPY Holi Day (India): we celebrate the power of good over evil. Happy Mothers Day 18.2.2012

Happy St Patric’s day 19.3.2012

Check out all the Moon Dates and times for 2012 on    http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk/



I Greet You

Meditating in the Temple of Egypt

With the Eye of Hathor on Either Side

Stepping into Your Own Inner Silence

I Greet You

praying in temple

I Greet You

Praying in the Holy Chamber in Egypt

Invoking Peace on Earth

Words of Love Glancing at You

I Greet You

Egypt Shapes

I Greet You

With Spiralling Shapes & Colours

Moving Energy Around Your Space

Consciously Purging & Cleaning

I Greet You

Egypt canalEgypt palm trees

I Greet You

On Land (Virgo) and On Water (Pisces)

Rolling and Rocking in Your Trailers of Life

Bridging Connections to Focus

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

With Your Ancestry & Past Lives

Healing the Distance Past

Grounding Compassionate Courage

I Greet You

gong and rose

I Greet You

With the Gong and the Rose

Sounding the Practical with the Sacred

Murals of Sound and Harmony

I Greet You

blue fishtwo minds fish

I Greet You

In Your Opposing & Diverse Thoughts

Dancing Different Poses of Strength

Creating History in Your Life

I Greet You

stand on grass

I Greet You

With Hercules Walking With You

Nurturing & Supporting You

In the Footsteps of Your Life

I Greet You

Glasgow University

I Greet You

With Thoth Expanding Your Mind

Columns of Earthly Spiritual Intelligence

Disciplined Structure of Knowledge

I Greet You

look back to your pastlook back to your ancestrorslook back to your pastlook back to your ancestrors

I Greet You

Remembering Where You Have Come From

Looking To Your Back: Recalling Your Past & Ancestry

Thanking Those Gone Before You

I Greet You


I Greet You

Holding Two Communicating Ideas &Thoughts

Sharing Together yet Separate

Two Different Minds in the Prism of Time

I Greet YOU

kneeling the morning in

I Greet You

Kneeling to the Full Moon

Lifting Up My Hands Praying for Help in Troubles

Receiving Guidance & Insight

I Greet You

walking my lifeaiming to succeed

I Greet You

Walking to Work Aiming to Win

Singing “Oh Happy Day”

Once in a Life Time Doing Great Things

I Greet You


I Greet You

Sitting with the Grand Earth Trine

Safe and Stable; Sure and Secure

“My Whole World in My Hands”

I Greet You

together we go

I Greet You

With the Elders of Light

Whispering Your Name in the Stars

Bringing the Gift of Happy Completions to You

I Greet You

sun set

I Greet You

With the Sun Set of Your Life

Celebrating the Triumphant FullMoon

Together Holding Hands with You

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Toks smiling

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

FULLMOON IN VIRGO earth & Sun in Pisces water Blessing Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker x

Happy Mothers Day 18.2.2012

happy mother's day

HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY to you all with children.  HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY to you all with no children or who have lost children. 

HAPPY FLOWERSHOMEWORK: FOR ‘MOTHERS’ WITH NO CHILDRENWhy not buy yourself a Mother’s Day Card – choose one you really like for yourself – and get all the people around you that YOU MOTHER AND NURTURE to sign it.  Now you think:  this is silly and I am not going to do this.  Well I am going to do this exercise I received in a dream and I am sharing it with you.  I have bought myself a 3 feet card so everyone can see it. I am having fun with it.  I have so many children.  If you want to sign the card but cannot get here then just send me your signature and name via email and I will print out and put on my card.  Thank you. I love this idea.  Love Toks xxxx

Do you know I do this exercise every year for VALANTINE’s DAY:  I buy myself a card to tell myself I Lvalentine dayOVE YOU and remind myself that I LOVE ME and I AM WORTHY OF LOVE.  I do not believe you have to wait for someone to tell you that YOU are loved and that you love yourself.  Whether of not I receive a Valentine Day card from anyone is not important what is important is that I LOVE ME.  Can you see the Valentine Card I got for myself?  It is the white card with the three hearts on it! It simply says:  I Love You.  Dear Toks, I receive a special gift each day, a gift that  means so much, but it isn’t wrapped with a shiny bow or something I can touch.  It can’t be bought in any shop because it’s always free, it isn’t something I can wear or something I can see.  I keep it safe within my heart, which is where it’s going to stay, It’s the special gift of love which you give to me each day. With all my love on Valentine’s Day love Toks xxxx     I always have a HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY no matter what.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyday to you all out there. Love Toks xxxx

ENERGY of FULLMOON IN VIRGO earth & Sun in Pisces water


blue camelSo many conflicting emotions since the last NewMoon in Pisces and this Full Moon in Virgo. Should I or Shouldn’t I? The past two weeks have seen an emotional struggle between ones desires and one’s abilities. The need to re-align yourself back to yourself is a struggle internally and externally. How do you manage your internal volcano struggle and keep it bottled? I know that with all these emotional disruptions You do not and You cannot!  It comes out when you least expect it and you find yourself shouting your truths to your loved ones, your friends, and/or your nightmares. The explosion sets you free as you peel through the layers of your emotions to a more practical solution and outcome. You take a deep breath and your stand still in your moment of ‘drama’ and intensity, feeling freedom in your release through your tears and your words. Your volcanoes become ‘thrilling’ expressions for  communicating with your soul essence and helping you find your real truth and your real self. A lot of hard emotional work on yourself with the past Ndo not rushewMoon in Pisces   culminating with hard practical facts with this now Full Moon in Virgo.  More intensity to come:  We will have the Spring Equinox on 20th March, the NewMoon in Aries on 22nd March.  Dare I say this is only the beginning?    In the despair of your mind we rush to solve problems and end up frustrated when we see no resolution to the problem and start to blame ourselves or others feeling trapped in the circle of pain. This is not a time to rush into action. Sleep on your decision before you take action. See how you feel in the morning after a good nights sleep. 

You can read last New Moon in Pisces Blessing for 21.2.2012    http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/new-moon-in-pisces-21-2-2012/

GRAND EARTH TRINE on Wednesday 14 March 2012

On MARCH 14 WEDNESDAY, 2012 there is an ASTROLOGICAL triangular alignment at 9 degrees called the GRAND EARTH TRINE in the sky.  This is when three planets form a trine 120 degrees with each other.  This Celestial Triangle in the Sky is called: The GRAND EARTH TRINE.  This  means that 4 planets at exactly 9 degrees form a trine (Moon and Mars in 9 Virgo, Venus and Jupiter in 9 Taurus, and Pluto in 9 Capricorn).   We have 999 or 666 upside-down. This is an ominous sign.   Keep very good thoughts on that day and make good prayers of protection with the Legions of Light for yourself and the world. Ho Amen.

  1. A Grand Earth Trine involves the Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) inspiring practical, work, logical, methodical, discipline and grounding action e.g. paying your bills on time, keeping to time, being precise in your work, being natural, having a formidable appearance with a natural authority.
  2. A Grand Fire Trine involves the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) inspiring expanding, energetic, initiative and confident action
  3. A Grand Air Trine involved the Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra) inspiring and improving the mind, intellect, communication, analysis and thinking action
  4. A Grand Water Trine involves the Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) inspiring deep feelings about family, home, and emotions and deep intuition.


Julie Ransley sent me an email:  “whilst you are out there tonight admiring the beautiful full moon you might spot the aurora borealis courtesy of the sun!”  Thank you Julie. Love Toks xxx



FULL MOON IN VIRGO AMBITION   Earthy Russian ballerina Maya Mikhailovna Plisetskclip_image002[4]aya (Capricorn) dances to perfection: watch her water fluid movements and her strong earthy footing. Watch a beautiful sculpture of dancing perfection at age 60 performing in Tokyo in 1986   http://youtu.be/Luz5g-doa34    and see her younger in 1975 http://youtu.be/Wpk7Kx4dt-U     See homework below. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_Plisetskaya

Assyrians PROTECTIVE FORCES FULL MOON IN VIRGO TRADITION  I went to the British Museum on Sunday 4 March to say goodbye to the NewMoon in Pisces and welcome the FullMoon in Virgo. I connected with old traditional heritage and history: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is divided into 6 different Christian churches in one: Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholics, the Armenians, the Copts, the Syriac Orthodox and the Ethiopian Orthodox. I found this very fascinating and I loved the unique quality of ‘many in body and one in mind’. I loved the idea of many different religious and cultural groups co-habiting under one roof. See the u-tube tour of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem     http://www.360tr.com/kudus/kiyamet_eng/index.html

clip_image002[6]FULL MOON IN VIRGO TESTIMONIAL  Full Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces 19.3.2011 “The meditation was peaceful and beautiful. I felt my body being uplifted, as if I was being transported to a higher place. I feel clear, strong and powerful and excited about my vision. The repetition of the words used in the meditation, were very powerful. Thank you and bless you.” Georgina Stupar      www.georginastupar.co.uk


“We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.” Tom Stoppard, a cancerian

“The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn.” David Russell

Leadership: ‘The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.’ Dwight D. Eisenhower


  1. sun and moon
  2. Draw “I am a Prosperity Magnet”. FullMoon in Virgo is about living an earthy practical life and calling in prosperity into your work, career and money issues.
  3. Look at your issues around money in a practical, scrutinising, challenging and organised way so 2012 can be a rewarding year for you and your loved ones.
  4. Avoid toxic situations. What have I failed to do? What have I failed in?
    1. Have I failed to pay a bill, tell the truth, hide a truth, and ignore the truth?
    2. Have I failed to look after my health and push everything under the carpet?
    3. Have I failed to look at my relationship in a truly realistic practical way?
  5. Virgo calls to us to take action, especially with the energy of the Grand Earth Trine. What action can you realistically take in the next 3 days? Virgo asks us to look at the diligent and organised and sensible side of life e.g. paying bills, being cautious and thinking things through.
  6. Watch Maya Mikhailovna Plisetskaya dance http://youtu.be/Wpk7Kx4dt-U and as you watch her imagine your goals being achieved and feel the healing freedom in your heart. FullMoon in Virgo is about achieving practically do-able / achievable / quantifiable realistic goals. Breathe in. This dance is about taking action in your life, preparing, rehearsing, delivering and achieving a great outcome no matter what. Maya’s life was very difficult and she performed each dance to perfection with professionalism, precision, grace, and ordered structure which requires a lot of discipline and inner focus.
  7. What surprises have you noticed?
    1. leading up to this Full Moon in Virgo?
    2. after this Full Moon in Virgo? Please let me know.
  8. Virgo creates order and cleanliness e.g. de-clutter your home, your space, your office, your mind.
  9. Pamper yourself: give and take time for yourself e.g. do your hair, exercise, eat good food, take a salt and water bath.
  10. Virgo calls us to be practical and realistic. Have you got a laid out plan, goal within your daily life? I need to do a full 2012 timetable for my eating times, my exercise regime and my work in my daily life. This I intend to accomplish by this weekend. Remember keep it simple and precise. What are you creating in your celebrating? Oh I love Full Moons.
  11. How do you walk into a picture/video? Is there a picture/video you like? Can you walk into that picture/video? How practical is that?
  12. Celebrate your dance with life: find your own way of doing this.  CONGRATULATIONS

shamanic fox and toks

Always with Laughter Light & Love Toks xxxxx


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